Although McCain's campaign is hurting, pitchforks are selling well.

Mr. President,
Your buddy, John McCain’s campaign is falling apart but pitch forks are selling well.

He has been using your advisors to manage his campaign and it is not working out real well with independents but it is sure the best thing a lynch mob could hope for.

Outrageous lies and dirty tricks have always worked wonders for you, but this Republican staple, is not making a dent with most voters. They have however made a difference to racists who have yearned for a high-ranking public official to sanction their hatred of blacks.

It is ashamed McCain does not have a decent economic plan which deals with the large number of for sale signs across the American landscape.

It took a while but Wall Street finally got the message as the American people's pain trickled up and allowed your free market policies to decimate the Stock Market until the world's economies were brought to their knees.

As the president who waged an un-ending war against a sovereign nation, legalized torture, created a law-free Guantanimo, supported Abu Gharib, ignored Katrina, shredded our Constitution, ran up huge deficits and wrecked the American economy, you have left McCain with precious little to run on.

Sean Hannity, Fox News and various right-wing talk hosts have been foaming at the mouth with anti-Obama propaganda for months. They have been adamant that McCain should amp up the long-desredited Ayers connection and call Obama a terrorist.

Using this line of raw hatred is frightening many Republicans and Democrats alike.

I wonder if Hannity and Limbaugh would be satisfied if McCain walked into the last debate dressed as a klansman.

The fissures which grew in McCain’s campaign over the last few months are being patching up with anger as fast as McCain's surrogates including Palin, could trowel it on.

After McCain headed down this road, the pre-selected crowds of the faithful have taken those words as license to erupt with seething anger towards Obama. The fringe element attracted by this level of hatred doesn’t need very much to push them into actual violence.

Once Palin lit the fire the Fox network kept the furnace stoked.

The Republican party’s fear of loosing it all has increased shouts of "traitor," "terrorist," "treason," "liar," and even "off with his head."

A black camera man at one event received several racial epitaphs from the white crowds at a McCain/Palin event.

The pitch fork wavers are taking over.

I wondered how far the vitriol would go before McCain had to make a declaration one way or another.

On Friday, before a Minnesota crowd, he was backed into a corner by a couple of members of the audience. One man said he was fearful of an Obama presidency and a woman in the crowd, Gayle Quinnell, said she read about Sen. Barack Obama and "that he was an Arab,"

McCain did the right thing and told the crowd that Obama was NOT an arab and Obama is a "decent person, a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States." Although the crowd booed he made his point.

How does it feel to know the GOP is toast after you put all that effort into politicizing every decision you made to help establishing a Republican dynasty?

Not only did you fail miserably, you put your potential Republican replacement in quite a pickle.

I am not sure what McCain will do now but regardless of which McCain shows up at the debate, your legacy will guide him to failure.

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