You are going to need to make a lot more silk purses junior.

Mr. President,
The Karl Rove propoaganda tailors are overtime working overtime to make sows ears look like silk purses for needy Republican lawmakers up for re-election. Yeterday they were handed a huge job when an enormous pig was dropped off at the White house by the Suprteme Court.

Even though the court has been stuffed with conservative judges they ruled 5-3 against your Guantanimo tribunals. They said you have no right to hold kangaroo courts for Guantanimo prisoners. It was not completely unexpected but your photo op with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi showed you to be miffed at the attention given to the recent news. Your hmmm and hawing at the conference and ah h ahh ahh was pretty typical but it didn't hide the fact you were doing a slow burn underneath with the press.

God you hate the free press don't you. Did you ever consider the notion that if you didn't provide them such rich fodder they wouldn't be able to find so much shit to talk about?

Freedom rang out from the cacaphony of directed fire against the New York Times. Your desperate struggle to avoid more negative press from all around the world is just that ... desperate. So your handlers decided to let loose the hounds of hell on the old gray lady for serving the public and informing us about an effort of tracking potential terrorists down. It was not a secret, Tresaury Secretary O'Neal said you were going to do that right after 9/11. But you have received more negative press lately than than a hooker at a church picnic, so you had to do something to divert and attack at the same time.

But you can't attack your Supreme Court as easily as you can the New York Times. Your Limbaugh/O'reilly lackeys can and will attack liberal judges but that will not be enough to close the lid on the Pandora's box they opened up. This ruling brings too question all of the questionable, perhaps unconstitutional and maybe impeachable offenses that will come slithering out.

The NSA domestic spying without congressional oversight and the pile of "presidential signing statements" which you say allows you to avoid any law passed by Congress will be the first items to come under serious fire.

Since Cheney's lawyers and Gonzalez are messing up so much by pushing you to extend Presidential powers are they up for Freedom Medals like the other screw-ups you appointed?

More chickens coming in to roost, get ready for their landing junior. You will need to improve production capacity and hire more propaganda tailors capable of making a lot more slik purses. FOX tv is doing all she can do but her ratings are dropping so you need to look elsewhere. Can't Murdoch subcontract out some of the work to another division?

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