The list of Republican criminals gets longer.

Mr. President,
If I had thrown a rock with my eyes closed inside Madison Square Garden when the Republicans held their convention; I bet I could easily have hit a soon-to-be convicted Republican. There are so many of them.
Corruption is more than a poison it is a republican lifestyle.


  • There is:


  • a sex scandal involving Duke Cunningham and other Capital Hill Republicans,
  • the drug addiction and arrest of of Republican talk radio mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh,
  • money laundering by Tom Delay,
  • convicted Congressman Duke Cunningham for bribery,
  • the perjury and obstruction charges against the vice president's main man, "Scooter" Libby,
  • a conviction for giving out government secrets to a foreign power by Rummy's Pentagon official Lawrence A. Franklin,
  • the pending perjury charges against your sidekick Karl Rove,
  • a conviction of James Tobin, the former New England Regional Director of the Republican National Committee for jamming phone service to five Democratic Party offices during the 2002 elections.
  • the conviction of former Gov. George Ryan on 18 corruption charges.
  • a pending investigation of Rep. Robert W. Ney from Ohio and lobbyist by federal authorities in Florida and the District for helping Abramoff and two partners to buy a Fort Lauderdale-based casino cruise line.
  • a federal investigation of your former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Lester Crawford.for financial hanky-panky and lying to Congress.

lestercrawford Lawrence Franklin James_Tobin

The list of Republicans investigated, convicted, and indicted is pretty long. The list is getting longer as federal investigators follow Abramoff's money trail to fellow Republican lawmakers for supporting his client's bills before congress. Check this
link for a complete list.

It is a bad time to be a Republican and you aren't helping things. Today, you told Americans you think taxing oil companies is a bad idea, and immigrants should only sing about America in English. Bad idea junior, Americans are pissed no matter how much credit you take for the Stock Market, it doesn't translate into putting more money in their pockets, lower the cost of their energy costs, increase their job security or get them low cost health insurance.

Also, you are using the gas crisis to attempt to expand your presidential powers by hoping Americans will support your bid to decree milage standards without congressional approval. Don't think people are stupid, they notice those things.

Who needs Congress since you proclaimed yourself king anyway?

Date: April 29, 2006 4:59:09 PM CDT

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Just sit back and watch the show

Mr. President,
I hear the politicians each trying to outdo the other on what to do about high gas prices. They shout, they scream at each other over what is the real reason for high prices. So many fingers are pointing so fast I am surprised someone hasn't lost an eye yet.

The oil company lobbyists are out in full force. The environmentalists are out there too. Gas stations all over Washington had camera crews and politicians ready for their photo op. Big talking heads on FOX push, the administration party-line-talking points like restaurants push their "blue plate" specials.

"Audit the companies!" "Tax their windfall profits!" "Rebate money to consumers!" "We need to stop driving as much!" "Cut back on pumping oil into our strategic reserves!"

The race is on to see which party can come up with the most pleasing solutions for consumers in their districts, when in reality most of the politicians just want to LOOK like they are doing something about it until November.
News30 News34
Since the Republicans run both houses I'll be surprised if they don't push some nonsense bills through so they LOOK like they care.
News33 News31
"Build more refineries, the oil companies have not built a new refinery in 30 years"
"They can't build them because of too much red tape!"

Refinery 300
"No that's not true. Exxon memos show they decided to limit refinery capacity to keep prices high! "
"That's not true!"
"Yes it is!"
"It is because environmentalists wanted ethanol"
"No, that conversion is already done and it does not impact prices!"
"It's designer gasolines all the states want!"
"Each state had these requirements for years it's not new and shouldn't have raised the prices!"
yadda yadda yadda.

They remind me of hamsters running in their exercise wheels. They spin a lot but they don't really go anywhere.

The Bush curse has reached across the pond to "lap-boy" Tony Blair in England.
In addition to supporting your War in Iraq, he is catching hell over three of his most senior cabinet ministers who are fighting to save their careers.
Britain's Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott's secret two-year love affair with a civil servant was discovered this week. Prescott used to joke about the opposition's sex scandals.
The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, is under intense pressure to resign over a scandal when he admitted that he lost track of most of 1000 foreign prisoners that were released without holding them for deportation.
And the Australian-born Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, was heckled for the second time in a week by health service workers over National Health Service reforms and hospital job cuts.
Just knowing you seems to be such a handicap to people's career, just like in the Mummy's Curse.

Deny, deny, deny, is the hallmark tactic you have used so well and its getting old junior.

Today your State Department's counterterrorism chief said, "The world is safer because of your war on terrorism." I didn't see the video, but it is such an obvious lie, I would not have been surprised if he had starting laughing right after he said it.

In 2005 there were more than 11,000 terrorist attacks worldwide last year that killed 14,600 people that does not include an additional 8,300 deaths from insurgent attacks on Iraqi civilians. The death toll for our soldiers at 69 for April so far is the highest in last five months. Except for the number of coalition fatalities the other figures are new records.

One of Iraq's vice presidents, Adel Abdul Mahdi, said about 100,000 families were forced to move out of their homes because of sectarian violence. Some people call it civil war.
In light of all these facts you say the world is a safer place today? What color is the sky in your world?
Date: April 28, 2006 9:03:06 PM CDT

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
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You're in a pickle and in God we trust but not the FDA

Mr. President,
I hate to say it but you're in a pickle junior a real pickle. This gas price problem is a very big deal and as an ex-oil man you look guilty as hell. Your credibility is already non-existant.

You tend to use simple polarizing words to answer complex problems but I don't think you should try to explain how oil pricing works. You will only look silly trying to use your limited vocabulary. You can't use words like; good, evil, dead, alive, with us, against us, to describe this problem. Maybe your new press secretary can come up with some good weasel words.

I feel like a canary in a coal mine after I read about existing FDA practices and procedures.
First of all you nominated another family friend, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach to serve as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.
When are you going to run out of college buddies and family friends to run critical departments?

The FDA turns out to be just another Bush-politicized agency like the CIA and the EPA. Ideology trumps science, and money trumps everything else. The way the FDA handled the "morning after " pill is one example.

In December 2003, an FDA advisory committee voted 23-4 to approve the pill called Plan B, called the "morning after" contraceptive pill. The FDA panel declared it was safe and effective for women 17 and older.
Your advocates against legalized abortion didn't want the pill available.
The FDA panel was overruled by the head of the agency, and the pill was not approved. Senator Clinton and Democrat Patty Murray of Washington State have vowed to block any vote on Bush-family friend, von Eschenbach's nomination until the FDA decides whether to allow over the counter sales of Plan B, an emergency contraceptive pill.

So we go round and round until someone blinks, meanwhile, women are denied another avenue to avoid unwanted children because of right-wing ideology and anti-abortion factions have something to cheer about.

The FDA has been in the headlines several times during your administration for failing to protect the public. The Government

Accountability Office GAO recently issued a report on the FDA after the well-publicized VIOXX recall.
Merck & Co. Inc. finally recalled arthritis pill Vioxx after it was linked to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in long-term users.

They lost a third case this last Friday, when the court awarded $32 million in damages to the family of Leonel Garza, a 71-year-old retiree who died of a heart attack in 2001 after taking Vioxx.

So far Merck has lost three of the five multimillion-dollar lawsuits filed.
The crap really hit the fan after this recall. Several other FDA-approved drugs had also been recalled as well, so the Government Accountability Office began an investigation of the FDA.
To get FDA approval of a new drug, companies 'generally' conduct clinical trials with hundreds or thousands of volunteers to determine if the product is safe and effective, but some safety risks may not be known until it has been taken by millions of people.

So the agency approves products with the condition that companies should provide more data, but it does not have the authority to call for those studies. As of last Sept. 30, there were 1,231 studies that companies had promised to do. About two-thirds of those promised tests had not been even been started.

Cases of "adverse events," for instance, are reported on a voluntary basis! Neither the drug companies nor the FDA calls for doctors to report drug-related problems they encounter. Experts estimate that only about 10 percent are reported.

Since 2000, ten drugs have been withdrawn by their manufacturers for safety reasons.

Frequently the drug manufacturers knew about adverse and even deadly effects of their drugs but kept it secret. They made the decision the benefits of the drugs outweighed the negative impacct of recalls or removal from the shelves.

THEY DECIDED NOT THE FDA! THEY DECIDED WHAT WAS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? I am sure they never thought about the financial impact of disclosing harmful side effects of their drugs.

The U.S. really needs a separate office of drug safety. Like that's going to happen on your watch.

Nine of the panel's ten members on the National Institutes of Health-affiliated panel's acknowledge financial relationships with at least one statin manufacturer.

The GAO found the disorganization, bureaucratic infighting, unhealthy links to drug companies by FDA panel members, and an inability to force drug makers to conduct needed safety tests have kept the FDA from uncovering several dangerous drugs.

It was the British Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM), the British equivalent of FDA that uncovered significant links of teenager suicides to anti-depressants. It was the CSM who shut down a U.S.plant in England when they uncovered the manufactured flu vaccine was contaminated. Our FDA had just inspected the plant and didn't find anything wrong.

The FDA is responsible for inspecting all plants that manufacture drugs and medicine for the US. Globalization has hit the legal drug trade like many other sectors, and the FDA does not seem to have enough resources. As of 2000, almost 80% of ingredients for US medicines are made overseas. I don't know how many of our drugs are made overseas this year.

Republican lawmakers argued that we couldn't import Canadian drugs because they were not under direct control by the FDA.
If they don't have enough people to check the foreign operations, what percentage of our drugs really are under direct control by the FDA?

I have a hell of a lot more faith in the British Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM), than I do of your FDA junior. The CSM seems to consistently uncover dangerous drugs much earlier than the FDA.

I wasn't much for exercising and watching my weight; but until you leave the office and we get a competent president; well let's just say I found my motivation to stay healthy.

Date: April 27, 2006 12:52:07 PM CDT

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
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Thank you again for taking the time to write.