McCain is more devoid of ideas than even you are.

Don't you just hate it when someone you dislike has better ideas than you do?

It must have been a bitter pill for you to swallow each time you have had to follow Barack Obama's ideas.

You chided Obama for being naive when he suggested having direct talks with Iran and yet that is exactly what you have done when you sent State Department representative to meet with Iranian and Syrian representatives.

You mocked Obama when he said we need many more troops in Afghanistan to keep the Tailiban from regrouping and yet you have had to pull troops out of Iraq to do just what he suggested.

He said he would bomb Pakistan if he knew there were hard targets in the region. Right-wing talk radio almost burned down their transmission lines with outrage that Obama would bomb an ally and yet that is exactly what you just did.

Obama has been ahead of you at every turn.

McCain is learning that Obama is indeed a smart fellow as he has also had to follow Obama's lead.

McCain falsely took credit for passing the GI bill which Obama DID support, and McCain voted against.

Obama has been the 'Change' candidate until McCain decided you were too much of a mill stone to carry around and decided he was a 'Change' candidate although he supported 95 per cent of everything you asked for.

Obama was the first minority considered to be considered the highest office in the land so McCain followed up and found a woman to run as his vice-president.

McCain's camp has been following Obama so closely they can probably tell you how often Obama farts while McCain has been pivoting on issues more often than an NBA point guard.

Is it any surprise that following the McCain campaign is a test in memory recall. Thank goodness we have newspaper archives and video libraries that show what McCain originally said before he reverses his position.

McCain's strategy seems to be to squash any discussions about specific ideas on how to get America out of the worst financial, judicial, and credibility crisis we have ever been in and has kept the conversation centered on gutter issues like Obama's race, pigs with lipstick, sexism, faith, nationality, honor, and his patriotism.

The McCain camp has been busy throwing crap on the wall looking for something to stick while the game clock is ticking to a close. They want Obama camp to either play 'whack a mole' with every smear, half-truth, and outright lie that gets uttered or to get him down into the mud.

We'll see how well that works out for him. In the meantime Palin has become the darling of the right-wing talk show circuit.

According to extreme right wing conservatives, McCain's pick of Palin as his Vice-president was a stroke of genius. She completely fits the Bush/Cheney mold.

The Alaskan governor has been such a hit with neo-conservatives that
Cheney called Palin the "Cold-Bloodied gal of my dreams."

Is that what America needs in the White House, someone who can give Cheney wet dreams and the rest of us worse nightmares than even you were capable of giving us?