A new palace of propaganda gets final approval

Mr. President,
The first person I thought about when I heard about your $200 million presidential library/think tank, was Karl Rove.

Did you know that he recently signed on with Fox news, and he also got a dis-honorable mention on CBS news? I'll have more on that later.

I was upset after Southern Methodist University decided to have your presidential library on their campus but not as upset as many of the students and staff at SMU.

Current Methodist bishops and faculty members who are upset with your Iraq war and your national policies appealed to the elected delegates of the church's South Central Jurisdiction. An online petition drive against the project had also collected 11,200 signatures.

They are concerned that any formal ties to your presidency would demean the entire university, when all you want is to use the respectability of their name to highlight your "Orwellian" version of the truth.

A Bush think-tank, what an oxymoron!

The public viewing of all your documents would be disastrous so you issued
Executive Order 13233 which disallowed any public disclosure of any of your papers without your consent.

How about putting "The Pet Goat," the children's book which you were holding as you froze up after hearing the Towers were attacked in New York?

The book should be put in a place of prominence, under a spotlight at the entrance, because it set the stage for your behavior the rest of your two terms.

It highlighted just how disconnected, confused, and cowardly you are.

After sitting there like a deer in the headlights, for a full seven minutes, you didn't fly to New York where thousands of citizens just died; you flew like a bat out of hell in the opposite direction.

I would be embarrassed, but you and your followers don't get embarrassed. Or do they?

The potential donors to your library must be ashamed of helping you build this castle of crap, this palace of propaganda this library of lies, because you want the donor’s
names to be kept secret.

Presidential libraries are built for scholars to view documents which professors and historians can research to analyze the events, and decisions made during the president's time in office.

It is as expected that a master propagandist like Rove, and other Bush apologists will be in charge of filling the shelves, so serious library research is out of the question.

I think it would make more sense to put the Bush jr library across from the Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky, because the same people would go to both of them.

The premise behind building both of those two buildings have a lot in common so they would make good bookends. And maybe they could keep your followers in one area, away from rational human beings.

As I said earlier, Rove has been in the news again. He decided to help Fox News pump up the Bush/GOP propaganda. He was also highlighted in a very unflattering piece on 60 Minutes called 'The Prosecution of Don Siegelman.'"

Your White House tried to pressure CBS not to show it but to no avail.

The news segment presented a whistle-blower, a Republican campaign worker, who Rove worked with to help smear former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

After viewing the broadcast one could not help but to suspect that the former governor was eventually sent to prison on apparently trumped-up charges just because he was a Democrat in a largely Republican state.

A request was sent to Congress by 52 former state attorney-generals from both parties to review the case because of the major flaws they see in the case.

The 60 Minutes
newscast was very telling and very typical of what Rove is capable of doing.

If this had occurred during any other presidency I would have been shocked and appalled, but you have tried to micromanage the justice system for so long that all I can say is, "It figures, it’s the Bush era,"... but not for much longer.

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Date: February 26, 2008 12:54:58 AM CST
To: guzmatom@mac.com

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

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Looking for love in all the remote places?

Mr. President,
Admit it, you are a news whore.

You can't handle the current news cycle as the news media shifts the spotlight to your replacement. It must irk you something horrible.

This country must not be big enough for presidential candidates and a lame duck president. So, it was understandable for you to search the world for love in the most remote places.

The local news here isn't really great.

The economy keeps sliding into a recession, baseball heroes keep falling from their lofty perches, and college campus shootings continue to scare the hell out of parents.

In light of the recent killings at Northern Illinois University, people are searching for answers, preferably simple ones that caused Steven Kazmierczak, a graduate student to go on a shooting rampage.

The news media says he had mental problems and had recently stopped taking his meds; so many are connecting the shootings to either mental problems or to people who recently stopped taking their meds.

Gun control advocates are focusing on the ease of buying guns especially to mentally impaired people.

Sadly and ironically, the
acquisition of material by Kazmierczak for this shooting was from the same internet gun dealer who supplied the Virginia Tech shooter.

Over the last seven years, you have provided lots of fodder for many armchair psychiatrists who have been intrigued by your behavior as well.

Some of the questions that come to mind are:

How can someone who caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people in a proven-needless war continue to say it was the right thing to do?

What motivates someone to ignore the pleas of thousands of desperate Americans hit by a natural disaster like Katrina?

Why would the president of the country, which proposes to be the standard bearer for democracy around the world, willingly suspend key aspects of the most important document our democracy is based on?

What motivates a person to willingly sacrifice the health and safety of the people he is sworn to protect by installing shills for food and pharmaceutical companies in every important government agency?

It is not to late to conserve the limited resources that news writers, bloggers, and historians will use up, espousing their theories about your motivations behind so many ill-considered decisions.

Could you fill the blanks in for us? If you did, countless of offices around the world would boost their future productivity by salvaging millions of manwoman-hours hypothesizing your motivations. So please cut to the chase.

Do you have daddy issues?
Are you a psychopath?
Did your sadistic tendencies begin in childhood?
Did years of alcohol abuse and cocaine induce psychosis in your senior years?
How much of a pawn did you play in the neo-conservatives plan to assert an imperial America?

Simple answers would be appreciated.

It is the simple things brightly colored crystals twirling in the sunshine that seem to get you and your ardent follower's attention.

Speaking of sunshine, how's the weather in Africa?
I see you have had to searched high and low to
find a country that you can still bribe to say they like you.

It helps to promise Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete,
$700 million in foreign aid before you disembarked Air Force One. And all you ask of them in return is for all the child-bearing women in the country to cross their legs until they are properly married to a spouse without STD's and only have sex for pro-creation.

Here is an idea. Since you can't run for president here anymore maybe you can run for president of Tanzania.

You can be their white-God and isn't that all you ever wanted to be?

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Date: February 19, 2008 5:24:22 PM CST
To: guzmatom@mac.com

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The fallout continues.

Mr. President,
The Bush-era fallout continues as the word "fragile" is used extensively to describe the current global economy, the state of the environment and the Mid East situation.

Iraq's present level of sectarian killing is on the verge of escalating to significantly higher levels of violence in Diyala province and in Bagdad.

U.S. sponsored Sunni insurgents in Diyala that once battled American coalition forces, were recruited last year to fight al quaeda forces in the area. Some of these newly

U.S. trained and armed groups called 'popular committees', have used their U.S. supplied training and weapons to kill with impunity.

The local Iraqi populace has accused these new American allies of imposing secular cleansing through 'death squads.'

Meanwhile the Mehdi Army, numbering in the tens of thousands, is threatening to break a six-month ceasefire as the U.S. pursues rogue elements of that army which has reportedly killed dozens of Sunni Arabs.

These two time bombs have to get handled expeditiously, not only to save lives but more importantly to save incumbent Republicans running for re-election.

While a significantly increased level of violence is on the brink of exploding everywhere, Iraq's economy and rebuilding effort have failed to improve. Why? Where are your buddies now?

Your "Coalition of the willing" have become the "Coalition of the reluctant and pissed-off."

Five years after you invaded Iraq, your allies have pulled out a significant number of their troops, and have
only paid 16% of what they once pledged to help rebuild the country.

Is it because they don't have a stake in Haliburton like your vice=president? Or do they see no reason to pour their money into a corrupt U.S.-led rebuilding effort?

Since it was obvious to everyone that you lied to get us into one war, is it any surprise that it has affected the war on the other war?

NATO countries are back peddling faster than a crayfish on a hot skillet when it comes to Afghanistan.

All of which, is making Robert Gates one frustrated Secretary of Defense.

It showed when he belittled NATO soldiers after member countries refused to send more troops into Afghanistan. He later apologized.

I am sure he had tried appealing to their better nature first. Now he is telling them that Europe is in danger from the Taliban, so they better ante up. We'll see how well that tact goes.

Gates says that Europe is confusing the two wars. And further stated that there is still a lot of resentment in Europe regarding your invasion of a sovereign country that did nothing to deserve it.

Surprise, surprise, I don't think they trust you junior.

I think Europe doesn't want to supply troops for Afghanistan and allow you to send displaced American troops from Afghanistan to Iraq. I also think they can't find it in them to supprt someone they despise, no matter what the cause is.

And don't think your blanket support for the Kurds didn't cause significant fallout from the Turks.

Turkey has warned you from the onset that your war will embolden Kurdish rebels to step up their attacks against Turkey. And they were right.

Turkey said they were going to take matters in their own hand if you couldn't restrain the Kurds and so they did.

They started a bombing campaign against Kurdish extremists in northern Iraq, and you are supplying the coordinates of the rebel bases.

To say the least, America's help in the matter has alarmed your Kurdish allies.

Pakistan, your other critical ally in the Mid East, is in serious turmoil as Musharaff faces a leadership crisis after Bhutto's assassination.

Lebanon is up for grab and Syria was pre-emptively bombed by Israel on questionable evidence.

Israel is behaving almost as arrogantly and viciously as you are.

They are punishing the populace of the entire Gaza strip for firing homemade rockets into Israel, by slowly and methodically starving the entire population.

Didn't the Nazis do something similar to the jews when Heydrich requested decrees barring Jews from any contact with Germans by excluding them from public transportation, schools, even hospitals, essentially forcing them into ghettos or out of the country.

Is Israel planning something similar to Khristallnacht, where Nazi Germany eventually executed a massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich on the night of November 9, 1938? It was appropriately called Khristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass."

You can't be out of office soon enough as far as the world is concerned.

The nations around the world wish they had decoupled their economies from ours. The housing downfall, the mortgage crisis, and the credit crunch have become something to behold. According to one report, the world's exchanges have lost about
$5.2 trillion dollars in January and we have yet to hit the bottom.

That's what happens when corporate greed and materialism takes precedence over government oversight and common sense belief that investments that look too good to be true aren't.

As far as your legacy is concerned, the debate will not be about if you are the worst president or not. It will be centered around which of your many stupendous debacles caused the world the most harm.

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Date: February 11, 2008 2:59:22 AM CST
To: guzmatom@mac.com

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

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I guess the GOP made a Mitt-stake.

Mr. President,

The right-wing GOP was Mitt-staken when they advised Romney to run for your job.

Hell, anyone not living under a rock knows that you are poison. How dense is Romney not to know that any association with you and your ardent supporters were a recipe for failure? America is not ready for a rehashed Bush clone, Hell, we barely survived the original.

Although Romney shares many of your qualities like not being very bright or astute at least he is better looking.

Romney finally had to get hit over the head with a two by four called Super Tuesday before he understood what the consequences were for supporting your agenda.

I think he overestimated the power of your patented right-wing attack machine to get him elected.

It not only cost him the Republican candidacy for president; it also took a multi-million dollar chunk out of his family's trust fund.

McCain is trying to reach out to the right wing conservatives within the party, but he is not quite goose-stepping with the neo-conservatives, who put you in power.

To bring your nut jobs to his side he may need to show that he too, has the sadistic tendencies it takes to be loved my Rush Limbaugh and company.

He could start by pulling wings off of flies, torturing small animals, and blowing up frogs with firework; isn't that the way you started?

I particularly enjoy apoplectic right-wing talk radio hosts squirming in their own hateful bile after Romney dropped out.

Their self-importance and righteous indignation are something to behold. They actually believe they are king makers and no one can defy them without serious consequences. And yet after weeks of nonstop poisonous venom spewed by the right-wing radio hate machine, Huckabee and McCain have prevailed while their choice of-last-resort, Mitt Romney falters and drops out.

All McCain can do for now is to build up his cash reserves, shake hands, kiss a lot of babies, shake off the abuse he will get from the talk radio gestapo and hang on until November.

You know, snakes have been known to eat their own tails. Time will tell whether your GOP will ultimately resort to cannibalism or suport McCain.

The divisiveness you used to win elections and get your way has split up more than the american populace. It has split up your Republican party.

Consistency of events brings me comfort. Outcomes such as the sun rising, flowers blooming in spring and a constant stream of Bush screw ups are things I can count on.

This fiasco like all the other ones you have brought about are now oddly comforting. I have indeed grown to accept each of your debacles as sadly predictable because you are in deed the devil we know much too well.

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Date: February 8, 2008 12:26:14 AM CST
To: guzmatom@mac.com

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

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