republican party

Tick tock junior, you are running out of time.

Mr. President,

You have seven days to get this Iraq deal closed, seven days to give the Republican party any kind of hope of retaining some kind of obstructionist presence in the Senate, seven days to try and salvage any kind of a positive legacy.

Withholding the NIE report on Afghanistan has blunted some of the bad news from the Mid East but a successful agreement with the Iraqi government could be a considerable help and handcuff the next president's hands as well.

You bypassed Congress as the Constitution's power to legally approve all international treaties by arguing that the power of your war-time presidency trumps the legislature normal responsibility to pass international treaties.

Iraq is calling for a fixed time line for the elimination of combat troops and contractors associated with security. They also want American troops and contractors to be subject to Iraqi laws and courts.

The last reiteration of the treaty dated October 13 was not clear on these two key points.

Nationalist cleric
Muqtada al-Sadr recently mobilized hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in protest against the pact, and calling for its defeat.

They think they have you over a barrel.

But you responded last week that if they don't agree to a new agreement governing American forces in Iraq, they would lose $6.3 billion in aid for construction, security forces and economic activity and another $10 billion a year in foreign military sales.

This treaty is not working out to be a cakewalk or a slam dunk is it junior?

How odd. There were no flowers for our soldiers or for your divisive treaty.

Despite these disasters, McCain is desperately trying to be that next president.

Unfortunately, his election is limited to peddling fear, racism and the age-old political staple of, "If you can't win enough votes eliminate the other guy's votes."

Republicans in Ohio had hoped to dump over 200,000 likely democratic voters by forcing the state to match up each new voter against multiple state databases to ferret out illegally registered voters.

On the surface that may sound fair except that a misplaced comma, a mistyped initial on any of the state's databases, is reason enough to force these new voters to use provisional ballots.

The mortgage crisis would also impact on a person's ability to vote because many home owners have changed addressees, so forms used to verify their address would not be returned if they were sent to their last address.

The Ohio State Supreme Court shot down the Republican's argument. So
you ordered Attorney General Mucassey to investigate whether hundreds of thousands of voters would have to verify the information on their voter registration forms before their vote counts, despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

The state's databases are not set up to cross match this information and the time available will not allow that to happen.

If Mucassey interferes with the voting process now, up to 200,000 voters will be asked to submit provisional ballots. In past elections, provisional ballots have been the easiest to trash.

This is completely unprecedented this close to a presidential election. But hey, in for a dollar in for a dime. You have overreached and violated the Constitution so often that this comparable to jay walking after committing murder.

All in all, your party is toast junior.

After trying to follow McCain's election campaign for a while, it seems like his handlers are taking their cues from right-wing lunatics like Rush Lumbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Following such a skewed right-wing agenda has been of immeasurable help to the Obama campaign.

The more they push hate, racism and the ridiculous connections to Ayers, the higher the polls go up for Obama.

McCain's failure to reach the people of America is indicative of how you and many people in your party have been so blinded to the extent of the negative results of your disastrous policies over the last eight years.

People are losing their homes and their jobs out there ,and it has nothing to do with Obama crossing paths with a one-time radical from the 60’s.

It does have everything to do with how the consequences of the Republican platform for the last two decades have finally hit home. The GOP myth of trickle down economics has been laid to rest forever.

Racist rhetoric has been a preferred means of communications to reach simple people who prefer simple solutions. The problem is that America as a whole is becoming more tolerant of race and the economy is pressing the point that "green" trumps "black."

People are willing more than ever to have someone, anyone who is NOT a Republican to help them keep their jobs their homes and their children’s futures even if they are black.

Date: October 28, 2008 4:03:45 AM CDT

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