John McCain

Here's another millstone for you to carry junior.

Mr. President,
I thought the Iraq war, the dismantling of the Constitution, your unilateral approach to foreign policy, the lack of response after Katrina, the huge deficit and infecting our government with incompetent Bush lackeys would be the largest millstones you would carry around the rest of your life.

I was wrong. I forgot about your contempt for business regulation.

You’ll have to make room for one more millstone, the resulting disaster in the Stock Market.

I bet you were hoping the financial crisis would hit after McCain took office.

Does McCain have any extra sensory abilities that you know of junior because I think he is eerily channeling Herbert Hoover.

While the Stock Market was on its way to one of the largest one-day slides in American history, he was
on the stump speaking to a crowd of beloved republicans in Jacksonville Florida.

"Our economy, I think, is still -- the fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are very, very difficult times,'' McCain said. "I promise you, we will never put America in this position again. We will clean up Wall Street."

October 30, 1929, after the Stock Market suffered the biggest one-day slide in history, President Hoover spoke about the state of the American economy at the time.

‘The fundamental business of the country, that is production and distribution of commodities, is on a sound and prosperous basis,’ said President Hoover.

Weird isn’t it.

And you just left him out there to hang by himself. You are a coward to leave the country to fend for itself.

You were no where to be found. Rather than try and give the country some confidence, you went AWOL just like you did when things got tough in the Texas National Guard.

You have a rough time telling us the truth don't you. You can't level with us and say you were wrong and that we need government leadership and intervention in this crisis.

So you left; checked out and went to your state dinner for an african leader.

Talking heads were going nuts. There were charts with sharply sloping lines all over the TV . The news even displaced the second FEMA disaster which was taking place in Texas.

The relief efforts were so bad after Ike hit, that the Houston Mayor and other local officials took over a large part of the effort.

There were questions when you made a portion of the destruction path a no-fly zone and
you kept the reporters out of the area. Were you trying to keep the press from photographing dead bodies in the aftermath which might remind people of Katrina?

more than 3,500 people were rescued that is no where near the number of people who reportedly stayed behind.

Before Ike hit, reporters interviewed some people who were going to stay. Some were confident they could ride it out. Others said they had no money to stay at hotels.

As the hurricane closed in, authorities in three counties alone estimated 90,000 people ignored evacuation orders. In Galveston County, about 15,000 residents stayed behind.

A recent MSNBC article quoted one official: “Nobody is suggesting that tens of thousands died, but determining what happened to those unaccounted for is a painstaking task that could leave survivors wondering for months or years to come.”
“Authorities concede that at least some of those who haven't turned up could have been washed out to sea.”
"I'm not Pollyana. I think we will find some," said Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough, the county's highest-ranking elected official.

A second article from the Los Angeles Times said: Galveston officials have estimated that 20,000 stubborn residents of the barrier island stayed behind as Hurricane Ike pounded homes and businesses Saturday.

The U.S. Coast Guard crews sent to rescue them are now wondering where they all went.

After two days of search-and-rescue missions by helicopter, the crews say they have seen relatively few people in need of assistance and have spotted no corpses in the debris-clogged waters that have inundated the island.

"I'm looking around and wondering where all those people are," Coast Guard flight mechanic Jason Carty said Sunday, describing a midday helicopter flight along the length of the island. He saw considerable destruction but no people seeking rescue.

We may soon hear stories about a massive number of missing people as relatives and officials piece together just how many people may have been swept out to sea.

I hope I am completely and utterly wrong. But hat won't preclude me from praying for the families.

It is too late to pray for your own redemption, the least you can do is dig down to that last piece of humanity you may have left and pray for the families as well.

Date: September 19, 2008 2:45:07 AM CDT
On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

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Thank you again for taking the time to write.

McCain avoids disaster but only temporarily.

Mr. President,
Your poor party is having a heck of a time with their convention. McCain had to dodge and weave to avoid one major calamity, but fortunately Hurricane Gustav kept you away from Minneapolis. Thus avoiding the unfortunate reminder that the most hated person in the world and John McCain is so alike.

When "Country First" John McCain picked an unknown junior Governor to be his running mate, I had to ask, 'Which country is he thinking about'?

When McCain cancelled the first day of the convention because of hurricane Gustav, one McCain staffer said, "This is McCain doing the right thing; showing leadership, and taking command, ” the convention planner said. " He ’s deciding how to handle this, and Bush is irrelevant.” He actually said you are irrelevant?

No wonder they didn't want you there. Unfortunately, you still made an appearance the next day but at least it was over a satellite hook up and not live. Do you have major cooties or what?

Sorry if your feelings got hurt but you often said you did not care about your legacy because we would all be dead a hundred years from now. So for the next hundred years or until you are no longer with us suck it up junior.

Back in 2000 would you have guessed that you would be a treated like a turd in a corner by your own party after your term was over?
At this rate you will be able to have your retirement party in a phone booth with room left over for a couple of trays of appetizers.

I have always liked the way you link disasters to politicize your agenda. The Gustav hurricane was no exception as you used your time before the RNC convention to use the shutdown of oil platforms caused by the hurricane to justify extending offshore drilling.

But, the star of the show is Governor Sarah Palin. And everyone has been head over heals in love with McCain's pick, but for different reasons. Far-right Evangelists adore the floor she walks on while she has been red meat for late-night comics and the media.

I look forward to the vice-presidential debate. Maybe she could use the same receiving device you had under your coat when you debated Kerry. Who was at the other end by the way? It had to be the whole team because lord knows you don't know very much about anything.

Enough bad news for the republicans lets talk about bad news for everyone else.

While business is way down, home values are in the toilet and foreclosures are at an all time high at least
weapon sales by the U.S. Government are up 45 per cent. War is good for business but I guess it does not trickle down to all businesses.

Cheney has not shown his face anywhere near Minneapolis.
He decided to rattle another saber at Russia instead.

If I were Cheney I would worry that some people in that region of the world maybe very hostile to him..

From what I have read he is not sitting in the comfort of an aircraft carrier group as he normally is when he bitches out the people he wants to bomb.

After meeting with
Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev at a press conference he said, "The United States has a deep and abiding interest in your wellbeing and security."

How much fortitude and concentration did it take to keep Cheney from saying "oil instead of "well-being and security? ”

Cheney's energy policy of bribe, blackmail or bomb oil-rich nations was well in play as he arrived with pockets stuffed with money, one billion dollars to be exact

Although Moscow withdrew most of its forces, thousands of Russian "peacekeepers" have remained in the two rebel regions and in a buffer zone.

Where is Condi Rice? I thought she was your Russian expert? I guess her knowledge of foreign affairs is not as good as Sarah Palin's predecessor.

Thank God Sarah Palin, potentially our next Vice-President, has all that foreign policy experience by living next to Russia.

Date: September 3, 2008 11:51:50 PM CDT
On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.

We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.

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