Republicans mutiny against operating bilge pumps on sinking economy.

Mr. President,
Now what are you going to do?
You screwed up the call to arms on the economy but good. I, like so many Americans are so suspicious of you because you don't act on issues unless it is for political reasons. Who can believe you when there IS a crisis?

You used up all your credibility with more failures than I can count and then you further screwed up by using the same stage to claim an economic disaster that you used to start a unnecessary war with Iraq.

The story of the bailout is like the story of Captain Ahab's loosing battle against the white whale and the Titanic rolled up in one.

You have sailed our nation into an unnecessary war with Moby Dick while ignoring that the ship is taking on water and no one was watching how much water the ship was taking on.

And like the captain of the Titanic you pushed her to full speed just because you could and you set sail without enough life boats to save everyone onboard.

After a while the rough seas caused your ship/economy to slow down and took on more water. The overweight ship was no match for accompanying storm as she took on more water.

Now you have idealistic conservatives who rail that the pumps are not needed because in their minds a wooden vessel should not sink and if they do add resources to the ship it will hinder speed and that is not fair to the owners who keep saying, "Not with my money you don't."

And there is no guarantee the bailout will truly save us. Many people worry that it will alter the operation of the ship with more layers of unneeded bureaucracy which will surely mean increasing the number of crew and heavy pumps which would inherently slow down our economy and forever change the ship’s operation.

It is difficult to listen to a half crazed captain who charts a course and spends precious treasure including life and limb of the sailors to battle Moby Dick. You are the captain who claimed your mission was guided by your God and guided the ship towards your prized whale. You did it without taking your eyes off the telescope. So you were bound to steer us into the shallows and reefs right before you. Your laziness and your reluctance to deal with the pirates on Wall Street has helped crash our economy.

To increase the speed of the vessel you threw the bilge pumps overboard during the voyage and put the personnel monitoring the bilge water ashore at the beginning of your voyage.

Now the ship has crashed.

Your recent cries that the ship will sink unless huge resources are added to keep us afloat, are failing on disbelieving ears of the owners/public back at home because you cried wolf when you falsely claimed Moby Dick/Iraq was an inherent danger to all Americans.

Some of your crew have rebelled and threaten to mutiny in response to the calls from their conservative benefactors that the ship is sound and little needs to be done, just keep the course steady as she goes and let the sun and sea air dry out the accumulated bilge water. Many people are rebelling at spending their tax money to pay for other's mistakes who took their huge profits from the voyage off the top.

John McCain said he would board the ship and work out a solution without knowing how the economy works or know what was being done.

Rather than take a helicopter to board the vessel he decided to take a leisurely cruise ship and once he got there all he did was provide the Republican House mutineers an excuse to rally against bailing out the water, because they said the economy can take care of itself with no assistance and two, they may come up with a better idea.

McCain did nothing except to pose against the tiller and then leave for a nice dinner.

At this point, the ship may have to take on enough water until people back on Main street begin to feel the pain directly from a vessel that supplies Americans with everything that we have or hope to have.

It is ironic that Republicans who count on low-information voters to get their news from Fox news and Rush Limbaugh may not get re-elected because of the right-wing's call to vote against the bailout.

Yar is a term used to describe ship's
speed, responsiveness and agility. It is also what our economy just lost.

The bailout will probably happen sometime, but the ship will never be the same because it has taken too many hits. All the hastily built patches on the hull and the bilge water sloshing around will slow us down considerably.

It will be quite a long time before substantial repairs can take place to give our ship any yar.

If the new captain has the same myopic view as you do there is little hope the vessel will ever be as vibrant as it had been.

If so, I will not be the only one to ask, "Permission to jump ship before the rats sir."

Date: September 29, 2008 7:23:11 PM CDT

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