Mar 2006
Mar 2006

What does a foreign leader go for these days?

Mr. President,
Were you surprised that spending $500 billion may not give you the ability to pick and choose an Iraqi Prime Minister?

You had your man, U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad tell Iraqi leaders, "Mr. Bush "doesn't want, doesn't support, doesn't accept" Mr. Jaafari as the next prime minister.
You want a strong Iraqi leader that won't take any crap from his people. A leader who has strong western values and knows how to take orders from your administration.
This sounds like the same want ad you had for a Palestinian leader as well.
How did that work out for you?

If you want to know if there is a civil war in Iraq ask civilians who live in mixed faith cities.
Shiite and Sunni bodies are discovered every day. Some have been tortured, others are be-headed. Many of these executions take place in cities of mixed Sunni-Shiite faith. The people are on edge and many are leaving.
According to a recent Washington Post
article , more than 25,000 Iraqi have taken off after mosques came under attack. seeking their own kind.
Iraqi Moves
The Post article has one very telling story concerns Dhafir Sadoun, "a 41-year-old shop owner who uprooted his household in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood and came to Habbaniyah." "We did not fear the Mahdi Army," Sadoun said, referring to the militia loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, "because we've lived in Sadr City for 20 years, and everyone knows us and knows how we love the Shiites. But the Interior Ministry commandos arrest any Sunni. They don't just arrest them; they kill them."
What civil war you say? Ask Sadoun.

Your UN American ambassador, Bolton under-whelms the UN again, as planned.
UN flags
He recently suggested a new method of calculating UN dues based on a nation's ability to pay. The dues are based on "comparative standards of living," rather than using the existing method of basing contributions on gross national products. Bolton calls it purchasing power parity or P.P.P.

According to the New York Times
article there is a lot of concern regarding Bolton's calculation of a country's economic strength.

Using Bolton's method of calculating dues increases dues for China Russia India while reducing the amount the U.S. should pay. The United States estimates that its portion of the $1.9 billion budget would decline from 22 percent to 21.5 percent under its plan.

No doubt, most UN ambassadors will say F.Y. to Bolton's proposed P.P.P. plan.

Yet, this is not a Bolton misstep. He is making great strides toward accomplishing his real goal; insure UN failures anyway he can.
You couldn't hurt the UN very much from the outside so you decided to use Bolton to try to maim or even kill it from within.

Where can Rummy find a Hannity and O'Reilly for Iraq?

Mr. President,
I just love Rummy, he has such narrow views he reminds me of Carol O'Conner's famous character Archie Bunker and he kind of looks like him too. Is he next on the list?
Take his latest quote on Iraqi propaganda.

"Clearly, the United States government has not gotten to the point where we are as deft and clever and facile as the enemy that is perfectly capable of lying, having it printed all over the world, and there's no penalty for having lied," Rumsfeld said at an afternoon news conference at the Pentagon. "Indeed, there was a reward [for the enemy] because a great many people read the lie and believed it."

He laments the use of propaganda by insurgents while ignoring your use of the very same tactics.

Your lies are printed all over the world, since you took the office, and yet you don't hear Al Queda bitch about your lies and subsequent rewards when Americans used to believe them.

As a matter of fact, insurgents and Al Queda rejoiced your half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies. They used them to significantly boost their recruitment efforts.

You poured millions into creating a western-style news media in Iraq, but unlike the American media they have responded to reporting the news that affects Iraq from the get-go. They didn't choose to act like White House stenographers or showcase the details of missing pretty white women and car chases.

Sometimes the worst thing is getting what you ask for. You wanted a free press in Iraq, and now you complain because it is free to print what they want instead of all that good Iraq news you claim, occurs.

Did you really expect you could set up a FOX communication clone in a country you invaded?
Fox comm
If you had more "boots on the ground", you might have been able to afford American policy taskmasters to peer over Iraq news editors' shoulders.

Since you have employed so many Bush supporters in our media, I can see you are tapped out. But, I know how you can find some great Iraqi news overseers.
Put an ad in Pravda and get some of those out-of-work Soviet Union political officers. I heard they were damn good at supporting a party line.

Wanna buy some wood?
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday he wanted to see details before passing final judgment on President Bush's vow to solve a dispute that has cost Canadian lumber companies billions of dollars in tariffs.


Harper says he takes you at your word but he still wants to see the details.
That is a slap at your trustworthiness, and your honesty. You would think he lived in America to have those kinds of doubts about you.

Mexico and Canada both agreed you have been unfairly imposing more than $4.5 billion in tariffs on Canadian lumber companies since 2002. NAFTA panel also ruled in Canada's favor last August.

You keep harping the World Trade Organization said U.S.lumber mills are threatened by Canadian imports. Even though NAFTA is supposed to be the last word on the subject.
That's not my rule it's what you agreed to with NAFTA so don't yell at the messenger or spy on him either.

Date: March 28, 2006 7:54:52 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

You broke it and now, you decide you don't want to pay for it?

Mr. President,
Blowing up buildings and communications centers have to be a lot more fun than blowing up frogs when you were younger.
Bombing Iraq
But, as the check comes in for Iraqi reconstruction efforts this year, you're telling everyone you purposely left your checkbook at home. And as a matter of fact you're telling everyone the check should go to the other table instead. Damn you're cheap junior.

You break things so easily and suck so badly at making things whole.

rebuild iraq
I can almost see why you would even refuse to try fixing things anymore.

U.S. aid for Iraq reconstruction started at $20 billion, but it has dwindled down to $2 billion over the next two years. The funding was not reduced because the country's damaged infrastructure has been repaired but because you decided you have contributed enough already. You have informed Iraq and Iraq's neighbors they should pay for the rebuilding instead.

One would ask where the billions you gave Cheney's company went to. I am sure the money went to another worthy cause.

International experts estimate it will take $100 billion to repair Iraq's infrastructure. You have only kicked in $21 billion since you let the first bombs fly.
Yet, you gladly spend billions more to pay for more cool bombs and other hight tech toys.

One day when the local military is able to handle the situation on their own we will grant control to the country's military.
It takes a while to get Rummy to relinquish military control in a foreign country.


Just ask South Korea, even after 55 years he doesn't feel that country's military forces are strong enough to maintain stability. He is willing to grant them more and more responsibility over time but not right now.
Korean troops
Can you imagine what kind of hoops Iraqi military will have to jump through if Rummy feels 55 years is an insufficient amount of time for Korea to be responsible for its own military?

I did not receive the normal thank you for writing auto-response from the White House.

Judge George Bush

Judge Roy Bean was a colorful fellow from the old west. Legend says he once presided over a difficult case where an Irishman was accused of killing a Chinese worker. The friends of the accused threatened to tear up the town if he was found guilty.
After thumbing through a number of pages in his law book apparently searching for the proper precedent he finally rapped his gun on the bar and proclaimed "Gentlemen, I find the law very explicit on murdering your fellow man, but there's nothing here about killing a Chinaman. Case dismissed."
reduced courthouse01
Another story recalls the time a body was found near the Pecos River and brought to the saloon. The dead man's pocket had $40 and a pistol. Judge Bean fined the man $40 for carrying a concealed weapon and took the money to reimburse the county for burial expenses

He considered himself the only Law West of the Pecos and his rulings were unencumbered by facts or the actual laws of the land. His motto was, "Hang 'em first, try 'em later."

This story reminds me of someone so familiar but I can't exactly put my finger on who it could be?

Help me out here buddy. Because I remember the fanfare at the White House on March 9, calling the new Patriot Act ''a piece of legislation that's vital to win the war on terror and to protect the American people."

What I don't remember is an addendum you reportedly signed afterwards when the camera lights were off and the press left the room.

I just found out you quietly issued a ''signing statement," an official document in which you lay out your own interpretation of the new law.

In the statement, you said that you did not consider yourself bound to tell Congress how the Patriot Act powers were being used and that, despite the law's requirements, you could withhold the information if you decided that disclosure would ''impair foreign relations, national security, the deliberative process of the executive, or the performance of the executive's constitutional duties."


I am all confused because this means you can do pretty much do what you want, when you want to whomever you want without being bound by this law because you say so.

My high school government teacher said Congress makes the law, the Executive branch executes the law and the Judicial Branch interprets the law.

But, this "signing statement" just threw a wrench into my understanding of the whole process. I guess it is because the Constitution was written by old people with a pre 9/11 mindset that makes it fair game. Does the Patriot Law have an asterisk next to it in the law books?

You should think about changing your name to Judge George Bush, "the only Law East and West of the Pecos. Yiii haaa! Give them a fair trial and then hang em junior.
The only law East and West of the Pecos.

Hey amigo you really got it caught entre la roca y el lugar duro (between the rock and the hard place).

Your republican sidekicks in the House crossed the line when they sponsored and passed HR 4437.

You may want to put that number on the tombstone depicting the end of the republican-ruled congress.

HR 4437 among many other things, makes anyone who helps an undocumented immigrant in violation of a federal law. Those ignorant white men woke up a sleeping giant.
Hundreds of thousands of people recently staged demonstrations in more than a dozen cities across the country.
LA protest
Today, Los Angles police estimated over 500,000 protesters as they stretched over 26 blocks. Many chanted or waved signs such as "Si Se Puede!, " "We Aren't Criminals " and The USA Is Made By Immigrants." The entire downtown filled up and the crowds overflowed into the surrounding areas. The crowd was the largest protest march in Los Angeles history.

The huge crowd of 500,000 must have been impressive to see and there are thousands more waiting for the call, waiting to be heard and perhaps waiting to vote out those other inept congressmen that intend to deal so harshly with undocumented immigrants and the people who help them make a living.

The Roman Catholic Church, and other religious communities have launched immigrant rights campaigns and LA's Cardinal Roger Mahony has urged his priests to defy the bill's provisions.

Hispanics are a large amorphous group which make them very difficult to characterize politically, but now the republicans have given them one a big fat reason to unite and shape a political agenda.

Your myopic brethren have practically handed this whole group and the support of a vast Roman Catholic network to the democrats on a silver platter.

I know you wanted to dedicate yourself to the Iraq disaster and allow domestic issues to either float or run on auto-pilot but well lets hope your Senate does a better job with this issue next week or else its adios muchachos this November.

I don't envy you. Meeting with Mexico's president, Vincente Fox, next week will be interesting. All I can suggest is, use 9/11 as an excuse for ignoring guest-worker issues the last five years. You use it for so many failed initiatives, what's one more?

Date: March 26, 2006 8:58:06 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

I almost peed my pants junior.

Mr. President,
I could not stop laughing when I read about your recent foray into spinning the news as you raise money for nervous republicans.

You have nothing to lose as you go city to city praising your efforts in Iraq and blaming the media for all the bad news; your ratings are lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut partner. But, you must have had something x-rated on your mind when you were in Indianapolis.

Indiana Rep. Mike Sodrel and Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are both in tight races and needed a chunk-of-change for their re-election efforts. So, being the premier fund raiser for distraught republicans you just had to go to the midwest and help those little doggies get along.

Maybe those confusing time changes in Indiana spurred something loose in your noggin when you said, "It's important to have people in the United States Congress who understand this is a nation at war. I wish I could tell you ,otherwise. I wish I could say that an enemy which attacked us on September 11, 2001, has quit." "They have expressed their tactics for the world to see.
They believe that those of us living in democracies are weak, flaccid."
I almost peed in my pants when I read it. OMG, it is just too funny. What in the world were you thinking? People are going to have a field day when they gather around the water cooler on that one.

I know these are serious matters for serious people to be well, serious, but you really know how to bring a smile to people who already think you are inept.

Your mom is such a giving person junior. Her heart is as big as Texas. But do you think you can get her to give without strings attached?
Barbara Bush
The poor people need lost of help that's for sure, so your mom decided to give an "undisclosed amount" of money to help those poor public schools with a number of Katrina evacuees.

Katrina victims

"Mrs. Bush wanted to do something specifically for education and specifically for the thousands of students flooding into the Houston schools," the former President Bush's chief of staff Jean Becker said Thursday.
She had only one condition; the money she donated must be spent to buy educational software from her son Neil's company.
Neil Bush
Isn't she a sweetheart. I love the way she always places her family's needs above everyone else.

More testing for mad cow reduces American confidence.

Mr President,
By refusing, to allow 100 percent testing of cows the USDA
has struck a blow for sanity in the war against unwarranted fear mongering.

A single cow was recently identified with mad cow disease in Alabama, but it is no reason for us to loose our nerve, after all it was only one cow.

Since June 2004, the department has tested 0.68 percent of all cows.

As a matter of fact, the USDA is wisely preparing to reduce the number of cows tested. You now test 0.68 percent of all cows, and this high rate was only to be a temporary measure.

To highlight the excellent health of American cows the USDA has obviously refused to implement 100 percent testing of meat products in the United States.

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, a Kansas meat packer has dared to sue the department because it was not allowed to test for the disease in every animal.

The idea that Creekstone Farms Premium Beef knows better than the federal government is appalling and it is just something else the terrorists love to see.

The USDA had wisely refused to allow 100 percent testing of beef products. The reason is probably that if we began to test every meat product it would show a lack of faith in our cattle ranchers and our cows.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns pointed out testing is not a food safety measure. Rather, it's a way to find out the prevalence of the disease.Higher testing levels were intended to be temporary when they were announced two years ago.

Senate Agriculture Committee chairman Saxby Chambliss recently said U.S. beef "is absolutely safe and should be imported to every country around the world, including Korea.

If Asian countries want 100 percent testing they are free to test it after they receive it? I imagine some Japanese engineer can come up with some sort of portable meat tester that homeowners can use.

If 100 percent tasting is mandated, it would increase the cost to the consumer and hurt the American economy.

Don't people understand that dealing with global warming and this testing for mad cow nonsense is bad for business?

Japan can burn rice wine for fuel? In the global war against Iran, it is only natural to cut all business ties. If our allies are truly our partners against our enemies, they would abide by our rules.
Japan oil
According to U.S. government sources quoted by the daily Sankei Shimbun, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick and Undersecretary of State Robert Joseph informally asked Japan to at least temporarily suspend its plans to develop Azadegan.

When you asked Japan to pull out of deal, they had with Iran to develop an Iranian oil field; they should have immediately stopped the deal.
Iran oil
It is not your fault Japan is resource-poor. Japan had been planning to develop Iran's Azadegan oil field, estimated to hold the world's second-biggest single oil reserve, Japan sealed a deal with Iran two years ago on a billion-dollar project to develop Azadegan.

Earlier this month, John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, urged Japan to work with Washington, saying that he understood Japan's difficult energy situation but that the global community had to work together to combat nuclear proliferation.
Japan imported almost all of its crude oil needs amounting to 4.2 million barrels per day (bpd) last year, and about 90 percent of the volume was supplied by Middle Eastern producers. Japan, Asia's second-biggest oil user, imported 13.8 percent of its oil from Iran in 2005, ranking the country as Japan's third-largest supplier after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
After everything we have done for Japan their Vice Trade Minister Hideji Sugiyama said they won't give up an Iranian oilfield project.

They said that it wouldn't do any good if they stopped the oil field project because China would buy into it and Iran would still get the business.

I think we should stop buying their cars, their TV's their stereo's, their computers, their game consoles, and all their other exports.

We should put America first and buy that stuff from China instead.

I did not receive the normal thank you for writing auto-response from the White House.

The day George Bush let his guard down.

Mr. President,
You recently questioned Afghanistan over the "deeply troubling" case
of an Afghan man facing the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity.
Abdul Rahman, 41, is believed to be the first convert accused in Afghanistan under strict Islamic Sharia law for refusing to return to Islam.
"If he doesn't revert back to Islam, he's going to receive the death penalty, according to the law," Judge Mawlavizada said.

Many governments have condemned the indictment and asked President Karzai to get involved.
At least two prominent conservative religious groups want your help to save the life of a man "who refuses to deny Christ." The American Family Association's founder and chairman, Donald Wildmon, also asked readers to urge your intervention. And you have.

But, your public display of compassion for this man is as misleading as your original claim that Saddam was responsible for 9/11, because your natural tendency is to let him die.

To get an insight to the real George Bush, we only need to remember Texas Governor George Bush in 1999 and Karla Faye Tucker.

Tucker's time was almost up. Her involvement in the brutal murder of two people in 1983 while she was in a heavily drugged haze, earned her the death sentence in Texas.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles was set to meet on Tucker's case. Should her death sentence be commuted to life imprisonment without any possibility of parole?

The last woman executed in Texas was in 1860.
Tucker claimed to be a-born-again Christian, and ministered other prisoners for the last 14 years.

Her story made the newspapers. Many famous people visited Tucker in prison. Evangelist and author Linda Strom often visited her over ten years and attested to her conversion to God's purpose and fully repentant of her crime.
gingrich PatRobertsonimage
Newt Gingrich championed her cause. Evangelist Pat Robertson tried for five years to remove her from death row. He even pleaded for her life on a live television broadcast.

"I am one who has supported the death penalty for hardened criminals. But, I do think that any justice system that is worthy of the name must have room for mercy...In the case of Karla Faye Tucker, she is not the same person who committed those heinous ax murders...She is totally transformed, and I think to execute her is more an act of vengeance than it is appropriate justice," Robertson said.

Tucker even sent you a letter asking for your understanding. "I am coming before each of you now to request a commutation of my death sentence to life in prison," Tucker pleaded.

"I know that we all come to an age of accountability, where we must take responsibility for our own actions, realizing that everything we do (EVERYTHING) effects others around us," Tucker explained.

"I have purposed to do right for the lost fourteen years, not because I am in prison but because my God demands this of me. I know right from wrong and must do right," she wrote.

The review board met and turned her down.

The US Supreme Court also rejected without comment an appeal by Karla's lawyers to stay her execution.

Your office received 12,519 calls about the Tucker case running about 4-to-1 against executing her.

As Governor you had the power to provide a temporary stay of her execution for 30 days and review the matter further. You could also commute the sentence by yourself.

Meanwhile, she was served her last meal: Banana, Peach and Garden Salad with Ranch Dressing.

You finally give your answer on February 3, 1998: "I have sought guidance through prayer. I have concluded judgment about the heart and soul of an individual on death row are best left to a higher authority."
Dubya on Karla
"The courts, including the United States Supreme Court, have reviewed the legal issues in this case, and therefore I will not grant a 30-day stay," you concluded.


Karla Faye Tucker was executed by the state of Texas on February 3rd by lethal injection.  The sentence was carried out sometime after 6:30pm and she was prnounced dead at 6:45pm.

She was the 145th person to be executed in Texas.

During your five years as governor of Texas, you executed 131 prisoners a record for the United States.

According to a
Chicago Tribune investigation: "In one-third of those cases, the report showed, the lawyer who represented the death penalty defendant at trial or on appeal had been or was later disbarred or otherwise sanctioned. In 40 cases the lawyers presented no evidence at all or only one witness at the sentencing phase of the trial."

"In 29 cases, the prosecution used testimony from a psychiatrist who -- based on a hypothetical question about the defendant's past -- predicted he would commit future violence. Most of those psychiatrists testified without having examined the defendant: a practice condemned professionally as unethical."

"Other witnesses included one who was temporarily released from a psychiatric ward to testify, a pathologist who had admitted faking autopsies and a judge who had been reprimanded for lying about his credentials."

This was a difficult case for everyone involved, everyone that is, except you.

The real George Bush accidentally let his guard down during an interview with Talk Magazine in early August 1999. You mentioned that you had watched
Larry King's interview with Karla Tucker from Texas Death Row.

"I didn't meet with Larry King either when he came down for it," you told the magazine. "I watched his interview with (Tucker), though. He asked her real difficult questions, like, `What would you say to Governor Bush?' "

The Talk reporter asked how he answered.
" `Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don't kill me,' " according to the magazine. Here's the relevant clip of the interview from the September 1999 issue of Talk Magazine.

Your cruel heartless phony christian soul finally came out. Those 12 words sum up the extent of your compassion for humanity. No wonder you are not moved by any show of dead and wounded.

Ordering the air strikes on Bagdad didn't bother any more than stepping on ants. You like war, you must feel so superior that you feel nothing while others weep over the death and destruction. I bet you smirk and chuckle at the fruitless efforts of ant-war demonstrations.
Yes, you will keep this war going. You will not be moved by anyone to reduce troop strength until there is some personal advantage and you are entirely capable of killing thousands more.

Date: March 23, 2006 4:35:07 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

All dressed up and no one to kill.

Mr President,
It was to be a propaganda coup. A two-fer if you will. You wanted to show Republican voters, how right you are and just how far Iraq has come along.

So coincidentally the Iraqi Parliament was scheduled to meet on March 16 for the first time, and the Pentagon announced Operation Swarm, the largest air offensive since 2003.

The size of the Operations Swarm was notable but even more significantly was that the operation was advertised to be led by the Iraqi army.

We had to take the Pentagon's view of this operation because no reporters were allowed on the trip.

About 1450 troops were involved, 650 were U.S. troops, 800 were Iraqi troops. A variety of aircraft were used including Black Hawk, Chinook and Apache helicopters to transport and provide air cover. About 50 helicopters in total.
AH-64 Apache Iraqi soldiers on parade Chinook
Hundreds of armored vehicles swept through an area outside Samarra with full air support. I imagine, tasking schedules for satellites were reprogrammed just for the event.
Mil satelite Mil cameramen Iraq troops
Names, voice recordings and pictures of the insurgents were also on-hand.

They were loaded for Iraqi insurgent bear. They had lots of boots on the ground with maximum firepower; the air was saturated with ghetto birds armed to the teeth. The latest hi-tech equipment was powered up. I am sure Pentagon news writers, and videographers also bulked up with media cards and digital tape to record this historic operation.

Iraqi spokesmen and sound bytes were pre-taped for media distribution.

“All the soldiers are very happy to be able to do this operation because it is our one chance to prove we can do our duty alone,” said Iraqi Army Sgt. Q’ter al-Raheed, a platoon noncommissioned officer with the 7th Iraqi Army Division.

Everyone was pumped. The targeted insurgent stronghold is 60 miles north of Baghdad encompassing four villages, Jillam, Mamlaha, Banat Hassan and Bukaddou . The plan; to quickly surround the area and seal any possible exit for the insurgents. Plans were in place to quickly and efficiently sort, identify and secure all the captured terrorists.

This was such an important event; many spokesmen were used.

Lt. Col. Edward Loomis, was the spokesman for the 101st Airborne. US military spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson identified the 16-kilometre-by-16-kilometre area they had targeting. Pentagon spokesman. Lt. Col. Barry Venable made the announcement the operation was the biggest air assault since April 22, 2003. Presidential security adviser Lt. Gen. Wafiq al-Samaraei exclaimed the operation was targeting "a bunch of strange criminals who came from outside the country and among them a bunch of Iraqi criminals who help them."

US Lieutenant Colonel Craig Collier, said, "It has been difficult to differentiate between insurgents and the local community." Apparently he was the mission's apologist.

And an apologist was indeed needed, because only 41 people were rounded up, about 18 were released immediately. And only six weapons caches were found. No word in on how many of the weapons were used for personal protection by the farmers.

The planned battle was a sorry affair. Somebody reportedly got to blow some thing up but no shots from the ground were fired.

Iraqis soldiers were all dressed up for the cameras with nobody to shoot.

Perhaps the first meeting of the Iraqi parliament would provide badly-needed-good press from Iraq. You have to do something to get out of this presidential ratings slump. Republican rats are fleeing the ship!

The Iraqi capital was shutdown so the lawmakers could meet. Following Iraqi custom, the body's oldest member, secular lawmaker Adnan Pachachi, 83, opened the meeting and administered the oath of office to the 275-member body. He warned the lawmakers to start playing nice and end their uncivil war with each other.
Iraqi parliament
They couldn't agree on a speaker so after 40 minutes they left and didn't even set a date to meet again. I expect, Bagdad traffic returned to normal.

This whole operation had the sense of being rushed junior. I know, you can blame this one on bad intelligence, because this time it really was bad intelligence.

I didn't receive the normal thank you for writing auto-response from the White House.

Is "Comical Georgie," our answer to "Comical Ali?"

Mr. President,

I hear you speak so positively yet so naively about how well things are progressing in Iraq.
At the beginning of the war I remember someone else who was almost as positive regarding the status of the war, Saddam’s Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, known as “Comical Ali.”
Every morning he would brief the newsmen on the status of the war and give Iraqi's side of the story.

On an air attack on Najaf, he said: "What they say about a breakthrough [in Najaf] is completely an illusion. They are sending their warplanes to fly very low in order to have vibrations on these sacred places . . . they are trying to crack the buildings by flying low over them."

"There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"
"My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all"
"Our initial assessment is that they will all die"
"I blame Al-Jazeera - they are marketing for the Americans!"
"God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis."
"They're coming to surrender or be burned in their tanks."
"No I am not scared, and neither should you be!"
"Be assured. Baghdad is safe, protected"

At one point in the campaign, Al-Sahaf said the Iraqis had "shot down a lot of those cruise missiles" and said the war's impact was "trivial."

Sure he was optimistic and absurd, and he was trying to give people some hope in a desperate and losing situation, but it was a sad attempt.

The White House must have sensed the deterioration in Iraq War early when Mr. "locked" and "seriously loaded" claimed, "The insurgents are in their last throes."
  • You, Cheney, Condi and Rumsfield all took turns proclaiming:
  • "We do not have a guerrilla war in Iraq."
  • "We are on the right track."
  • "Our efforts in Iraq is making us safer."
  • "American forces have been driven from Faluja."
  • "American forces have driven insurgents out of Tal Afar."
  • "In short, you see Bagdad coming back to life."
  • "Iraqis have a better life today. "
  • "Our coalition, along with our Iraqi allies, is moving forward with a comprehensive, specific military plan. Area by area, city by city, we're conducting offensive operations to clear out enemy forces and leaving behind Iraqi units to prevent the enemy from returning."
  • "the terrorists are becoming marginalized."
  • "The strategy is working."
You haven't changed your tune. I like that about you. When you are circling the drain, you don't try to change course. You increase your paddling towards that black hole. And you do it with a big smile on your face.

I didn't know Condi was a football fan. I see a great opportunity to move Condi out of there!

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced he would retire and she has people in the football world who think she could be a heck of a NFL commissioner.

According to the Associated Press, Bob Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots said he would support it.
Maybe Kraft was swept off his feet when he and Condi had dinner together a few months ago.
FootballCondi kraft_i
Are they dating?
It could be good for people to see her out with men once in a while, to eliminate those she-is like-Cheney's-daughter rumors.

You know how those Washington whisper mills go on and on about those things.

You need some kind of video conference or mass mailing to get out the same message. Jesuz, you've been at this for years now. How hard can it be?

Just yesterday you told some old sleepy people in an Ohio audience that Iran is supplying arms to Iraq insurgents. Yet, Marine Corps General Pace, chairman of the military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, denies having any proof there is any direct involvement by Iran.
At the same briefing, Rummy says, "With respect to people, it's very difficult to tie a thread precisely to the government of Iran," Rumsfeld said.
I have problems understanding Rummy. Is he in early stages of Alzheimer's disease? Maybe he is just too deep for me. Fortunately, Rummy has a few moments clarity once in a while.
RumsfieldHe tried to recover later on, "All you know is that you find equipment, weapons, explosives, whatever, in a country that came from the neighboring country," he said.
The wheels are coming off the bus junior. Stop the damage. It's time to pull over and change the cabinet.
They sound tired and defeated by years of poor leadership. You may have worn down their last vestige of hubris. They may be unconsciously providing revealing sound bites to the media.
The combination of your absurd optimism and your spokespeople's loose lips are sinking your ship. Oh, and losing the war is not helping you either.

Date: March 21, 2006 9:31:45 AM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Bolton stays true to his colors.

Well, Bolton hasn't been a let down. Most of your opponents thought he would be disruptive. You didn't disagree; you said the UN needed to be shaken up. Everyone was right. He has performed as expected.
He is such an isolationist he didn't even attend many of the meetings or engage in any of the negotiations over the recent creation of a UN Human Rights Council.

He told mediators what he thought and refused to compromise and even refused to attend most of the formal sessions.

Bolton complained that no one would listen to him; he continued his rant to say he is right everyone else is wrong.

According to people who worked at the State department, Bolton's bizarre behavior was the norm when he was Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security.

UN mediators were not sure if Bolton was being adamant or if he wanted to kill the effort. My vote is that he constantly looks for ways to make the UN more ineffective.

On Feb. 27, after multiple revisions and dozens of meetings, General Assembly President Jan Eliasson presented the final proposal which Bolton immediately denounced it because it did not contain the U.S. demands for the two-thirds threshold and a ban on countries under sanctions and called for negotiations to reopen.
Bolton pulled the same ploy in two other negotiations on U.N. reform in the last six months, only to have Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ultimately approve a compromise.

A U.N. diplomat who was closely involved in the negotiations said Bolton didn't explain what he was looking for. Mediators and allies offered ideas to help them, but nothing could get Bolton engaged in the process.

Eliasson went ahead and scheduled a meeting of the General Assembly on Wednesday to adopt the proposal.
It passed with a nearly unanimous vote. Human Rights organizations praised the result.

Afterwards, Bolton groused about the UN missing an opportunity but at least he didn't block the funds for the new body.

Bolton has repeatedly tried to cripple the UN since he arrived and ironically he is uniting the world against us.

Don't forget about the Kurds. They are feeling very neglected, especially the people from the city of Halabja.

Last Thursday thousands of really angry Kurds took their frustration out on the city's most famous monument, an edifice dedicated to 5,000 residents killed in one of Saddam's poison gas attacks. The monument was trashed and set afire.
Kurd Monument
Halabja is the site of the single most deadly attack on the Kurdish people during the Al Anfal campaign

The rampaging Kurds are said to be tired of waiting for the regional government to rebuild the city's infrastructure. According to the Kurds, over half of the city's 60,000-people do not have a reliable source of clean water. The only electricity comes from private generators. Doctors do not have adequate medical supplies, and 90 percent of the roads are still unpaved.

"The international community and the Iraqi central government has failed to honour their promises to Halabja," independent Kurdish MP Mahmoud Othoman, said.

The monument, a symbol of poverty to the city must have reminded them how badly they still have it three years after Saddam was overthrown.
Kurd Graves
Don't kid yourself, they blame you for their misery as well.

Date: March 20, 2006 6:47:37 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Should Condi go back to the minors?

Mr. President,
As Condi ends her trek through the South East Asia she urged Japan to reconsider its ban on U.S. beef sales over mad cow disease and to finalize a deal on U.S. military bases.

Both issues are in trouble, and you know it.

Beef imports from the United States were banned in December 2003 due to mad cow concerns.
Don't you think her timing could have been a little better? A third case of mad cow disease was discovered in Alabama.

The investigation by Alabama officials has been significantly hindered by the effort of cattle industry lobbyists. Meat industry lobbyists have persuaded Congress to prevent a mandatory animal tracking system like the British Cattle Movement Service. Even though you promised something along those lines two years ago.

In the past some lawmakers openly announced they aren't in any hurry to implement any kind of audit system.

The chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Republican Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, said he would just as soon address the system when Congress writes a new farm bill next year. "We want to make sure we do it right. 'That's the important thing.' Later is better than doing it early and not doing it right," Chambliss said.
Senator Chambliss
Senator Chambliss has no obvious concern for his own health or is he a vegetarian?
Investigators can't figure out where the heck the cow was born or raised. The animal had no ear tags, tattoos or brands, and spent less than a year on the farm where she died. The trail seems to have gone cold at an auction where she was sold last year.

For those people who have little trust in your efforts to protect them from mad cow disease, you should advertise some vegan websites like The Vegan Society.

The second part of her request to Japan might be more achievable because Japan's leaders support that effort. Local residents however do not because of the associated noise, accidents and then were the murders of Japanese citizens committed by U.S. servicemen.

According to The East-West Center the most recent murder involves the arrest of an American sailor by police in Japan for the robbery and murder of a 56-year-old Japanese woman. The 21-year-old sailor from the USS Kitty Hawk admitted to the killing on January 3.

U.S. Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer said he wished, "to convey to all the people of Japan that the U.S. military and the American people are deeply shocked and saddened by this event. The Embassy of the United States of America is closely following this case and working with the Commander, U.S. Naval Forces in Japan (CNFJ) and Japanese authorities to ensure that justice is done."

In the Philippines, four U.S. Marines from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan, were held at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, for charges of rape of a 22-year-old Filipina.
There have been other incidents in the past which concern Japanese citizens, such as the 1995 rape of a schoolgirl on the southern island of Okinawa.
Japanese leaders support Rumsfield request to build a new airstrip on Okinawa, but the people from the island strongly oppose the plan and want the facility moved outside the country.

With some luck, she might hit 0.500 with Japan, but her overall results after dealing with other world leaders should merit a downgrade to some Ivy-covered college.
If you could swallow your pride you could ask Jim Baker, I hear he is available. But keep Condi's speech writers. They are a heck of a lot better than yours.

Date: March 19, 2006 11:30:13 AM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Two "wrongs" don't make a "right" but three do?

Mr. President,
During the Ford administration President Gerald was looking for allies to help counter communism.
President FordOn July 5, 1975 President Gerald Ford met with Indonesia's president Shuarto at Camp David. Ford received Indonesia's support.

A new report describes how the U.S. supplied weapons and looked the other way as Shuarto's troops raped, tortured and murdered their way through East Timor.

ShuartoAccording to the CIA fact book, over the next two decades an estimated 100,000 to 250,000 East Timorans were killed.

An overwhelming majority of the people of East Timor voted in a UN-supervised popular referendum, for independence from Indonesia in August 1999.

  • But before the multinational peacekeeping force arrived, anti-independence Timorese militias - organized and supported by the Indonesian military:
  • killed approximately 1,300 Timorese and forcibly pushed 300,000 people into West Timor as refugees.
  • destroyed the majority of the country's homes, irrigation systems, water supply systems, schools, and nearly 100% of the country's electrical grid.

On September 20, 1999 the Australian-led peacekeeping troops of the International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) finally ended the conflict.

East Timor was internationally recognized as an independent state on May 20, 2002.

The East Timor's Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation investigated the genocide. The final report will soon be made public after years of study.

The report said, "The support of the United States was given out of a strategically-motivated desire to maintain a good relationship with Indonesia, whose anti-communist regime was seen as an essential bastion against the spread of communism."

The nonprofit research group, posted a 119-page portion of the commission's 2,500-page report on its Web site Tuesday. The rest is expected to be made public in the coming weeks.

Papua, the largest providence in Indonesia, which has the world's largest gold deposit is also the poorest province in Indonesia. The massive gold mine is run by U.S. giant Freeport.

The people of Papua are desperately poor and like many other resource-rich areas around the world with poor populations, they are tired of the inequity.

About 100,000 Papuans are reported to have died due to the conflict, either because of military crackdowns or by disease and starvation but the number of dead is hard to corroborate because foreign journalists are not allowed near the area.

The United States became complicit in the murder, rape, torture and murder of hundred of thousands East Timor citizens; because President Ford wanted an ally against Communism in South East Asia.

Today it's Condi's turn to shop for allies against China, and she has agreed to supply Indonesia $7 million in military training and assistance if they sign off an agreement which exempts Americans from the ICC.

"Indonesia serves as an example for countries struggling to reconcile racial, ethnic and religious conflicts," Rice, said.

President Ford agreed to Shuarto's rampage through East Timor, Ford provided them weapons and now you are giving them military training.

How many more lives will be lost in that poor country, because you want to renew an old partnership against an old enemy?

Isn't this how we set up The Shah of Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan with Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein?
shah-in-uniform Taliban BinLaden rumsfeld-saddam

Today it is Condelezza and Indonesia.

condoleezzarice Indonesia

May God forgive you, because the survivors will not.
I didn't receive the normal thanks for writing auto-response from the White House.

A Not-So-Happy St. Patrick's Day

Mr. President,
Are the dots meant to be connected?

You just reaffirm your failed FIRST-STRIKE policy.
Bolton recently compared Iran situation to 9/11ATTACKS.
I read one paper which stated Iran makes IED's for IRAQ.
"We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran," said a new strategy document.
Iran FlagThe U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved $91.9 billion that you sought for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for Gulf Coast hurricane relief.
You are already palming off hurricane relief to Christian organizations and foundations.

You have the money, trumped-up motives and the opportunity.
Everything screams out, WAR!
While you were cheering on donors for the GOP. saying "We don't fear the future; we welcome it," Condi was fending off hecklers who were calling her a murderer and a war criminal in Australia. While she was there, she made a particularly interesting comment while she was there, it was "I think the outcome, the judgment, of all of this needs to await history," Condi said.

Did she just throw the towel in, or is it a clever faint to throw Iran off?
It's not like her to be off message like that.

Iran may sense an attack is coming soon if they offered to talk to you about Iraq.

As low as your polls are, you've got nothing to loose, but can you afford an air attack on Iran's nuclear power plant construction so close to November's congressional elections?

If you guess wrong, it could mean your impeachment if you loose either house in November.

The $256 billion Joint F-35 Strike Fighter program was supposed to be a model of trans-Atlantic cooperation.
JOINT-STRIKEThe project is led by the U.S. and co-financed by eight allied nations.

Britain, the main backer on this project, brought a message to your Pentagon. It was loud, and it was clear, they want access to software and stealth technology or else they want out.

Five other partner nations, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Denmark and the Netherlands are also very unhappy partners. They all want better terms with you as well. Norway said they may even drop out of the program completely.

This couldn't have happened at a worse time. Although the Pentagon would be the biggest buyer of the F-35 jet, the Pentagon was trying to get partners to commit to a specific number of the new jets and underwrite some of the production costs.

Lord Drayson and Liam Fox from Britain's Conservative party both made a show at the hearing to show their position was bipartisan for emphasis. The Brits were especially upset at a recent Pentagon decision to drop Rolls-Royce-General Electric engine from the program in favor of using Pratt & Whitney as the sole engine supplier without even talking to them!

You have this tendency to make all countries feel as though they are beneath you, even your allies.

Date: March 17, 2006 8:02:35 AM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Would Jesus attack judges?.

Mr, President,
People don't really know who they interact with every day. The next door neighbor may have a mistress on the side; the wife may have a shoe fetish. Secret lives are exposed every day. You even admitted shock when one of your advisors was arrested for stealing money from Target.

Would any of us be surprised if we walked by a criminal today?

How would we know? The director of the Terrorist Screening Center recently said police, and other government workers have come in contact with terrorists or people suspected of foreign terror ties more than 6,000 times in the past 28 months.

FBI spokesman Donna Bucella said they maintain a list of 200,000 people from around the world known or suspected to be terrorists. Fewer than 60 have been arrested in four years around the world for various crimes.
According to Bucella many people on the list have thin connections to terrorism; like the trucker who routinely crosses into Canada. He merited a spot on the list because he travels across the border routinely.

About a dozen databases from nine agencies can place names on the list. In over 6,000 incidents, people were investigated and let go for lack of evidence after investigations took place. Investigations could include family, friends, neighbors, doctors, and fellow workers.

Coordinating Government investigations among nine agencies must be a trip.
Perhaps this is not the time to mention it, but your track record of efficient government operations is long, legendary and disastrous.

Domestic NSA spying and, recent revelations of investigating war protesters in Pittsburgh, have admittedly made me paranoid.
Mag GlassWhat is your definition of a terrorist?
Pardon my paranoia but if I:
  • routinely get off the same bus stop as someone who is on the list could I be investigated as a potential terrorist as well?
  • sit at a table in my favorite restaurant across from someone under suspicion am I under the same umbrella of suspicion.
  • pass the ketchup to a middle eastern patron at my corner bar, would I earn a spot on the list?
  • send you e-mails stating my views and your short-comings am I considered a terrorist?

Judge Greer had just made the decision to remove Terri Schiavo's tube when Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski addressed the crowd outside the hospice and mentioned the recent killing of an Atlanta judge. "Greer, probably will need more security now." He hopes "the judge sleeps well at night. His life is in danger," Malanowski said.
images-2This wasn't the start of your war on the judiciary, but it is emblematic of it.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said yesterday, she and former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor have been the targets of death threats from the "irrational fringe " of society, "people apparently spurred by Republican criticism of the high court." According to the
article ( "They were threatened a year ago by someone who called on the Internet for the immediate "patriotic " killing of the justices."

During and after the Terry Schiavo story hit the headlines, the Rush Limbaughs of the country went wild. Claiming "judicial tyranny" arrogant out-of-control judges, and an unaccountable judiciary were to blame for the unfavorable rulings in the case.

Judges have always been criticized by people who felt their bull got gored, but you really stoked significant anger against the judiciary when you took office.

The GOP almost made it part of their platform to either blame democrats or judges for all the country's ills. Abortion, gay marriage, and "unfair" laws, were just a few of the indictments you made against them.

imagesTom Delay made a not-so-subtle threat after Terry Schaivo died. "We will look at an arrogant, out of control, unaccountable judiciary that thumbed their nose at the Congress and president when given jurisdiction to hear this case anew and look at all the facts ... The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior, but not today," Delay said.
Pasted GraphicTexas Senator John Cornyn (R), said the following:
"It causes a lot of people, including me, great distress to see judges use the authority that they have been given to make raw political or ideological decisions. The Supreme Court has taken on this role as a policymaker rather than an enforcer of political decisions made by elected representatives of the people."

Coulter_at_KUAnn Coulter "joked" during a Thursday speech that liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens should be poisoned. "We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Ark.
A conservative radio commentator in January suggested, in a "kidding" manner, that Justice John Paul Stevens be poisoned.
After Attorney General John Ashcroft retired, he put judges on notice when he sharply criticized federal judges for "second guessing" the Bush administration's decisions on handling prisoners.
Threatening and advocating violence against judges has become standard fare for "Christian" republicans.
Advocating violence of people who carry out the law is so unChristian.

You set a great example for christianity junior.

I did not receive the normal auto response from the White House.

You can't even enjoy your own lunch.

You tried to have your cake but China is eating your lunch.

You knew you were going to throw out all the rules when you started the Iraq war, and you didn't want any CIA or military personnel to be tried in the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) for genocide or any other international crimes.


So you pressed all countries that accepted U.S. training to exempt Americans from the I.C.C.

Twelve Latin American countries refused to sign this exemption of U.S. citizens from I.C.C. prosecution. They were subsequently subjected to American sanctions.

So the Chinese are training South American military troops and Chinese technology is showing up in South America as well.


The Senate Armed Service Committee is freaking out and wants to eliminate anything which discourages countries from accepting U.S. training.

Is there some part of the world where you are not playing catch up?

NATO commanders will take direct leadership of American GI's in Afghanistan.
American soldiers fighting under a foreign commander, who would have thunk? What happened to our great American military force?
British Army Lt. Gen. David Richards is slated to take command this summer. This will be the first time U.S. troops at war will report to a foreign leader since World War II.
NATORummy said troop levels in Afghanistan will be reduced to about 16,000 this summer down from the 19,000 presently assigned there.

We are told around 5,000 to 6,000 will actually report to Richards, to help maintain stability and security, the rest of the American contingency will continue hunting Taliban and al-queda insurgents.

Rummy needs NATO because we are stretched so thin militarily. But, NATO does not need Iraq and has refused to partake in any large role other than to help with limited training of Iraqi troops.

This makes you look so needy junior.

You could have said the mission has changed to a police action. And our NATO allies will be there to mop up. So in the spirit of fighting this global war on terror with our allies, we will leave a few thousand troops to help with the transition. This will allow us to completely dedicate U.S. counterintelligence troops to bringing in Osama Bin Laden dead or alive.

This way you can completely avoid the issue of insufficient troop levels in Iraq. It also gives the false impression you are in control and this was planned all along.

Not only does Wal Mart pay substandard wages and force states to subsidize the company's substandard health coverage, China may be converting those cheap goods Americans buy, into guns and jet fighters.


China has added $35 billion to their military budget this year. They insists it is to improve troops living conditions, salaries, new equipment, training and higher fuel prices.

"Even when one day China becomes stronger, China will not interfere in others' internal affairs or have adverse impact on others," Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said.

Total defense spending is about 7.4% of China's total budget and China has the largest military in the world at 2.5 million members. Analysts say China has spent billions on submarines, jet fighters, high-tech weapons and hundreds of ballistic missiles.

Who is China expecting to fight with all that firepower?

Anyway China's premier has certainly eased my mind. After all what country in their right mind would impose their ideology onto another country when it is not asked for?

Isn't it odd that you want secular governments free of religious ties, in the Mid East, but here at home it is OK for you to:

  • continually inject strong religious views into reasons for war.
  • induct religious supporters to the Supreme court.
  • provide billions of tax payer dollars to religious groups.
  • politicize science with Christian doctrine.
  • remove secular influence from government decision making.
  • organize church groups for political purposes.
  • use Christian teachings to guide foreign policy.

It is a conundrum .Question Marks

Unless you mean that American Christianity is the only true religion and all other religions are bogus. And our God is better than other gods. And devout American Christians are the only ones going to heaven everyone else is going to hell.

Because then, it all makes sense.

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from smtpin07-en2 []

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Arrival-Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 18:40:32 -0800 (PST)

The e-mail went through after I removed the clip art.

Date: March 15, 2006 8:49:09 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

I'm confused but it ain't the first time.

Mr. President,
"You were either with us or against us" summed up your foreign policy and it unceremoniously continued until yesterday.

Now you are asking us to open our minds to adjust our views and become citizens of the world.

This radical shift seems way out of place in light of what you have done during your presidency.

You have:
  • totally rejected the Kyoto Protocol with other countries.
  • refused to get involved with Israeli-Palestine relations.
  • refused to be part of the International Criminal Court system
  • disemboweled the nuclear disarmament treaty.
  • chosen to go into Iraq without UN support.
  • invaded a sovereign country without any consensus from the European Union.
  • ignored Central and South America even when they elect leftist governments.
  • ignored world hunger and genocide in Darfur.
  • refused to contribute towards AIDS prevention unless countries disavow use of condoms.

I could go on, but I think you get the drift.

Have you learned the limits to American power? Do you understand you are not the imperial ruler you thought you would be?

You have been checked by large and small countries all around the world. So you now realize you need them, you need their money, and their support? Are you starting to finally realize how short sighted you have been?

No, I don't believe it.

You are guided by self interest more than what is good for our country. You routinely ignore everything that does not directly benefit either you or your major Republican donors.

I believe you are worried Prince Bandar, a long-time friend of the Bush family, who donated $1 million to your Presidential Library in College Station, will ask for his money back after the UAE port the fiasco.

It's time for another hand-holding session with Saudi Prince Abdullah.

So, my short answer is, Americans will think globally when you start acting globally.

I'll tell you what; the UN recently called for more money from international donors for the 3 million people in Darfur who need food, water and health services,. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are starving now. At least 180,000 have already died. Thousands more will die unless they soon get help.

Darfur doesn't' have oil, or precious metals and there are no major corporations involved. So let's see if you do anything other than give lip service to this deadly situation. Lets see how altruistic you really are.

Sudan children Go ahead junior make a liar out me.

The new president of Bolivia has a sense of humor. Does Condi?

Condi went to South America recently. Her job; to stop the left leaning trend in Latin American politics. Her cover; pretend she cares about the inauguration of Chile's first woman president.

I imagine Condi wore her best set of Manolos and smiled a lot when she met Latin America's latest leftist leader, Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia.

She kept smiling as Morales, presented her with a charango, a small ukelele-looking instrument, which is considered to be the ancestor to the guitar.

Churango right
It is traditional Andean, it has five pairs of strings and it is made with Bolivian coca leaves.

Despite the United States efforts, to eliminate coca crops in South America some of them still wound up on Condi's new present.

Morales, a former head of Bolivia's coca growers union and a comrade of Hugo Chavez, proclaims himself to be "Washington's worst nightmare."

The gift was indicative of the sour notes between the two countries.

The State department was last seen checking with customs to see whether they could bring it into the country.

Did Condi, recognize the rhythm, the pitch, the subtle but striking message from Morales?

I like this guy. He's funny. He also took the opportunity to invite you to Bolivia while Condi was there.

Prime Minister Tony Blair is pulling 800 troops out of Iraq in May.


"This is a significant reduction which is based largely on the ability of the Iraqis themselves to participate and defend themselves against terrorism, but there is a long, long way to go," Defense Secretary John Reid, said.

Troop levels have been steadily withdrawn since may 2004. Britain originally had 46,000 personnel stationed in Iraq in 2003; troop levels dropped to 8,500 at the end of 2005.

Reid explained there were 190,000 trained Iraqi security forces in October and now total 235,000 with 5,000 joining every month.

I see an exit strategy! If Blair can use that line so can you. You of all people know it doesn't have to be true. Inflate the numbers a little more than Reid has already done and you are home buddy.
Flight suit
Bring out the aircraft carrier, print the banners and put on that flight suit!

Upstart liberal terrorist-loving Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold
, from Wisconsin formally proposed your censure today for authorizing domestic eavesdropping and saying you misled Americans about its legality.

It is not as though you are going to jail it's just a slap on the wrist.
Frist and Cheney called it a crazy political stunt.

Feingold just wants an admission you did something wrong.

Other Democrats aren't exactly running to his side, but a lot of Republicans say he is aiding the enemy.

Can't you charge him with sedition?

Under the Sedition Act, anyone "opposing or resisting any law of the United States, or any act of the President of the United States" could be imprisoned for up to two years. It was also illegal to "write, print, utter, or publish" anything critical of the president or Congress.

According to the Government archives
Treasures of Congress"The laws were directed against Democratic-Republicans, the party typically favored by new citizens, and the only journalists prosecuted under the Sedition Act were editors of Democratic-Republican newspapers. Sedition Act trials, along with the Senate’s use of its contempt powers to suppress dissent, set off a firestorm of criticism against the Federalists and contributed to their defeat in the election of 1800, after which the acts were repealed or allowed to expire. The controversies surrounding them, however, provided for some of the first testings of the limits on freedom of speech and press."

Couldn't you resurrect these laws because of the threat from terrorism?

If you can't use them against Feingold you can surely use them against a lot off bloggers and liberal newspapers.
The original e-mail failed to arrive because:
The original message was received at Tue, 14 Mar 2006 12:18:29 -0800 (PST)
from smtpin04-en2 []

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I resent it without the graphics and I received this :

Date: March 14, 2006 2:27:24 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Buddy can you spare got a dime?

Mr. President,
Since you failed to privatizing Medicare or Social Security are you trying to privatize disaster relief instead?

You have given billions of dollars to Christian fundamentalists. If I didn't know you better, I would applaud your sense of charity but your past actions belong to a more selfish individual.

Corporations and foundations were just asked to follow your lead with their own donations. Some of them may rob Peter to pay Paul. They may reduce the amount of money they give to tried-and-true secular groups who run drug treatment programs and homeless shelters to meet your request.

I get it; you want to select the charities major corporations give their money to, and it sounds like one of those "just trust me" scenarios junior.

If you are successful you could end up with privatized humanitarian relief and in-turn make some very rich Christian fund administrators while reducing the burden of government funded programs to help the needy.

If I am right I am sure those Christian fund managers will pray you are successful.

Despite your announcement of glorious victory over terror in Afghanistan last year and purple-thumb elections; freedom is not on the move as fast as opium.

This year will bring in a bumper crop of poppies. The Taliban had once banned poppy farms. They almost decimated this deadly export in 2001.

Since freedom marched in, the heroin trade in Afghanistan has never been better. U.S. and British narcotics agents estimate there are more than 50,000 acres of poppies being grown.

The Taliban has adapted to using this lucrative crop to fund their ongoing operations against coalition troops.

Your lack of understanding Afghan culture, your propensity to "shoot first think later" combined with your predilection towards using violence to achieve your goals practically guaranteed Afghanistan would eventually deteriorate as a society and provide ample opportunities for our terrorists.

Despite years of fighting, Kabul itself is still the only real safe area in the country and the Taliban is gathering strength.

Both drug gangs as well as radical Muslims are flourishing, and thanks to your inept management of that war, thousands of people have become addicted and thousands will continue to die from afghan heroin.

Date: March 13, 2006 2:42:31 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
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Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Allen's arrest is another example of racism in the GOP.

Claude Allen, your former top domestic policy adviser, was considered a Republican rising star. Before working in the White House, he was deputy secretary at the Health and Human Services Department.

This is just one more sign of injustice towards black people under your administration. Blacks like Allen are left to bilking Target department stores, while both young and old white republicans have opportunity to bilk millions from corporations and Indian tribes.
Abramoff, Delay and Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham are perfect examples of racism in dividing up the spoils of your reign.

No wonder so few blacks become republicans!

Note to self: Find another black face for photo opportunity.

Gale A. Norton, your leading advocate for expanding oil and gas drilling and other industrial interests in the West, resigned Friday after five years as Secretary of the Interior Department.

She cited her desire to work in the private sector as her reason for resigning although no one has acknowledged offering her a job.
Perhaps the multiple investigations examining possible links Norton's former deputy, J. Steven Griles, and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff might have had something to do with it.

Although you told the press you don't remember Abramoff junior, he surely remembers you very well. I also hear there are pictures available to prove it. “He (Bush) has one of the best memories of any politician I have ever met,” Abramoff wrote in an e-mail, according to Vanity Fair’s April issue,

I'm sure that if Abramoff is involved she will have her day in court. Environmentalists and Indian tribes say she has left a trail of broken laws and treaties in her wake.

Just before the 2001 presidential elections the water from the Klamath river was diverted to give influential farms owners and ranchers at the stunning cost of killing over 30,000 river salmon at Karl Rove's strong suggestion to Ms. Norton.

Environmentalists as well as Hoopa Valley and Yurok tribes were outraged with the obvious move to court influence of prosperous landowners in a key western state.

The decision to divert the water was made by Gale Norton. In the years that followed she continued to ignore science, environmental impact studies to consistently rule in favor of corporations and republican fund raisers.

After your election a federal judge ruled your administration violated the Endangered Species Act in the way it justified the water diversion.
Oops, oh well, those 30,000 fish were probably contaminated with mercury anyway.

Another cow goes mad in America? The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating another possible case of mad cow disease. This will make the third case reported in America.

There have been two previous cases of mad cow disease in the United States.
The department says none of the meat from the mad cows entered the food chain.

I want to believe you and your friends are telling the truth because you have squashed any attempts to provide any kind of audit trail of contaminated meat. According to the article from the
Seattle Post Intelligencer, "the USDA surveillance system did not collect the information needed to say whether slaughterhouses were following all mad cow-related regulations. In nine of 12 facilities visited, the report said, inadequate recordkeeping made it impossible to know whether proper procedures were being followed."

Why have you only tested 644,603 of the nation's estimated 95 million head of cattle year-to-date? Japan is pushing for 100 percent testing, so why don't you just do it?

Your administration is so forthcoming and transparent why wouldn't I believe you or your administration?

Japan is still uncomfortable with the fact that we do not have 100 percent testing as it is.

Kiss off Japan for a while.

Do you have any good veggie burger recipes you can share?

I did not receive any feedback from the White House on this e-mail.

Holla, you didn't think we were asleep did you amigo?

Mr. President,
Your proposed immigration reform is off to a hairy start as over 100,000 protesters took to the streets in downtown Chicago to protest proposed H.R. 4437 which they consider unfair to immigrants. Police were not able to contain the tens of thousands of protesters as traffic came to a standstill.

According to media reports "many nationalities participated in the event including Irish, Polish, Chinese and African-American, The sea of flags, including those for Guatemala, Ecuador, Ireland and especially Mexico. But, U.S. flags were the most numerous."

This hostile Hispanic reaction to republican calls for stricter boarder control and mass deportation of illegal immigrants is another opportunity for you to look weak on national security if you back Hispanics.

Border incidents between Mexico and America has increased 108 per cent since last year. Well-armed drug runners traverse back and forth as immigrants continue to stream into the United States. So how are you going to handle this one amigo?

Returning American soldiers are not the only ones prone to suicide after leaving Iraq. Britain and more recently Japan has reported four Japanese soldiers have killed themselves after retuning from that war-torn country.

Police and the Japanese Defense Agency could not confirm the reasons for the suicides. But, even though these soldiers from the pacifist Japanese Construction unit had not fired a single shot, they were attacked by rockets as they worked on reconstruction in relatively safe Samawa,

The obviously wounded are the easiest to treat junior. The real number of wounded from your ill-advised war will not be known for a long time.

Are you running out of bullets yet?

How many training exercises can you afford? The U.S. South Korea's planned joint exercise dubbed RSOI and Foal Eagle. An unknown number of South Korean soldiers and 20,000 American troops will participate.

It makes it kind of hard to relocate these troops to Iraq or Iran if you want to keep the border safe with North Korea.

North Korea is routinely pissed off every year when this happens. But, how many more bullets will you use?

According to a requisition in May 2004 by the Army Field Support Command, the service needed 300m to 500m more bullets a year or more than 1.5m a year for combat and training.

At the time the single army-owned, small-calibre ammunition factory in Lake City, Missouri, could only produce only 1.2m bullets annually.

The army hustled to get private defence contractors to help fill the gap.

Specifically, the army was looking for 300m more bullets annually, potentially rising to 500m a year. At the rate Americans are returning fire after getting shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan, you might consider outsourcing more bullet manufacture.

I hear Wal Mart sells bullets, but they're probably from China.

As a side note, the figure of 30,000 dead Iraqi's you once gave us seems low if after three years of fighting and training we used about 4.5 million bullets, unless we used a hell of a lot of bullets in training exercises or American soldiers are piss-poor shots in Iraq.

I could be wrong, but force-feeding prisoners at Guantanimo is in direct contrast to what we ask of other countries and other countries seem to see the inconsistency. This is just one more opportunity for those french-loving-freedom-haters, to classify your treatment of prisoners as a another sad chapter in hypocrisy.

The doctor's motto "do no harm" doesn't apparently apply in Guantanimo, where you have prisoners force fed by inserting and removing tubes down their noses without anesthetics while they are strapped down in chairs.

Doctors from around the world can't believe the barbaric treatment. But, you had an answer for them too.

"It's a hassle" to deal with prisoners on hunger strike and besides that the Pentagon said, "Professional organization declarations by doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc. are not international treaties, therefore are non-binding and not applicable to sovereign nation-states."

So the answer comes down to, nah nah nah nah!

Date: March 11, 2006 4:15:23 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
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Thank you again for taking the time to write.

I think you cried wolf too many times.

Mr. President,
Bolton is pushing to start a fight and he wants the UN to support him. He said Iran wants to make nuclear weapons and the UN cannot let them.

You have no proof Iran is making nuclear weapons, but you didn't have any real proof Iraq had WMD's either. You had inaccurate intelligence then, I am sure you can find more of the same for Iran as well.

The U.S. undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns told a congressional committee that if U.N. action failed, "it's going to be incumbent upon our allies around the world, and interested countries, to show that they are willing to act."

It sounds so familiar. Where did I hear this before?

Your purchase of favorable news coverage will come in handy. But, you have to go through the motions, at least for FOX TV. Don't get lazy now.

Show us aerial shots of Iran with huge craters where Iran may have tested their bombs, or receipts for yellow cake, maybe you can televise some missiles firing from someone's truck launcher.

Give us something junior, an image, a phrase. We have to imagine a mushroom cloud on main street America because of Iranian arabs.

If Iran is really building nuclear bombs, no one will believe any proof you present and Iran will look like the victim if you attack them.

We don't need another reason to hate arabs. Your public relations effort since 9/11 has already convinced us they are prone to violence and cannot be trusted.

No wonder we didn't want them to own our ports. But now that the ports deal is dead we have to make sure they don't get to own any other critical American enterprise either! You reap what you sow buddy.

This port deal has been entertaining with a lot of political drama. Republicans up for re-election are running for the hills and the democrats are loving every minute of this.

I thought Republicans fought to maintain states rights and to remove oppressive government mandates?

I guess you must be a different kind of republican because your House passed a bill which could nullify state laws, such as California's Proposition 65 that provide alerts to consumers about substances that may pose a health risk.

This bill will allow the FDA to establish national standards and prohibit states from imposing different rules.

This new bill makes it easier for food companies, especially the ones who lobby republican lawmakers, to exclude embarrassing and sometimes dangerous ingredients from their labels.

There are about 200 existing laws which would be nullified if this new legislation becomes law.

For example, California had passed proposition 65 in 1986 which required public notices on products that contain substances known to cause cancer and birth defects.

The government's approval of CO2 injection to keep rotten meat looking fresh and running roughshod over preexisting food safety laws together shows a disturbing pattern buddy.

Lately, when there is a decision that pits the public's health against business interests the decision seems to be a foregone conclusion.

OK, I get it already; if we have money you want us to invest in American companies and if we are not rich, don't depend on the government to protect us or help us from any disaster that may befall us.

Date: March 10, 2006 3:44:32 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Rummy's Rangers

Mr. President,
It was a pretty well-known fact
that Rummy never cared for the CIA before you entered office, so it's no surprise that he would create a parallel organization that reports directly to him.

Rummy is placing small teams of elite Special Operations troops in many American embassies to gather intelligence on terrorists and prepare missions to capture or kill them.

What do the hosting countries say about this junior? This implies that you can capture and kill anyone you believe to be a threat regardless of where they are.

An Italian judge recently issued a warrant for the arrest of several CIA agents that kidnapped a suspected terrorist from the streets of their country. Just how far are these elite troops going to push the limits of the laws of the host country?

Do I see a cat fight coming up with the CIA station chiefs? Even if the host country agrees on a target with Rummy's rangers, how are they going to capture/ kill them if the CIA doesn't locate them? How much say will the host country have towards the targeting effort?

Powell would never let Rummy get away with this stunt but Condi has been silent on the whole affair.

You have misjudged the foreign service scene junior. And it will come back to bite you.

I bet India, and Pakistan looked better than what you saw in the Gulf states yesterday.

Who knew major cities belonging to the world's largest capitalist system could look so impoverished? If you say no, one could have imagined this would happen I'm going to throw up.

But seriously, does it make you wonder if America is really better off as a pure capitalist country, without heart, without a soul?

Don't delude yourself that the Katrina disaster and the equally disastrous followup were flukes. Your uncaring stewardship has fostered a legion of ineptness and equally uncaring but politically astute department heads.

Those people in the Gulf never had a chance. The best you can do now is throw money at it

How do you cover up a crime in broad daylight; bully the republican run Congress.

The GOP has successfully killed off the democrat's push to investigate your illegal use of NSA resources to spy on Americans; thanks to your enforcers and Rove's black list.

The Republican senators
did provide for limited increased scrutiny with the addition of a seven member panel who will receive regular briefings on the NSA efforts.

The committee will not have access to basic information about it,
The new group will not be told how many phone calls and e-mails had been intercepted without warrants.
And they will not be told how many people in the U.S. had been the subject of surveillance.

It is doubtful if the new committee will actually have any real power in the process. They will most likely be bound with secrecy statutes that will preclude them from discussing anything with anybody thus making them as useless as a teat on a bull.

Bravo junior you have made an illegal and unconstitutional practice suddenly legal..

Date: March 9, 2006 10:38:52 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Rummy admits he is losing propaganda war?

Mr. President,
Is Rummy admitting he is getting beat at his own propaganda game?

The Secretary of Defense says American opinion has been shaped by bogus information supplied by al-Qaeda which the mass media has used to mis-inform the American people.

He was probably upset that with the exception of FOX TV, and Rush Limbaugh, bogus information from his department has not taken root.

This latest tirade of Rummy-speak surrounds the number of civilian casualties and damaged mosques brought about by the recent unrest between the Shiites and Suunis.

Rummy says 379 Moslems died while the Washington Post reported 1300 perished. The Interior Minister quoted 1077 deaths.

Washington Post used figures from Baghdad's morgue officials. Rummy says the Interim Prime Minister reported 379 and that morgue workers were intimidated into reporting higher figures.

Rummy could not cite a single example of mis-reporting but insisted Al Qaeda was responsible for the exaggerated numbers and yet he could not tie a single number directly to any al-Qaeda news-front either.

Rumsfield openly stated Al Qaeda's media committees have beaten his efforts to control the war's propaganda which in turn has caused America's dissatisfaction with the war.

I find it kind of gruesome to have an argument about numbers of dead people as though this is some kind of score in a game.

I love how your administration always seems to find somebody to blame for things besides themselves. The buck never stops in your West Wing.

Now, I am supposed to believe al-Qaeda has media committees which are so well organized, so effective that they are able to outfox the Pentagon's multi-billion dollar public relations efforts here in the states?

And I though it was a stretch for you guys to keep blaming Clinton for today's maladies.

Is Rummy having second thoughts about going to war against such super-smart al-Qaeda fellas?

After Cheney's critical remarks made before American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) about Iran; how much longer will it be, before Condi exclaims "We can't wait for mushroom clouds on our streets before we act?"

The run up to another war is disturbing but almost equally disturbing is how comfortable mister. "locked and seriously loaded" feels speaking before this controversial group.

AIPAC illegally received highly classified information last year and the person who passed the information to them was sentenced to prison for disclosing it.

Lawrence Franklin a neo-con, and former career analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency was arrested and sentenced to 12 and a half years last January, for passing American secrets to two individuals from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

It makes me wonder how patriotic Dead Eye Dick really is?

I guess if he is capable of outing a career CIA spy like Valerie Plame, , he is capable of working against America in other ways as well.

Date: March 8, 2006 11:38:59 AM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

What's in a number so what if it's 1, 500, or 14,000?

At what point will it begin to matter how many people you hold
without charging or trying them for any crimes? Padilla was one of the first Americans you held without any charges of wrongdoing. Over 500 are held at Guantanimo but only 10 have been formally charged as alleged terrorists.

Today the Guardian notes that about 14,000 people have been held by US and UK forces in Iraq under similar circumstances. To compound this miscarriage of justice detainees are also being tortured by Iraqi forces.

With the majority of Iraq in shambles where law is dispensed at the point of a gun, and sectarian causes trump common law. The latest news about thousands of people held without any rights begs the question; how can anyone believe Iraq is better now that it was under Saddam?

The country is becoming a moonscape full of pockmark -reminders of car bombs and mortar rounds, where an ordinary trip to the market for foodstuffs may become your last.

Your war is a disaster and there is no way your spin masters in Washington can obscure it. This disgrace will haunt America for many years to come, and they have you to thank for it junior. The people who supported you throughout will not escape blame; one day the question will be asked "where were the good Americans?"

I can almost see Scooter chuckle at the thought, the irony of it all.
The CIA says supplying Libby's lawyers with the documents they request would hamper their ability to advise you on security threats.

Since when did Libby begin to care about the effectiveness of the CIA? For that matter, why would you care either?

You ignored everything the CIA told you before and during the war. You had Cheney and Rumsfield sort CIA intelligence, and cherry-pick just the right bits and pieces of uncorroborated information to support your views.

During the war, you ignored their analysis of insurgent activity and potential civil war among the three factions.

I am sure the role of the CIA has been drastically changed during your reign.
I would imagine when you get together with the CIA, the meeting is less advisory and more about CIA 's marching orders regarding what kind of selective intelligence you need to justify what ever you want to claim as fact.

And even if you did suddenly get smart enough to stop listening to Cheney about how to run the war. There is only a skeleton of an agency left. Many top analysts and agents have fled the agency after Goss took over. Remaining analysts and technicians have been asked to sign loyalty oaths.

Some day you may learn that the worst thing that can happen is getting what you ask for junior.

Russia wants to play in the game.
Catching you off guard has become a habit, but this time Europe was also surprised. None of you figured Russia would invite Hamas over for Kasha and perogies.

But, they obviously want to play too. The stakes are quite large. The winner will become a major influence in the Mideast.

OK, I understand it is the winners that write the history books but do you have to go back to the 40's to rewrite them? And besides who has declared you to be the winner?

When you spoke at the AEI in January 2003 you are quoted as saying “We meet here during a crucial period in the history of [the United States], and of the civilized world. Part of that history was written by others; the rest will be written by us.”

So tell your agencies to stop removing public archived documents, some of which go back to the 40's.

What are you doing with old documents anyway?

Date: March 7, 2006 3:31:04 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

I am not feeling very safe right now.

Mr. President,
I have to tell you I'm feeling a bit unsafe. One of your generals in the terror-fight, recently scared me silly.

Thirty new terrorist organizations have emerged since the September 11, 2001, attacks, outpacing U.S. efforts to crush the threat," said Brig. Gen. Robert L. Caslen, the Pentagon's deputy director for the war on terrorism.

How can this be? You are spending more than $100,000 per minute since the war started and we have MORE terrorists groups out there?

Throwing money and young American lives at the problem doesn't seem to be the answer.

Don't you wish you had a plan "B" pill way back before the first trimester of this war? Because you should have aborted this invasion back when you said you didn't have it on your drawing table at Crawford.

If you want to find me, I'll be at Home Depot knee-deep in duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Senator Graham had some enlightening things to say when Gonzalez was quizzed over your right to spy.

“The administration has not only the right, but the duty, in my opinion, to pursue Fifth Column movements,” Graham, R-S.C., told Gonzales during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Feb. 6.

“I stand by this President’s ability, inherent to being Commander in Chief, to find out about Fifth Column movements, and I don’t think you need a warrant to do that,” Graham added.
Americans who are deemed insufficiently loyal or who disseminate information which may be considered helpful to the enemy are apparently a high priority for your administration.

I also read "Top U.S. officials have cited the need to challenge news that undercuts Bush's actions as a key front in defeating the terrorists, who are aided by “news informers." "Work needs to continue with the administration to draft guidelines for how best to neutralize this alleged threat."

I thought you wanted the world's nations to decide if they support terrorism or freedom, when you once proclaimed " You are either with us or against us."

I didn't realize until now that you also directed that same challenge to every American. You want us to decide if we support George Bush or do we support the terrorists?

So how exactly are you planning to "neutralize "anyone who speaks against you? And what kind of "penalties " will you exact from "news informers?
Are there plans to have Halliburton build large containment centers in America?

I saw General Pace on "Meet the Press" yesterday. I hope he is a better soldier than he is a spokesman for your administration.

I particularly noted his comments regarding the press coverage of the Iraq war.
"Now the amount of coverage from the war zone is much less than it used to be, and understandably, the coverage, then, that comes out is the bombings and the things like that. People don’t get a chance to see or hear about all the good things that are happening." Pace said.

More reporters have died covering this war than any other war in history. Fewer reporters died covering 13 years of the Vietnam war.

I am not saying you actually target news reporters but you have been accused of it by several news organizations and you did tell "Lap Boy Blair" you wanted to bomb Al Jazeera. So is it a surprise suspicious reporters have kept their distance? They know they are targets for the insurgents. It's suicide if you go in and suspect you will be shot at by both sides.

All reporters that traveled to Iraq have risked their lives to share what they see happening. Even reporters in your "protection" like Bob Woodruff got seriously injured. Jill Carroll a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor is still missing. Yet, General Pace wonders why other stories are not coming out?

Could you ask the General if he would ride unarmed along with reporters in the same vehicle to cover those stories in Iraq? We'll then see how brave or suicidal he really is.

I just read the Washington Post's article on your engines of support.

The phrase rings of something highly geared, and self-powered. But unfortunately for Republicans they are not self-powered, they need attention and maintenance.

Your engines of support for the Republican cause feel neglected. Outside of the Alito and Robert’s admission to the Supreme Court was significant they don't really have much else to credit you with.

According to today's Washington Post article, the so-called Jewish Democrats and independents who were once designated the "September 12 Republicans" are just not there anymore.

Abramoff has proven to be a major embarrassment for the Jewish community.

He has become such a thorn to you in so many ways.

So which groups are you counting on to keep control of both houses now?

Will you go for NASCAR dads, soccer moms, conservative Christians, military families? Each one of them has different reasons to be very unhappy with you.

The never-ending strife in your Iraq war, your adamant support for selling our ports to the U.A.E., your indecision and failure to protect people during Katrina, your confusing stance on illegal immigrants and border control, are but a few of the debacles that have eroded your base and your party will probably pay for it.

So call Diebold TODAY and get those pre-programmed voting machines ready to insure a Republican sweep. If you lose just one of the houses you better have your lawyers bone up on Constitutional law, because you will face impeachment hearings.

I would miss you of course because you provide so much material.

I forgot to check yesterday, but today I checked and did not get the White House auto-reply thanking me for taking time to write.

This is all going on your permanent record junior.

Mr. President,
Why is Cheney asking people to start saving their money?
Is it because Americans' personal savings rate has dropped to its lowest point since the Great Depression? Or is it because baby boomers will soon start retiring? A situation which will put a humongous strain on government resources as those old people draw on Social Security and Medicare benefits. Or is it just one more sorry push to get your privatized accounts.

It's a little late to worry about that junior. You left that barn door open a long time ago when you catered to your rich buddies instead of ordinary folks. There's a quote that fits you to a tee junior "You must love poor people because you created so many of them."

Your term in office has been the worst fiscally-run presidency ever. You have created more millionaires and billionaires while making more poor people than anyone else in American history. You have also significantly increased the amount of money made between the "haves" and "live on credit."

We should have known better junior because you have bankrupted every enterprise you have run since you started Arbusto in Texas. What made us think you would do better with the government's money? You obviously didn't learn anything from your mistakes.

Your track record should have spoken for itself. Your daddy and his friends have always bailed you out in the past. They wouldn't happen to have a few trillion to buy your way out of this one do they junior?

One day Pat Tillman, the former football star who gave it all up to join your fight, died fighting off terrorists and his parents were told of his heroic death.

Later on they are told he was killed by friendly fire.

Two years later they are told there is a criminal probe underway to investigate his death.

The truth was the first casualty in your war junior and it just keeps getting bludgeoned over and over again. 

Another aspect of your secret government practices has been uncovered. The AP found out you continue to break the law as you see fit.

The sixth amendment and the Supreme Court say criminal proceedings have to be public, and yet more than 5,000 defendants have had their cases sealed in D.C.

Records have been sealed from time to time to protect witnesses' or where national security is involved, but the number dramatically increased since you took office. Eerily, the U.S. District Court's computer system displays "no such case" - rather than acknowledging they are sealed cases.

The Associated Press found that even though witnesses were cooperative, the public is still not allowed to view their court records. According to the AP, most of the defendants are gang bangers, murderers, and drug dealers not accused terrorists.

Why do I get the feeling you want to take over the local courts? If didn't know you better, I would think you want to bring anyone you want to trial anytime; try them if you want to, by your rules without any records. And then place them in any country's prison for as long as you want them there.

Are you are hoping nobody will notice if you do things little by little because what you consider as "little" is pretty big and they speak volumes about your intentions.

You are creating a lot of future democrats in Colorado junior. About 150 students walked out of class to protest the action taken against a teacher who took your name in vain.

Many young people are not convinced that you are beyond criticism, and may not understand you have declared the constitution as "quaint." They still believe our founding fathers had some pretty good ideas and see the hypocrisy in your administration.

Other young people are trying you for "crimes against civilian populations" and "inhumane treatment of prisoners" at a
Parsippany high school. And despite the irate phone calls and right-wing web sites' rants to stop the trial; the trial will go on. How do you plead?

May God bless their little naive hearts.

Date: March 5, 2006 3:21:46 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

What are you doing with nukes junior?

What did you do to the years and years of U.S. negotiations with all the world's major powers to get mutual agreement on nuclear disarmament?

Everyone had once agreed we should dial down the number of times we can blow up the world, and now you come along with a "better" idea?

Rummy slipped up a while ago and mentioned that he needed small tactical nukes to get at those pesky underground bunkers.
Rummy loves his toys, you can see the gleam in his eye when he talks about his weapon systems. He was after all, the one who used the argument for invading Iraq as "there were no good targets in Afghanistan like there were in Iraq."

Friday we learned you want to build a facility to
make nuclear weapons with a just-in-time philosophy and improved plutonium triggers. How many nukes are you planning on dropping junior that would make you think like this?

In just four years, you have undone what it took many many people much smarter and courageous than you could dream of being and you trashed it all behind the scenes.

Do you realize the dark impulses of your sadistic mind plus your power-mad neo-con sidekicks are talking about reopening the gates to hell?

So now it's hello nuclear arms race?

Can I ask you something junior, you know just between you and me ... are you CRAZY?

You have escalated your sadistic ways from blowing up frogs with firework as a kid to pulling the switch on a record number of executions in Texas, to killing thousands of Iraqi's in a false war. Now you are looking at improving our nuclear weapon production to make sure you can kill millions? You need serious help buddy.

Since the "balance of power" is a meaningless phrase in our government right now, are we left with the hope you are subconsciously screwing up so badly to get yourself impeached?

India, your new nuclear partner, had you over a barrel junior. They knew your hold card before you even showed up at the table, and you lost a good chunk of the farm.

You have had one failure after the other on the international scene. Condi is better at doing leg lifts on TV than she was at delivering anything from any of the Mideast countries last week.

You had to look like you could still make deals with countries. You had to come home with something anything and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh knew it.

Oh well just think of it this way. You wanted India to become a deterrent against China growing army. Just like we once used Turkey's American bases against the old Soviet Union in the 60's. But India does not really want to deter China it only want to deter Pakistan.

Pakistan will resent your open arm greeting toward India's membership to America's nuclear family, while shunning Pakistan.

It will not matter how much you praise Musharraf in the battle against terror. They will remember how you used them while rewarding their arch enemy with advanced weapon systems and nuclear technology.

You made Musharraf look like a fool at a time when his grasp on his government is tenuous. There are thousands of Pakistanis who were seriously pissed off with you and Pervez before you showed up in the dead of night.

Don't want to guess what their anger will cause after they learn the details of your gifts to their enemy.

Date: March 4, 2006 5:55:05 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Hurray for India?

Mr. President,
Do you hear yourself when you talk junior? You told America they should welcome competition from India?

Has anyone from your bubble world told you your tax and monetary policies have created more billionaires while also creating a record number of unemployed workers? The only "trickle down" effect of your programs is not just a trickle but a flood of money down into CEO's bank accounts.

The economic divide between the "haves" and the "live-on-credit " has never been so great. The old adage; "the poor get poorer while the rich get richer," has never been so true.

Now you want the people of this country, whose median wages have never been so low, while the cost of energy has never been so high, to applaud your comments on Indian competition?

I want to make sure I understand your comments. You really want people that are sitting in the unemployment lines, the women scrambling for lower paying jobs to stand up and cheer for competition against a country that has been the recipient of thousands of American jobs; jobs India received because of the low wages and benefits they pay to their workers? Can I get a truckload of whatever you are taking these days junior? I want to see pretty colors too.

Why did you sneak into Pakistan at night junior with the lights out? Were afraid of being shot at? Aren't you the hero for bringing democracy to the Mideast? Didn't you expect to be showered in flowers like Wolfowitz said for setting millions free from Saddam's tyranny?

I guess you are smart enough not to believe your own spin on this one and that's good junior, because there seem to be thousands of people nearby that want to harm you, so I am glad you have a huge number of sharpshooters and other assault troops around your every move.

Do you have someone good with math on the plane junior? Cause I was thinking that the more people with guns you have to protect you isn't the risk higher that one or two of them may not like you very much?

As you walk around make sure the pointy part of the guns are directed away from you.

What makes you think people are not going to reject your ports deal? You have spent years making people afraid of arabs? How many thousands did you round up after 9/11? You didn't find a single terrorist or even anyone with terrorists ties, but you did expel thousands for minor problems for overstaying their visas and other minor infractions.

Your spin machine made a point of highlighting every single incident you could to show you were "strong on defense. " So you fed the media frenzy every incident involving an arab. Visas for visiting professors students doctors scientists, engineers from any Arabic country were severely limited.

I heard stories on TV and radio every day, like the innocent Mid-east-medical students who were pulled out of their car by police and had their luggage blown on the expressway because of a tip from a paranoid Stucky's waitress, and the almost daily roundup of anyone anywhere who had given any money to any Mid east charity.

The TV and radio are filled with news every day every hour, as you kill arabs, you imprison arabs, you torture arabs, And now you do a 180 and say arabs are good for business? Wait, my head hasn't stop spinning.

I tried to watch the bouncing ball as you sang your war-against-terror hymn but not only did you change the key you were singing in; you are now in a whole different church.

You made this war a cultural war, a war of religions, a war against brown people with mideast accents everywhere. So now you are sitting in your own crap and the more you fuss around in it, the more you get on yourself.

Kind of brings a new meaning to the word shit-faced doesn't it junior.

Now the backlash begins against potential terrorists (everyone not American) to own or run critical industries.

Happy days, that's just what the fed wants, foreign governments to avoid buying our assets when our dual debts have never been so high. Might as well torpedo our bond market just when the world is unilaterally raising their interest rates.

Wake me up when it's over junior. I'll be in my basement curled up in a fetal position.

What is Pakistan (your war-against-terror- ally), thinking now that you are giving their arch enemy a pat on the back, advanced weapons and nuclear technology?
I hope you brought enough for everyone in the class junior?

As of 2:47 a.m. CST I have not received the normal thank-you-for-writing automatic response from the White House .

I saw you on the "World's Saddest Video" junior.

Mr. President,
Nixon had his tapes and you seem to be gathering a number of recordings yourself. The newly released video tapes acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, which may make the list of "World's Saddest Video," showed how you really behaved during Katrina, and it is not flattering junior.

They showed:
  • you were told the levees may not hold before they failed. Did you fib to us junior? I know I saw you on TV. You told us that no one could have thought this could have happened.
  • you were told it would probably be an unprecedented disaster. But, it was not important enough to cancel your vacation.
  • you didn't ask questions as if you didn't want to get too involved. You seemed detached yet ready with a politically correct comment.
  • You did attend a birthday party, played guitar while 1300 people died.
  • you still don't believe it's worth your time to visit the area or get more involved.

Why did you put such a wimp like Mike Leavitt in charge of Health and Human Services? The guy is yelling the sky is falling " all over the place junior! He's freaking just out because some chickens died on the other side of the earth. He actually said, "a pandemic was overdue."

I'm sure he was the one who got the governors all panicky yesterday. The pansy governors want their National Guard back because they say they can't handle any kind of pandemic if one hits us. Wha wha wha ! Tell them to stuff their concerns and that you are doing everything possible to deal with any possible health emergency. You've got a great record of dealing with emergencies. Everyone knows Katrina was Clinton's fault.

Doesn't it hurt when Hugo pushes his finger in your eye ?
"State homeless shelters and 20,000 people in Delaware will benefit from more than 1 million gallons of oil provided by CITGO under Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's heating oil assistance program."
Venezuela is showing the world how the world's largest capitalist system can't take care of its own poor.

Everybody wants to make you out to be a liar junior, and you only have yourself to blame junior.
You just had to tell everyone you didn't know Jack Abramoff and now Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit under the Federal Information Act to look at the White House visitor logs.

If they get those records what do you think they will find?

You can use the "Scooter" defense of "I have so many visitors I can't possibly remember them all" and "I am so busy ah ah ah I can't remember everything."
But, what about those pictures of you two together? When will they come out? If the Democrats are smart, they will let them leak out slowly between now and November.
Congratulations on India junior, you formally approved India's nuke's to "save oil consumption." Can Iran use the same line? Naw, I didn't think so.
Date: March 2, 2006 7:51:44 PM CST

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
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