Mar 2006

It's Canada's fault for not keeping the globe colder.

Mr. President,
It's Canada's fault for not keeping the globe colder.

You have so many people to blame for your failures how do you decide? Who decides how big a stretch it can be?
Today you blamed Saddam Heussein for the Iraq civil war while rejecting any possibility that the United States' 2003 invasion and continued military presence is the underlying reason for sectarian violence. You can blame Clinton for not having a larger surplus to absorb your free-wheeling spending and causing the debt to be so high today.

Tomorrow you can blame President Vincente Fox for the immigrant issue. Friday, you can blame Canada's Prime Minister Harper for his inability to keep the world cold.

Better hold off on the blame game with your neighbors for now. Your meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper and Mexico's President Vincente Fox in Cancun this week will be more contentious than many expect. Some are calling it the meeting of the three amigos; ah, if it waas only true and yet you may get a "pass the immigrants" with Fox and a "praise the lord" with Harper.
You repeatedly screwed Tony Blair, and you consistently left him with nothing in return for his support. Why would you think these leaders will trust you?
Mexico's presidential elections are on July 2, and you are bad news for Vincente Fox. Remember him, he's the guy you once promised a guest immigration program back in 2001.

Fox's political party's opponent, left-leaning Andres Lopez Obrador's is leading in the polls so far and his numbers have been boosted by the immigration protest marches across the U.S.
Just like republicans up for re-election have learned, you're radioactive junior. Everyone near you is poisoned by your mere presence.
Don't try to speak your pigeon Spanish, you sound stupid. Your visit will probably remind Mexicans of anglo prejudice, your broken promises and Fox's inability to establish a reasonable guest-worker program. Militiamen patrols and talk about erecting a wall between the two countries has only added fuel to the fire.
You are apt to be another nail in the coffin of Fox's pro-American Mexican candidate and a boon for perhaps another Chavez-influenced Latin American leader.

Relations with Canada are complicated by several issues.
Steven Harper

Harper wants you to adhere to the recent NAFTA ruling on Canadian softwood lumber. He wants the U.S. tariff on Canadian lumber lifted and $4 billion of duties refunded.
Canadian american lumber Canadian_Passport

Canadians are pissed at you because you, closed the borders to Canadian beef, taxed their lumber unfairly and you want to introduce passports for any cross-border Canadian visitors.
You pushed them to accept your anti-missle systems while they reject any use of Canadian land for this project.

Canada's status as a net exporter of energy should enter your noggin as you talk with them.
Prime Minister Harper has a tenuous hold on Parliament. He does not have a mandate so can't afford to look like your "lap dog."
The cost of oil has given both Mexico and Canada higher status in the world, and the people from their countries dislike you so much, their leaders can afford to be uncooperative.

It's a shame you have almost nothing to give them without a fight from your own republican-led congress.

Bottom line; you will probably get support for a guest program from Fox and more Canadian troops for Afghanistan but it is going to cost you.

Date: March 30, 2006 1:54:14 PM CST

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