14 December 2008
30 November 2008

Did I hear you accept some sort of blame today?

Mr. President,
As your days in office dwindle down, many people think you are less and less relevant. I disagree, you have plenty of venom left in your poison sack.

You have promoted Bush-loyalists throughout the government to remain as civil servants. And you are now contemplating more assaults against nature and our country. Some of your neo-con friends are even advocating that you pardon everyone who tortured in your name. What torture? You said we didn't torture.

Anytime someone mentions Bush and torture in the same sentence it evokes a comparison to other leaders in history that have tortured like Hitler.

So I understand the temptation to compare you to Hitler. Hitler is evil perfected without any redeeming qualities. I guess people could use Pinochet from Chile as well although he is not as well known in the States.

Still, Auschwitz and Birkenau rang a bell with people around the world after you established secret prisons and Guantanimo.

As a human race we want to believe that by looking back at the death camps we would never allow it to happen again, and yet the Israelis and your administration have both been a party to some of the same behavior that was a staple for the Nazis throughout Hitler's reign, torture.

Psychologists have long proven that ordinary people, given the right set of circumstances can and will inflict serious pain on others. Right-wing nationalism patriotism and fear are key elements to rationalize torture. Sound familiar?

There are many blogs that detail many damning similarities between you and Hitler.

As tempting as it is to find an answer for your behavior, you are not Hitler. You ARE responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths, but you did it without the same focused efficiency as Hitler's administration. Hitler wrote
Mein Kampf, you read The Pet Goat while America was under attack. Hitler was planning for a thousand-year reich, You were only looking for a twenty year GOP reign. Hitler's speeches could motivate hundreds of thousands of people to follow him into war. Your speeches only make some people want to follow you to a bar.

I firmly believe that you didn't plan to kill so many people when you invaded Iraq. You just didn't care how many people would die to create your neo-con's view of what Iraq should be.

You were blissfully ignorant, and your lack of intellectually curiosity guaranteed Rumsfirld, Gonzalez, and Cheney a free hand without worrying about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Convention or human rights in general.

Rumsfield Gonzalez and Cheney were especially good at running amuck especially when it came to eliminating habeas corpus and torturing suspects caught in sweeps across Iraq and Afghanistan.

Take General Geoffrey Miller, the commander from Guantanimo, for example. He was considered an expert in interrogation, so he
was sent to Abu Gharib to "improve the flow of information" and instructed interrogators about how to make suspects talk.

Other experts such as doctors and psychiatrists who had sworn an oath to first do no harm were very involved in torture. Psychiatrists were used to break people down with a combination of psychological techniques and overt torture.

Rather than use them to help U.S. Army Gen. Michael Oates and others like him who are
significantly short of psychiatrists, social workers, and other mental health personnel, you choose to use them to help torture suspects to extract information which is historically considered as unreliable.

Since the expose on the treatment of our soldiers at
Walter Reed demonstrated how much you care for soldiers, it was no surprise that thousands of soldiers with serious traumatic brain injuries and many thousands of other soldiers with mental trauma injuries would come in second to torturing suspects.

This week in The Washington Post, a Special Operations interrogator who has served 14 years and became part of an elite team of interrogators in Iraq wrote about his bitter disappointment with the torture techniques used by your military.

He called the interrogator's use of torture as "deeply flawed; ineffective and un-American." I think he was being kind. He also credits your use of torture as directly contributing to thousands of American soldier's deaths.

Your interview with
Charlie Gibson this week confirmed that you finally admitted how incompetently you prosecuted the war and the economy.

You may want to be remembered as the man who liberated the people of Iraq, but Guantanimo and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, jailed, and tortured will always come to the minds of people around the world throughout history junior and that stain just won't wash off junior.

On the positive side, your interview with Gibson shows that you may finally passed the denial phase.
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