Mexico immigration

Your "lick and a promise" approach didn't help us a lick at all.

Mr President,
We all know what happened after your disastrous "shock and awe" campaign in Iraq,

Shortly thereafter, we saw the world's support for anything American crumble like a sand castle after a high tide.

We are now realizing the consequences of
your hands off/"lick and a promise" approach to foreign policy with many other countries.

Your verbal assurances with many countries can best be described as sincere as a "Hollywood Air-Kiss." They are as meaningless as "Call me lets do lunch sometime."

You have "fawned and forgotten" some countries while completely dismissing others.

These forgotten countries have risen to the forefront of anti-US fervor.

The citizens of our southern neighbor have taken more of a beating than others.

At the origin of Mexican government anger is the passage of a law that finances the construction of 1200 kilometer wall along the southern frontier of the United States.

This wall and the anti-immigrant fervor by racist Republicans, have been a slap in the face for both Felipe Calderon, the current president and former President, Vicente Fox.

Fox has been especially hurt because he had prided himself on solving the problem of illegal immigration because he said he had a good relationship with you.

President Fox shouldn't feel as though he was the only one left standing at the altar.

You have also suckered Prime Minister Tony Blair, Australia's Prime Minister John Howard, Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and Spain's Jose Maria Aznar.

And then there is Vlamir Putin. He was not taken in at all.

Russia could not believe you were so naive as to declared that Putin had a good soul so therefore did not merit any concern or followup diplomacy.

Hundreds of pro-Kremlin youths
marched to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Monday to protest American foreign policy right after Dmitry Medvedev's "so-called " election. It was meant to be a message and wake up call to America.

"Don't lecture us on Democracy and you better start paying attention to us."
"We are not Mexico, Palestinian territories, or South America. We have nukes, we have energy resources and we have the people's mandate. We don't need you. You need us!

Another nation which does as it pleases even though they have our complete support and billions of our tax dollars, Israel, has embarked on a path to slowly but surely starve the Palestinian population in Gaza. Surrounding Arab states are livid with Israel and with the U.S. for your inaction and ignorance of the situation.

Lebanon's fledgling democracy witnessed how lacking your support was after Israel attacked the civilian infrastructure of their country.

You recently sent the refurbished
U.S.S. Cole and other warships to the Lebanese coast raising alarm with the populous that you are using your navy to bully Syria and any other opposition to the beleaguered Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.

This has provided a big boost for the anti-Siniora and pro-Syrian opposition, led by the militant Shiite Hizbullah.

The presence of U.S. warships is being used to reinforce the notion that the Lebanese government is and will continue to be a US pawn.

One of the continents that have been completely ignored is South America.

Contact with South America was primarily restricted to Columbia and touting one-sided trade agreements which favored American business and not our potential trading partners,

There was also a U.S. sponsored attempt to ove
rthrow Chavez in a poorly executed coup.

The pre-emptive doctrine you embrace states that you can go anywhere in the world to attack a suspect has seeped into the consciousness of the Columbian government because they used it as a reason
to kill a top FARC guerrilla that was in Ecuador.

What else could have emboldened
Columbia President Alvaro Uribe to carry out such an illegal attack?

Columbia conducted an air attack on the rebel base followed by an incursion of Columbia troops.into Ecuador.

The day after the attack, both Venezuela and Ecuador have moved troops along their respective borders with Columbia.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez closed his country's embassy in Colombia and ordered tanks, planes, and thousands of troops to the 1,300-mile border with Columbia.

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador also recalled his ambassador to Colombia in protest over the assault and has also sent his troops to the Columbia border. Correa called the incursion into Ecuador "The worst aggression Ecuador has suffered on the part of Colombia."

Both Venezuela and Ecuador blame the United States for raising the conflict and say the night air attack could not have proceeded without American assistance

"We are not going to permit the North American empire, which is the ruler, to allow his lapdog, President Uribe and the Colombian oligarchy, to divide or weaken us. We will not permit it." Chavez said.

Anti-American Nicaragua president also denounced the attack.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, a Cold War foe of the United States, called the
strike against the FARC commander "an act of total provocation" that reduces the chances of peacefully settling Colombia's conflict.

Thousands of miles away in Kenya, American naval forces
fired missiles into southern Somalia on Monday morning at 3: 30 a.m. aiming at what the Defense Department called terrorist targets. This is the fourth attack by the U.S. on Somalia in 14 months.

Not that long ago, the Americans and Ethiopians suspected Somalia’s Islamists of harboring Qaeda terrorists. Thousands of Ethiopian troops then poured across the border, aided by American air strikes and American intelligence. The Islamist movement went underground for a while but has said to be
making a comeback.

Even your main focus on Iraq has been a joke.

Your arch-enemy, Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just finished visiting Iraq. He used the trip to strengthen his ties with fellow Shiites, and called on the U.S. to leave Iraq.

Iran's bold visit to fellow Shiite leaders in Iraq, whom you helped place in office, must have really pissed you off.

If that didn't tip your canoe, the Iraq presidency council
vetoed the bill which establishes the basis for elections in October.

It was to have been the second goal of a list of 18 U.S. set political benchmarks which were to have been achieved with your surge.

It is hard to imagine a country's foreign policy so poorly managed. It has been so hapless on the surface that one could easily imagine that it was purposeful.

Condileeza Rice is obviously incapable of managing all the fires, but quite honestly I don't know who could have handled so many disasters.

Cheney is only good at saber rattling and managing intelligence to suit his fancy

And you are apparently a lazy uncaring goof, a lousy car salesman in an expensive suit, who has put all his eggs in the Iraq basket.

The world did not put itself on hold while you played at nation building.

You spent a considerable amount of time and money bombing a country back to the 12th century and then try to install a government to your liking.

Your "lick and a promise" approach to foreign policy did not hold the world's nations from evolving.

Indeed, many have taken your pre-emptive approach to dealing with their neighbors as a preferred substitute to legitimate negotiations.

You seemed so detached from world events that I wonder if it all just interfered too much with your nine p.m. bedtime ritual or your very ample number of vacation days cutting brush and fishing at Crawford?

The world has become more violent, more anti-American and less apt to try to work things out.

Now that is a legacy that will no-doubt NOT be included in your fancy library at SMU.

Date: March 4, 2008 2:58:31 AM CST
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