George the Dolt

Mr. President,

Boy, did Scott McClellan drop a bomb on the White House. He has been all over the airwaves with his tell-all White House book,
What Happened.

McClellan's book is clearing up and confirmed many suspicions we have all had.

First of all, you are not a very complex person; in fact, you are quite the simpleton. Many people have given you too much credit. The idea that a truly evil Machiavellian person is directing the American ship is not true. You are not capable of Machiavellian though process.

You are not complicated nor do you use any torturous logic decision process to arrive at a plan of action. You use your gut like an incurious dullard who doesn't want pertinent information or facts to make tremendous world-altering decisions.

If you had been governing in Europe, you would have been called "George the Dolt."

Anyone who tells the Pope his speech was awesome is a simpleton. Anyone who ignores all dissenting opinion is a simpleton. Anyone who takes a record amount of vacation time when the nation is at the lowest ebb in decades, is a lazy simpleton.

Your incurious and lazy manner explain why you have no plan for leaving Iraq or what to do in Pakistan, South America, Mexico, Africa, North Korea, Georgia, Russia, Lebanon, or the Gaza Strip. Our lack of a coherent Energy Policy, the Katrina aid disaster, the falling dollar rising oil prices, declining education standards and the huge loss of American jobs are the result of Bush-planning.

Whether it is ignoring climate change due to global warming, or the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, they are all handled the same way.

If it concerns business in any way, you tell your minions to deregulating it and leave it to "market forces" to deal with the problem.

If it involves foreign policy you defer action until all neighboring nations agree to support your views or just ignore it unless it involves Iraq.

All other problems seem to be decided by deferring the solution to the state governments or flipping a coin. Katrina, the oil crisis, the failing education problem and the falling dollar are all examples of not getting too involved.

When Russia started to rise as a major energy power broker you said you looked into Putin's heart and claimed there was no problem there. Wishful thinking didn't get Europe's dependence on Russian gas any easier.

You ignored the Palestinian infatada and Israel's nonstop attack on Gaza's citizens for seven years. And when you finally focused on Israel, it was too little and too late.

Since you ignored the pro-western government in Lebanon. when Israel attacked them is it any surprise that they canceling anti-Hezbollah measures they originally considered.

Since you tried to use Israel to isolate Syria is it any surprise that Israel decided that you were so ignorant of middle east politics that they decided to ignore your pleas and continued to work with the Syrians?

The aftermath of your lazy and incompetent presidency helped create an increasingly unsafe world which has seen suicide bombers as a growth industry. Last year they accounted for 658 of the terrorism attacks, up from 542 attacks last year. This is more than twice as many attacks in any of the last 25 years.

As the violence in Iraq simmers the violence in Afghanistan picks up. You are getting no where as the wars rage on.

After eight years of leadership by "George the Dolt", is it any wonder that your loyalists believe that anyone who actually thinks as an elitist.

What is wrong with electing with someone who is smarter that many of us, America and the world have found out what happens when America elects a guy they can have a drink with at a local bar.

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