Voter laws

Well at least you got your party-girl daughter married.

Mr. President,
The beauty and the joy of a wedding can stir powerful emotions for the parents, but I was really taken aback when you, of all people, cried at your daughters wedding.

As the 21st century "Butcher of Iraq," you have shown no emotion for all the death you have brought to others as many trails of murder and destruction can be traced to your doorstep.
Your tears show us that at the very least even a psychopathic mass-murderer can cry.

I know sticks and stones wont' hurt you and you don't care what people will say about you now because you are banking on Bush-loving revisionists to rewrite history to improve your legacy

But since you care so much for your daughter have you thought about what your heirs will have to live through until that revised history takes hold?

Just think of what Jenna and her husband will have to go through for the rest of their lives. Your dark Bush legacy will shadow them forever after you are dead.
Nonetheless I hope you enjoyed the wedding.

Your daughter's covert wedding is probably the only event where you have been really welcomed at. I feel sorry for your sonin-law, because although he will have some Bush-lovers open to him he will also find a lot of doors where he will not be welcomed.
America hasn't lost a Bush party-girl daughter; they have gained a new Bush in-law to ostracize.

I have one last question about the wedding junior. Since it was covert how sure can we be sure that it actually took place and don't ask me to take your word for it, we know what your word is worth.

Ask anyone in the Mid East about your credibility.

How Ironic that you consider Iran as the biggest threat to the Mid East when you have been the biggest cause of death in that area of the world.

"To me it's the single biggest threat to peace in the Middle East, the Iranian regime," because of its nuclear programme and its support of groups like the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, you told Israel's Channel 10.

And just as you have been the biggest disaster to Mid East peace, you have matched that effort with your horrendous national policies as well.

Our education system which the basis of our future hinges on, has never been so poor. Creationism, intelligent design, and other Bible-centric education policies which you supported have made America the laughing stock of the modern world.

Even without getting into the myth of "Abstinence Only" nor "No Child Left Behind" fiascos; we can look at the quality of Texas education in the aftermath of your governorship.

In Dallas, 75 percent of the seniors headed to Dallas community colleges, can't read above an 8th grade level, and others can't even add or subtract.

Schools, executions, and prisons were the hallmark of your career as Governor of Texas, so the erection of detention camps throughout the country fits your personality.

World War II Japanese internment camps seem like a heaven to todays internment camps that you have built for legal and illegal immigrants swept up in nationwide raids.

The Washington Post reported over this weekend the dire circumstances where up to 30,000 immigration detainees are in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency,

Halliburton built these federal detention compounds across the country away from prying eyes.

Legal and illegal immigrants are swept up in raids and processed here where many people are left in limbo as their status is ascertained.

Many people's medical conditions are left to the prisoner's power of prayer as they may be incarcerated for months or even years without suitable medical attention.

As part of a full-press surge on debasing immigrants and poor people the Supreme Court helped immensely by mandating that state-issued photo Identification can be used to screen potential voters.

Many disabled and poor people who have never had a drivers license much less a passport to prove their citizenship are the targets of state GOP officials.

At least 19 states have considered adopting these restrictive measures. These laws could keep tens of thousands of people who have every right to vote from voting. This new voting requirement smacks of Jim Crow laws which were enacted to keep black people from voting in the 60’s.

But, the poor aren't the only ones being disenfranchised these days, our returning soldiers with Post Traumatic Syndrome are also being kicked to the curbside.

Many soldiers who physically survived multiple tours of duty are not surviving them mentally. And soldiers who are classified as disabled can be and have been sent back to the front.

As of this year,
over 43,000 medically-unfit U.S. troops have been sent back to Iraq and Afghanistan.

How thin is your military getting junior, that you have to send so many unfit people back to the war?

Once the soldiers do make it home, injured vets can look forward to being ignored at VA hospitals as many newspapers have reported and the psychiatric care units are woefully understaffed to handle all the mental care returning soldiers require.

The public's health is also in the hands of their God as well because of Bush-extremists who infect our public health organizations.

In one, recent example you have urged a federal appeals court
to keep meat packers from testing all their animals for Mad Cow disease.

A lower court had previously allowed the Creekstone Farms Premium Beef wanted to conduct more thorough testing of their beef to entice Japanese and other foreign countries to buy their beef.

This only seems like just good business in light of the fact that less than 1 percent of slaughtered cows are currently tested for the disease under current Agriculture Department guidelines.

Your agency argued that more widespread testing does not guarantee food safety and could lead to a false positive that scares consumers.

So the logic is that more testing is bad for America. Did this idea come from an American auto manufacturer?

The water we drink is also not a major concern for your administration.

An EPA official recently declared that there's a "distinct possibility"
the agency won't act to eliminate perchlorate/rocket fuel toxin from our drinking water that has contaminated public water supplies around the country.

According to the Associated Press, perchlorate is particularly widespread in California and the Southwest, where it's been found in groundwater and in the Colorado River, a drinking water source for 20 million people.”

In summary junior, if we ever forget your Mid East wars, your abysmal national policies, the deterioration of our military, our education system, and our health, we can at least say you got one of your party-girl daughters married off.

As far as their future is concerned, there are millions of people who will hope she is barren and will thus cut off one more avenue of Bush lineage, because at the rate you have destroyed our democracy and the world's trust in America, two Bush presidents are all this world can survive.

Date: May 13, 2008 8:38:00 PM CDT

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