I guess the GOP made a Mitt-stake.

Mr. President,

The right-wing GOP was Mitt-staken when they advised Romney to run for your job.

Hell, anyone not living under a rock knows that you are poison. How dense is Romney not to know that any association with you and your ardent supporters were a recipe for failure? America is not ready for a rehashed Bush clone, Hell, we barely survived the original.

Although Romney shares many of your qualities like not being very bright or astute at least he is better looking.

Romney finally had to get hit over the head with a two by four called Super Tuesday before he understood what the consequences were for supporting your agenda.

I think he overestimated the power of your patented right-wing attack machine to get him elected.

It not only cost him the Republican candidacy for president; it also took a multi-million dollar chunk out of his family's trust fund.

McCain is trying to reach out to the right wing conservatives within the party, but he is not quite goose-stepping with the neo-conservatives, who put you in power.

To bring your nut jobs to his side he may need to show that he too, has the sadistic tendencies it takes to be loved my Rush Limbaugh and company.

He could start by pulling wings off of flies, torturing small animals, and blowing up frogs with firework; isn't that the way you started?

I particularly enjoy apoplectic right-wing talk radio hosts squirming in their own hateful bile after Romney dropped out.

Their self-importance and righteous indignation are something to behold. They actually believe they are king makers and no one can defy them without serious consequences. And yet after weeks of nonstop poisonous venom spewed by the right-wing radio hate machine, Huckabee and McCain have prevailed while their choice of-last-resort, Mitt Romney falters and drops out.

All McCain can do for now is to build up his cash reserves, shake hands, kiss a lot of babies, shake off the abuse he will get from the talk radio gestapo and hang on until November.

You know, snakes have been known to eat their own tails. Time will tell whether your GOP will ultimately resort to cannibalism or suport McCain.

The divisiveness you used to win elections and get your way has split up more than the american populace. It has split up your Republican party.

Consistency of events brings me comfort. Outcomes such as the sun rising, flowers blooming in spring and a constant stream of Bush screw ups are things I can count on.

This fiasco like all the other ones you have brought about are now oddly comforting. I have indeed grown to accept each of your debacles as sadly predictable because you are in deed the devil we know much too well.

Date: February 8, 2008 12:26:14 AM CST

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