Laugh junior while the world cries.

Mr. President,
I saw your tap dance before the press corp outside the White House. The event was so representative of whom you really are.

John McCain was late and your handlers didn't have the sense to coordinate the event so you had quite a bit of dead air to deal with.

You turned down repeated requests to answer any questions from the reporters so instead, you decided to tap dance as you wore a familiar shit-eating grin.

Here is a quiz for the average American. Is our president clueless? Has he retired on the job or is it "C," he doesn't really care much? It's "C" boys and girls.

Your performance seemed surreal in the midst of millions of Americans struggling to stay in their homes, and thousands of families with catastrophic illness without adequate health care watching their loved ones deteriorate before their eyes.

It was starkly similar to your antics at another event right after you invaded Iraq. You looked under the table and chuckled," No, ...there's no WMD here!"

It was just as dreamlike to see you cavort for the audience then too, as thousands of our soldiers were dying for your lies and thousands of soldiers with broken minds and bodies were trying to restore their lives.

This is not even mentioning the hell you brought to hundreds of thousands of Iraq's men, women, and children who payed with their lives because their homeland sat over the beloved oil you coveted.

It is obvious that none of this is keeping you from having a good laugh. Is it as funny as a rusty prosthetic arm?

Today's announcement that you plan on vetoing a bill which would limit the kinds of torture our nation can impose on a suspect falls right in line with those aforementioned performances.

Do our armed services have any guidelines about how many bones overzealous interrogators can break per month?

Is there a limited selection of vertebrae they can fracture to get a suspect to talk?

Perhaps there is a specific amount of blood a suspect can lose during each beating.

Tell me again what America was once known for again; wasn't it America the beautiful, the model of democracy, the world's beacon of freedom?

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