A legacy of Bush sewage

Mr. President,

"With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood," said Dr. Martin Luther King.

These are inspiring hopeful words of a true American hero.

He has streets, and even a national holiday named after him. What will you have?

Well here is one honor you may soon get.

Looking to honor the forty-third President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, the recently formed Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is looking to change the name of the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility. It seems that the group would like to rename the SF Zoo adjacent facility to the "George W Bush Sewage Plant."

Sewage is pretty descriptive. It is what you are leaving the next president to clean up.

Time is running out for something positive to end your career with.

So you are out and about, searching the world for redemption even when America is facing the worst economic disaster at home since the 1929 depression.

This is very typical of your life as our absent leader. You were also absent during other critical events.

You ignored the Palestinian Israeli conflict after Sharon stepped up the attacks on Palestinians. You were AWOL at Katrina, and you flew the opposite direction from New York and Washington after the Towers were hit.

As I look back at your life in the West Wing, I feel as though I am slandering Dr King's name by even having his name in the same paragraph as yours.

Two people could not be more different.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a man of peace while you are a man of war. King spoke out on intolerance; you promoted intolerance, and division.
He was a spokesman for the poor while you speak only for corporations and the rich.

King came from poverty and pulled himself out of the soulless environment of southern oppression, you came from privilege, and have never been responsible for any of your actions.

The reverend courageously marched for peace, while you cowardly went AWOL from the Texas National Guard during a war just before you were scheduled to take a drug test.

Dr. King would never wear a flight suit in a staged event, falsely claiming a successful end to a needless war.

He did not play to pre-selected crowds at his events, he was spit on by racists and jailed for promoting justice.

Your life and accomplishments are almost a direct opposite. You have become the world's grim reaper.

Bush-initiated national and foreign policies have been so fatally flawed and so poorly executed that your legacy will be tough for you, your family and the Republican Party.

Dr. King's memory will be forever held in reverence while your name will remain a metaphor for hubris and incompetence at the highest level.

Despite clinging to the hope, than some historians will one day write volumes about the greatness of your presidency a recent
Pew survey says otherwise.

In an informal survey of 109 professional historians conducted over a three-week period through the History News Network, 98.2 percent assessed the presidency of Mr. Bush to be a failure while 1.8 percent classified it as a success.

In fact:

Asked to rank the presidency of George W. Bush in comparison with those of the other 41 American presidents, more than 61 percent of the historians concluded that the current presidency is the worst in the nation's history. Another 35 percent of the historians surveyed rated the Bush presidency in the 31st to 41st category, while only four of the 109 respondents ranked the current presidency as even among the top two-thirds of American administrations.

But don't worry, although Dr. Martin Luther King may have statues, streets, buildings, and a national holiday named in his honor, you could get that sewage plant in San Francisco.

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