Alberto Gonzalez

More "Brownies" in Bush administration uncovered

Do you remember Federal Emergency Management chief Michael Brown of Katrina fame? Well it seems that word has leaked out that another department in your administration is fatally infected with the same virus that allowed "Brownie,"the ex-Commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association, to hold such an important government office.

In the past eight years we have seen the Pentagon, USDA, CIA, FDA, FCC, NIH, CDC, NASA, NOAA, and the FBI all fall victim to the same Bush-first America-last disease. Now it is the Department of Justice's turn to be exposed as another victim of of Bush-itis.

According to an
inspector general's report released this week, former Justice Department counselor Monica M. Goodling, proud graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent University law school, and former chief of staff D. Kyle Sampson, routinely broke the law by screening out candidates for jobs as immigration judges and line prosecutors that were 'not Republican-enough.'

When former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez's testified before Congress on the Justice Department's hiring scandal, Gonzalez repeatedly claimed that he either did not know or remember Sampson or Goodling ever explain their process for selecting attorneys for the Justice Depatrment's many openings. Imagine that.

Goodling did shyly admit that she may have overstepped the bounds by politicization the hiring process, but she said she was sorry.

Damn junior, she is not only guilt of breaking the law she is stupid as well.

Your entire administration is rife with incompetent Bush-loyalists unfaithful to the Constitution they swore to uphold.

The Justice Department's unconscionable dereliction of duty and unlawful operation is typical of all your acolytes. Attorney General. General Michael Mukasey, response was that he has focused on making sure that the improper and illegal activity does not occur again.”

That's it! There is no public outrage, no obvious plans for further investigations or followup plan to prosecute anyone.

Mukasey must have been sick that day in law school. You know, the day where they discussed how the Attorney General, as the nation's top law enforcement officer, has a DUTY to investigate crimes committed in his own department and to PUNISH the offenders.

Despite the many flaws in our system of government one of the strengths of our American democracy was our ability to be moved by abuses like these and to punish the guilty parties appropriately. So why isn't anyone doing anything about it?

Mukasey's lack of will to enforce the law confirms the sad fact to Americans and the world that American and International laws are flexible instruments which are bent for privileged individuals who have been faithful to your regime.

You have your big fat thumb on the scales of justice to make sure Scooter Libby, Alberto Gonzalez, Harriet Meirs, and Karl Rove never have to worry about paying any price for any of their criminal offenses.

Conversely, the law you abide by says you can kidnap citizens from their countries with impunity and torture them indefinitely without charging them with any crime or be given access to legal representation.

So I just have to ask. After witnessing eight years of aborting justice and methodically destroying the Constitution, why have law schools? Why have a bar for lawyers to pass? Law is whatever you decide it is.

Wait, it all makes sense now.

Pat Robertson's law school for God's people was perfect for your administration. They provided graduates with blind adherence to God's chosen president and a willingness to destroy or obstruct the godless Constitution.

Was the mantra for your Justice Department something like, "Praise the lord and pass me that good Republican's resume," while other justice department lawyers created legal black holes like Gitmo?

Date: August 1, 2008 2:18:11 AM CDT
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