The list of Republican criminals gets longer.

Mr. President,
If I had thrown a rock with my eyes closed inside Madison Square Garden when the Republicans held their convention; I bet I could easily have hit a soon-to-be convicted Republican. There are so many of them.
Corruption is more than a poison it is a republican lifestyle.


  • There is:


  • a sex scandal involving Duke Cunningham and other Capital Hill Republicans,
  • the drug addiction and arrest of of Republican talk radio mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh,
  • money laundering by Tom Delay,
  • convicted Congressman Duke Cunningham for bribery,
  • the perjury and obstruction charges against the vice president's main man, "Scooter" Libby,
  • a conviction for giving out government secrets to a foreign power by Rummy's Pentagon official Lawrence A. Franklin,
  • the pending perjury charges against your sidekick Karl Rove,
  • a conviction of James Tobin, the former New England Regional Director of the Republican National Committee for jamming phone service to five Democratic Party offices during the 2002 elections.
  • the conviction of former Gov. George Ryan on 18 corruption charges.
  • a pending investigation of Rep. Robert W. Ney from Ohio and lobbyist by federal authorities in Florida and the District for helping Abramoff and two partners to buy a Fort Lauderdale-based casino cruise line.
  • a federal investigation of your former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Lester Crawford.for financial hanky-panky and lying to Congress.

lestercrawford Lawrence Franklin James_Tobin

The list of Republicans investigated, convicted, and indicted is pretty long. The list is getting longer as federal investigators follow Abramoff's money trail to fellow Republican lawmakers for supporting his client's bills before congress. Check this
link for a complete list.

It is a bad time to be a Republican and you aren't helping things. Today, you told Americans you think taxing oil companies is a bad idea, and immigrants should only sing about America in English. Bad idea junior, Americans are pissed no matter how much credit you take for the Stock Market, it doesn't translate into putting more money in their pockets, lower the cost of their energy costs, increase their job security or get them low cost health insurance.

Also, you are using the gas crisis to attempt to expand your presidential powers by hoping Americans will support your bid to decree milage standards without congressional approval. Don't think people are stupid, they notice those things.

Who needs Congress since you proclaimed yourself king anyway?

Date: April 29, 2006 4:59:09 PM CDT

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