Medal of Honor

Tears for your fears junior?

Mr. President,
I saw you crying as you awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously to Navy SEAL Petty Officer Michael Monsoor, who was killed in Iraq in September of 2006 when he jumped on a grenade to save his comrades during fighting in Ramadi.

I would like to think that the tears you shed were for the unselfish soldier who gave his life to save his buddies, but your past behavior does not really support that possibility.

During these last seven years, America has learned the hard way, not to give you the benefit of the doubt every time some right-wing talking-head espouses some episode where you might have displayed human compassion, integrity, or courage.

The world once foolishly thought you would not preemptively start a war with an innocent nation. As a Texas governor, Americans did not think you would execute mentally retarded prisoners, and we also once thought you would not undermine the Constitution you swore to protect.

We were not just wrong, we were consistently wrong, in fact we were terribly wrong, every time we opted to frame your actions in a non-political positive light.

While many people may assume you were crying over this soldier's death, we know you are not that compassionate because for one thing, you never teared up when you met with the parents of our fallen soldiers before this.

The Bush-tears were NOT over the soldier's death but over the death of your administration.

Maybe it Is the realization that those delusional parents of soldiers who died n Iraq may soon learn that the war they died for was completely unnecessary?

My best guess is that you were feeling sorry for yourself, and your tears are a result of the horrible sadness that you cannot continue your reign as our lawless-king.

You will soon be a mere human again, a rich spoiled well connected American ex-alcoholic, with constant secret service protection.

Life could be tough surrounded with only the mere trappings of the rich upper class but the cloud behind that somewhat auspicious lining may be quite possibly that you could be subject to American law.

The nearness of the end of your era should make you also realize how soon the lead curtain erected around your administration will soon be lifted, and the Bush-maggots living off the dead bodies of Iraqis and Americans alike will be visible to all.

The Bush-crime scene which will have spanned eight years will leave many pieces of evidence and many witnesses.

As soon as the Democrats take over the presidency and the majority of the Congress in November, the average American will be inundated with a barrage of evidence indicating proof of multiple Bush-crimes.

I have spoken with many people and while a few of them want to just bury the last seven years and get on with healing the large gashes you carved out of America's soul, most people want justice.

The end of your term may be more than the beginning of a war with presidential historians; it may be the beginning of a war with Congressmen who may want to seek the elusive justice that our country is due.

But, as long as you are still our president the IED's, RPG's, and high-velocity bullets will continue to destroy life and limb as Iraqi sand continues to soak up both Arab and American blood.

Well at least coffin makers, stone masons, and prosthesis makers face no fears of a recession.
Date: April 11, 2008 1:39:08 AM CDT
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