Happy anniversary junior; Saddam must be laughing his ass off.

Mr. President,
The fifth anniversary of your Iraq war is here, just as our soldier deaths are approaching 4,000.

You boast that the surge is working but when will you begin to credit the real reason for the reduced violence in Iraq, the Sunnis.

Sunnis that were killing our soldiers since the war started agreed to side with the US against Al Queda after Al Queda began dispensing their deadly justice on the Sunni population that did not fully practice their extremist faith. For example, Iraqi barbers were killed because they shaved men's beards.

After five years of non stop violence, White House smoke, mirrors and twisted logic you can't hide the real conditions in Iraq. The populous is in dire states. As I read in the Washington Times, "The people are freezing in winter and sweltering in summer." The political leadership is nonexistent. Electricity, rations, clean water and gasoline are in short supply. But at least the black market is thriving.

Saddam made Iraqis out of Kurds, Shiites Christians and Sunnis. He unified the country through brutality and murder; You have turned Iraqis back into waring tribes with much more brutality and significantly more murder. You are incapable of putting the toothpaste back into the tube junior.

As much of a monster as Saddam was, he is looking like an angel next to you and Saddam accomplished something you can never do, unite Iraq.

Those intrepid reporters who wish to risk their lives to look for good news in Iraq, say it is hard to find. Fox viewers have never had any problems finding made-up good news to fulfill their role as a White House propagandist organization.

The truth be told, Iraqis have consistently stated they want the U.S. out of their country as soon as possible. The latest poll commemorating the fifth anniversary of the war finds that while they can see some improvement in security, 70 per cent of the Iraqis want our troops out of there now. This closely matches the latest Gallup poll which finds that 60 per cent of Americans want the troops home as well.

I pity the aid who provides you with this information if they dare because you are well known to ignore anything that does not fit your view of the world. But, these numbers do mean something to the millions of American who are going to vote this November.

Thousands of suspects rounded up after each raid over the last five years have caused overcrowded prisons. Thousands of innocent people that are being released every month are bitter and angry over their humiliating and tortuous treatment. The dehumanizing treatment of the prisoners provides a fertile ground for future insurgents.

Various studies by neutral groups have placed the number of Iraqi dead at up to
600,000 people.

The brain drain has significantly affected the country, a country hollowed out with an infrastructure which can't even deliver the basic necessities.

Tens of thousands of doctors have left the country. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, teachers university professors scientists, engineers, and technicians have also left the country and are not likely to return until the country is truly stable whenever that happens.

Cheney arrived in Iraq in ultra-secret fashion today. Right after he declared a "remarkable turnabout" in Iraq, a series of bomb blasts went off in Karbala killing scores of Shia worshipers, underscoring the real situation in Iraq.

Cheney's intent was to help the political progress in the Shite-led government, he failed. More in keeping with his style he was probably there to push the oil sharing agreement.

The leading Sunni bloc boycotted the meeting to discuss mutual cooperation. Cheney is not well known for his negotiation skills.

McCain was there at the same time, a coincidence, I don't think so.

McCain had a campaign moment, but he mangled the facts about Al Queda being trained in Iran. Lieberman had to pull him aside to correct him. Do republicans running for president have to pass stupid class before they are nominated?
Date: March 19, 2008 1:49:15 AM CDT

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