What have we learned?

Mr. President,
We have a saying in our house when someone does something dumb like tripping over their own feet. Immediately, after it is apparent the person is OK, and bones aren't protruding through the skin anywhere, someone invariably asks, "What did we learn?"

It is literally adding an insult to injury for the embarrassed, not-so-sure footed victim, but it is also evokes laughter which helps bring the adrenaline levels down a notch after watching a family member come perilously close to physical injury.

As parents we try to explain potential dangers to our children hoping they could avoid the painful consequences. But, as much as we try to protect our young there are somethings they just have to learn by themselves. We only hope they can walk away from whatever painful consequence may befall them; as a result. It is one of those times I initiated the smart-ass comment into our family's vocabulary.

If the dog snaps at your ankle and you become startled and cry after you were told not to go near it you would hear "What did we learn." Today no one in our family is safe. My children often take great glee in administering this sarcastic barb my way so often that I believe I hold the family record.

There is a point here other then I am clumsier than ever. Everyone makes mistakes, BFD (Big F__Deal). If we can walk away from them in one piece we should learn from the experience; we should learn from every stupid thing we do.

If we are incapable of learning we should be put away to keep from harming ourself or others.

Someone once told me the classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time.
I doubt that the field of psychology would accept such a simplistic test, but it sounds right.

Have you noticed you seem follow the same course of action over and over again and then you seem disappointed and surprised when things don't work out.

You've raped every major agency in your fanatical pursuit to demand every department support your ideology through their decisions. Many competent career personnel were fired or quit in disgust. Losing career people was tough enough, but you thoroughly weakened each agency when you installed Bush-loyalists in every government agency regardless of their qualifications.

Over the years, a steady barrage of world events was bound to show how dangerously ill-chosen these people were when the situation required the agencies to respond. Brownie was just the tip of the iceberg. Not a single cabinet member has been held accountable for all the fiascos. Instead of showing them the door you offer them your confidence or Medals of Freedom.

This last week we heard a VA employee took a department lap top home, and this wasn't the only time he had done this, but on this occasion someone broke into the employee's home and stole the lap top. The stolen computer has very sensitive information on 26.5 million veterans. The theft of that information is perhaps the nation's largest breach of security, putting every vet at risk of identity theft.

Jim Nicholson, the VA department head was summoned to Capitol Hill after the theft, to explain how this could happened.
may09 may05

Sen. Patrick Leahy said Bush should call Nicholson "into the woodshed" and consider changing the leadership of the VA, particularly after the agency waited until May 22 to inform the public about the May 3 theft.
Well you did call Nicholson, but it was not to reprimand him but to publically announce your confidence in him!

You do this all the time. You consistently reward loyalty over competence. You gave the medal of Freedom to:
General Tommy "we have enough troops" Franks,
CIA Director George "Slam Dunk" Tenent, and
Paul "disband the Iraqi Army" Bremer,
three people who helped you create the significant mess we have in Iraq.
may08 may03 may04

To show your dedication to another acolyte you publically complimented FEMA Director Michael Brown immediately after the disastrous FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina.

If there weren't so much TV coverage describing the scale of the incompetence by FEMA, I believe you would have given Michael Brown a Medal of Freedom as well.

Every government agency you filled with Bush-loyalist department heads, have provided mediocre to outright incompetent leadership. The CIA EPA, FEMA, NASA, FBI, CDC, NSA, FDA, Treasury, USDA, and FCC are just a few of the agencies that have atrocious track records of distortion, and inept management since you took office.

It is obvious your government department heads, although ill-chosen, are more loyal to you than they are to the country and you reward their loyalty with medals and public support despite the severity of their mistakes.

When you were recently asked about mistakes you have made you shocked many people when you finally admitted you made mistakes, but your answer was pretty lame.

The mistake you regretted was your tough talk? Give me a break! Still, many people were so shocked you finally admitted to mistakes they didn't notice you didn't change your pat answers on how the war in Iraq was going. Nothing really changed.

I think your repetitive behavior of rewarding incompetents, and expecting better performance qualifies as insanity.

Do you have a preferred "safe place" where you could spend the rest of your days and not hurt anymore people? When Cheney is not shooting someone or restarting the cold war ask him where he goes to dry out maybe you can get a group discount.

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