Mar 2006

Next time just buy FOX it would be cheaper.

Mr. President,
Next time just buy FOX it would be cheaper.
You are as popular as a fart in church while Rummy admits he is beaten by a couple of dead-enders. I don't get it?
You spent $1.62 billion year to date, YTD, on advertising, public relations and you still wound up with the lowest of rating of your presidency?

If you didn't fabricate the reasons for war, you could have saved all that money. Getting people to believe the truth is cheaper because the proof speaks for itself. Lies take more effort and tons of money, because there is no proof.
george miller
Rep George Miller from California said your propaganda effort is unprecedented and disturbing. Boy, is that an understatement.

A study from the Government Accountability Office, GAO, recently issued a report that examined your wild spending efforts to keep the media in you hip pocket.
money_piles baby-birds
Hundreds of contracts were handed out like candy to Iraqi children. Hungry right-wing media groups chirped for million-dollar contracts, like little baby birds.
These vultures would sell their mothers for the right price. They mixed fiction with non-fiction as they created pro-war Web sites, pro -war soldiers' sound bytes. Pro-war, pro-Bush news was cranked out routinely by the Lincoln group for the benefit of iraq citizens.

Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just buy FOX outright and create a FOX franchise in Iraq?

And yet Rummy says we still lost the media war to the insurgents?
The mighty U.S admits it lost the communications battle after spending $1.62 billion YTD on pro-war, pro-America, pro-Bush custom-tailored news?

Did you see the writing on the wall ? I see you backing away with your hands up in the air proclaiming "Saddam is at fault" for causing the civil war.
Bush gives up
Grow a backbone junior, and get rid of Rummy.

You improved our borders, and worked out a manageable border program this week. APRIL FOOL!
You went to Cancun and all you got was a slight tan.
You make a big sound for such a little man with so little power in the congress. Barring an impeachment and
Bush waddle
perhaps jail, you will be lucky if you are allowed to waddle around the West Wing during your remaining years.