Why impeach when it's more fun to watch you rot?

Mr. President,
Although you have been painted as the worst president ever to grace the White House in several generations you have succeeded to flummox the Democrats. They have been confused and in disarray for most of the last eight years.

Representative Kucinich knows what he wants. He wants to impeach you. He is not alone; millions of Americans have asked for your head on a pike.

Although he failed to impeach
Vice-president Cheney last year, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich formally submitted the request for your impeachment this week. He took hours reading 35 articles of impeachment, using a parliamentary maneuver that should force a vote and have the matter sent to the judiciary committee.

Although this is the proper means of initiating an impeachment it will most likely die there along with Cheney's impeachment request.

Nonetheless it is a telling moment in American history.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have long decided to allow you to continue to rot in office. This approach worked in 2006 when the Bush-stench contaminated many republican's efforts to be elected to congress.

And the ploy will work again. As long as you continue being a one man wrecking crew your Republican congressmen will continue to be subject to the same fate as their fallen brethren from 2006.

Between the foul Bush-taint which you leave on all those near you and the GOP congressmen's own failure to realize how much they have drifted away from mainstream America, it should be a landslide for the Democrats in November if the Dems don't screw it up.

Republican Congressmen have been self-destructing and are often maneuvered into taking some very unpopular stands which make them look like a combination of Scrooge and the infamous Mr. Potter from Its a Wonderful Life. While Americans continue to dying in the Mideast and folks at home are slowly being strangled by your ill-thought out financial and energy policies, republican congressmen obstruct popular relief plans for waylaid Americans and soldier benefits.

Indeed, the Democrats have found out how to use your significant unpopularity into making tons of political hay without incurring the potential problems of impeaching you.

During the Clinton impeachment, they saw Clinton's popularity numbers actually went up after the GOP-led congress filed impeachment charges against him, and the Republicans suffered quite a bit of backlash for their efforts.

So in order to keep from suffering the same fate Democrats they are allowing you to run free and continue to hang out there like fruit rotting on the vine, transferring your unique brand of ineptness and uneducated leadership to contaminate all Republicans in office.

It is a shame that politics takes priority over principle. It was not what the founders wanted from our Congress but that is the world your divisive policies have brought us. History will damn the Democrats for using such cynical behavior thus failing to act on articles of impeaching.

It is enough to kind of shake our faith in government.

Not to say that many of your other accomplishments already haven't shaken that tree.

Americans are reeling from the mortgage crisis, inflation, the skyrocketing cost of gas, the unending Iraq war, which most Americans attribute to the lack of competence of all of your government agencies including the food safety agencies.

Government agencies, which were once established to assure a safe workplace, safe drugs, and safe processing of our food, have been morphed from protecting our citizenry to protecting industry profits.

Your administration has politicized and generally screwed up so many government policies that American's living standards have been decimated, and all the food we eat is of questionable safety, often placing our lives in jeopardy.

We have had
one recall after another involving ground meat, lettuce, tomatoes pet food, animal feed, poultry products, children's toys, macaroni salad, infant formula, corn, seafood, mouthwash, cheese, clam chowder, soy milk chocolate chip cakes, milk and eggs to mention just a few of the recalls.

Japan has rebelled at accepting our beef for several years and South Korea just had
massive demonstrations where tens of thousands of Koreans demonstrated against lifting the ban they had on American beef.

Maybe it the lackadaisical approach you have towards testing for mad cow.

Since you had already failed to make America and the world a safer place, did you have to make eating a hamburger with lettuce and tomato a death-defying act?

Your disdain for American's health is matched by your disregard for the Constitution, which you feel you think you can turn on and off at your discretion.

Even though you stacked the court with conservatives, it was not enough to recently keep the Supreme Court from ruling 5-4 upholding a basic tenant of human rights upheld for hundreds of years habeas Corpus, the right to question their detention.

The Supreme Court ruled against you for the third time on the status, and the Military Commission process you tried to use in place of the constitution.

Since the court justices ruled on constitutional grounds, you will not be able to issue an executive order or bully congress's to pass any law which could circumvent this ruling.

Not only have you given innocent suspects the same rights as American citizens, which is a good thing, you have severely tainted the cases of real terrorists by perhaps having to provide information you obtained through torturing them, which is a very bad thing.

This latest salvo from the Supreme Court has put quite the wrench in your plans to have the trials at Guantanimo just before the November elections.

Since you can't use the terrorist trials as propaganda to scare Americans implying the patently absurd idea that only the GOP can keep them safe, you can use the time-tested "chatter" of an impending attack this fall.

Good luck with that one junior. That wolf cry has squeezed out almost all the fear it could four years ago. But, hey its worth a shot.

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