Happy Memorial day - Uncle Sam wants you ...forever.

Mr. President,
Why do so many people suddenly want to quit you? U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick is pissed off because he was passed over. Treasury Secretary John Snow is just waiting for you to find a family friend to replace him. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, the F.B.I. director, Robert Mueller, and deputy attorney general, Paul McNulty at the Justice Department said they were ready to quit if you ordered them to surrender the evidence they picked up from Representative William J. Jefferson's office. Why did Gonzalez suddenly get "religion" and act like one of his criminal investigations should ignore political considerations?

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There are lots of government people that want to quit you junior. But you make it so hard on them. Many government workers are not allowed to quit even when their contracts are up. Young army officers regular Army and reservists who have served their commitments are not allowed to leave.

If they are not allowed to resign you'll have to change the recruitment posters to say, "Uncle Sam wants you ... forever."

Maj. Crystal Oliver, an Army spokeswoman said, “We are a nation at war and an army at war". “The … policy only impacts officers in critically short specialties who have not previously deployed in support of the global war on terror.
According to ex-chief of the Army Reserve, Lt. Gen. James R. Helmly, he said he informed commanders that resignations would be decided case by case in 2004 and 2005. Before they can leave they must meet certain pre-conditions; their career fields must be at least 80 percent strength. Service in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in a domestic security mission since the 2001 terror attack or if they have personal hardships, Helmly wrote.
The little-known policy, was adopted in 2004 by Helmly. According to the Army, they refused about 400 reserve officers from resigning their commissions.

At least ten reserve officers have filed suit claiming breech of contract and fraud.

Rummy said we had enough troops to handle the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and send 6000 National Guard to support the border patrol.
So why is Rummy squeezing the troops? Why doesn't he end the "stop loss" program and allow other soldiers end their tour according to their original contract with the military.

According to the article from The Canton Repository, newspaper, "Thousands of active-duty Army and reserve soldiers have been temporarily prevented from leaving the military, either because their skills were needed or because their units were going overseas."
"As of January, more than 13,000 soldiers were kept in the service under stop loss.

Rummy can claim to have enough troops because he never lets many of them leave unless they are on stretchers or in body bags.
He just keeps recycling them over and over again. How many tours of service will these poor bastards have to endure before they break? How many more Haditha incidents have happened and how many more will occur before someone says enough? Get more troops in there and limit their tours of duty!

You put some of the finest young people in America into a meat grinder and then take the ones who survive one tour and reinsert them into the same de-humanizing experience over and over again. That experience could break anyone down.

The murders at Haditha were not just caused by Marines who actually pulled the triggers, Rummy and all the commanders in between have to share the blame as well. Everyone who agreed with or supported Rummy's limited number of troops in Iraq has to be accountable. But lets not forget this is in addition to your overall blame for distorting the information to have this war to begin with.

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