It took someone like you to give us Obama.

Mr. President,
My friends are black and blue from pinching themselves today to make sure they were awake when the morning news confirmed that Obama really won!

Last night, as I watched the tears of happiness flow in Chicago, New York, Atlanta and from people all over the world on TV, I could not forget what it took to get us to this historic point in America …eight years of George Bush.

It took someone like you to bring the country down to a point so low that people looked to a person Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh described as an inexperienced black socialist "terrorist in sheep's clothing" democrat for relief.

Doesn’t that just frost your racist ne-con cookies?

Obama and the world have you to thank for his landslide victory.

To a majority of Americans he is the silver lining to the dark clouds you created all over the world, a song of inspiration while you are the sound of screeching finger nails scratching a chalkboard.

But don't worry junior, I will keep writing to you junior as you try to re-write history about yourself, but I will also be e-mailing President Obama as well at, if you are interested, after he takes office.

Thank you, thank you, thank you junior.

I hope the irony of the moment stays with you for the rest of your life.