Don't you just hate losing at games?

It seems like Russia did not really lose the cold war after all.
They quit their arms race for a while and dumped the more obvious forms of communism. But over the years they have become anything but a democratic state. Natural gas and oil resources have emboldened every energy producing nation around the world such as Iran, Venezuela, and Russia.
Russia plays hardball with Yukos
Russia's Vladimir Putin used his power as president to get the ball rolling in his country.
He dismantled Yukos, the largest Russian oil company, and moved their assets to the state-owned firm Rosneft, which merged with Gazprom.
Because of Putin's manipulation, he has direct control of the world's largest integrated oil and gas company. It is bigger than even Saudi Arabia's gas and oil company. Gazprom is now the world's largest natural gas supplier.
A geopolitical chess game
Global politics is like a huge chess game. You make a move then your opponent makes a move. Each of you tries to anticipate each other's moves and has countermoves moves ready.
Your handicaps
You have several handicaps junior.
First, you are not smart enough.
Second you lost many people from counterintelligence when you put republican loyalists in key intelligence departments. These new department heads ferreted out anyone who questioned any of your policies. Hundreds of years of intelligence gathering and counterintelligence experience left government service; as a result. You can bet Putin did not purge his intelligence services. Putin is ex-KGB and knows the value of his intelligence services.
Third, your disastrous foreign policies have alienated most of the world who is suspicious of your real goals.
Fourth the neo cons you listen to, are blinded by their ideology incapable of imagination. 9/11, Iraq and Katrina are a testiment to this.
Fifth, your oil supply is more sensative to global instability than Russia's because you depend on foreign oil for 60 per cent of your needs. South America's once-friendly oil countries have turned against America. So you are forced to befriend the dictators of other oil countries although they routinely torture and kill their civilians.

Russia's advantage
Putin has a huge advantage in this geopolitical chess game. They have huge natural resources of oil and natural gas. Soaring oil prices has significantly enhanced Putin's power while you mired yourself in a huge resource-sucking war in Iraq.
Putin however has oil and has been ruthless with his energy-power and he is using it to counter any western influence he finds in his neck of the woods. He does not hesitate to use his oil and natural gas to insure the allegiance of several countries.
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Your Ukraine chess move
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One year after the Washington-backed "orange revolution," Ukrainian President Viktor Yushencko came into office Gazprom raised the price of natural gas to the Ukraine 450 per cent. The Ukraine refused to pay so Putin turned off the gas for a few days until they hammered out a deal.

Since Europe and the Ukraine share the same gas supply line, Europe's supply was accidentally curtailed simultaneously when the Ukraine was valved off. Boy did Europe get a wake up call!
Russia's counter move
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This was another Russian move on the chess board. Consider it a shot across the bow when it comes to implement any ambitious USA foreign policy with central Asian-European states. Putin just showed you what he would do to contain your intentions.
So in this real-life chess game with Russia Putin just took the Ukraine chess piece back. They recently helped convince The Ukraine to ban US military overflights and use of its air-base.
Is it any surprise the Ukraine election dropped the "orange revolution" idea and cuddled up with Russia instead? Ukrainians like keeping warm in the winter and you can't give them that.

Russia's China move
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Russia has openly defied you in dealing with Iran as well, and has even supplied them anti-missle weapons systems as well as Russian technicians to help build their nuclear power plants.
China and Russia held joint exercises in China last August. It was the only time these two armies have worked together since the Korean War. The official announcement from the nations involved said the joint exercises were aimed at quelling any terrorism and resisting any interference by a "third force." I wonder who they considered to be a likely "third force" in their war games. Hmmmm.
This year China, Russia, and four Central Asian states have met and agreed to have another "anti-terrorism" drill in Russia this time.
Russia's German move
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Russia is becoming more important to Europe as the North sea oil fields slowly dry up. Gazprom recently closed a deal selling natural gas to Germany who is the largest industrial gas consumer in Western Europe.

Russia's pipeline diplomacy move
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Russia has built its natural gas pipelines to contain pro-western governments, such as Poland and Japan. One pipeline will be built very close to China's border while not promising any extension of the transmission line to service Japan. Gazprom is building another pipeline around the country of Poland denying them any access to this natural gas line. My money is on China getting the natural gas and Japan will have to try to make ethanol from rice somehow.

Your faulty strategy
It is no wonder you have worked so hard to become king of the United States. You are jealous of Putin. That is why you are clamping down on news organizations, tapping phones, torturing suspects, holding people without charging them similar to Putin. You want the same powers as Putin. You are even willing to dismantle our constitution to get it.
You figure you alone can deal with Russia, China and terrorists. You believe Congress is not capable of making quick moves or make the tough decisions, so you always add a "signing statement" at the end of every bill Congress passes stating that you can do what you want despite the law.


Do you ever stop and think that if Russia's goal were to destroy our democracy, you are unwittingly helping him fulfill his goal without them firing a shot?

China and Russia have figured you out completely. All you can do now is react to global situations after the fact. And since you have becoime a single dimension type of a guy, the only way you know how to react is with military force. This explains why you gave Rummy such extensive power which supercedes Condi's State department.

You put all your eggs in one basket. You gave rummy power over our nation's ambassadors, the power to insert elite troops anywhere in the world, access to domestic phone taps and the NSA internet data mining.

You put your money on the wrong horse junior and America is paying dearly for your incompetence.



Russia and China seem to have all the winning moves right now.

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