There just has to be a pony.

Mr. President,
How is your
trip going in Israel?

I really enjoy the optimism you continue to show in the face of the hell-storm you helped to create..

You remind me of that dopey little kid who walks into a room full of crap and comes out smiling claiming that with that much shit, there must be a pony in there somewhere.

Just a few hours after you arrived, a rocket launched by Gaza militants landed on a shopping mall in Ashkelon, injuring more than 30 people as you try to push negotiations on a two-state solution.

I can only imagine how many jets, tanks, and helicopters are warming up to cross into Gaza and drop American-supplied ordinance on militants and innocent civilians alike.

I can't imagine why the Palestinians have such a grudge against America?

If you ever had to make a living selling as a salesman, don't. You aren't shit without the propaganda efforts of the Pentagon, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and many paid political military analysts.

How many times have you Cheney and Condi traveled into the Arab states and beg them for more help or to pump more oil only to walk away empty handed. What happened to all the collateral you claim to have. You can't bribe, beg or coerce anybody in that area of the world anymore.

Your much-hyped Annapolis talks was your last stand on pushing Omert and Abbas towards some sort of path to reducing violence and that effort fell flat on its face. So what is left?

You might as well haul those dusty golf clubs you bravely gave up after invading Iraq and find your fishing gear, because you are not up to making anything positive happen in the area. It is not in your nature junior, you abhor peace.

Republicans and the deranged form of American capitalism you helped to foster, needs either war or the fear of war, to function.

That is really something over in Myanmar isn't it junior.

How frustrating it must be for you to deal with a country whose arrogant leadership keeps its people in the dark like that and manages the news cycle so closely that make it seem as though everything is all OK. And what can you say about a leadership who turns their back on the poor people who just suffered a huge natural disaster.

What do those generals think they are, an American president?

Date: May 15, 2008 1:39:46 AM CDT

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