You are going to need to make a lot more silk purses junior.

Mr. President,
The Karl Rove propoaganda tailors are overtime working overtime to make sows ears look like silk purses for needy Republican lawmakers up for re-election. Yeterday they were handed a huge job when an enormous pig was dropped off at the White house by the Suprteme Court.

Even though the court has been stuffed with conservative judges they ruled 5-3 against your Guantanimo tribunals. They said you have no right to hold kangaroo courts for Guantanimo prisoners. It was not completely unexpected but your photo op with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi showed you to be miffed at the attention given to the recent news. Your hmmm and hawing at the conference and ah h ahh ahh was pretty typical but it didn't hide the fact you were doing a slow burn underneath with the press.

God you hate the free press don't you. Did you ever consider the notion that if you didn't provide them such rich fodder they wouldn't be able to find so much shit to talk about?

Freedom rang out from the cacaphony of directed fire against the New York Times. Your desperate struggle to avoid more negative press from all around the world is just that ... desperate. So your handlers decided to let loose the hounds of hell on the old gray lady for serving the public and informing us about an effort of tracking potential terrorists down. It was not a secret, Tresaury Secretary O'Neal said you were going to do that right after 9/11. But you have received more negative press lately than than a hooker at a church picnic, so you had to do something to divert and attack at the same time.

But you can't attack your Supreme Court as easily as you can the New York Times. Your Limbaugh/O'reilly lackeys can and will attack liberal judges but that will not be enough to close the lid on the Pandora's box they opened up. This ruling brings too question all of the questionable, perhaps unconstitutional and maybe impeachable offenses that will come slithering out.

The NSA domestic spying without congressional oversight and the pile of "presidential signing statements" which you say allows you to avoid any law passed by Congress will be the first items to come under serious fire.

Since Cheney's lawyers and Gonzalez are messing up so much by pushing you to extend Presidential powers are they up for Freedom Medals like the other screw-ups you appointed?

More chickens coming in to roost, get ready for their landing junior. You will need to improve production capacity and hire more propaganda tailors capable of making a lot more slik purses. FOX tv is doing all she can do but her ratings are dropping so you need to look elsewhere. Can't Murdoch subcontract out some of the work to another division?

Date: June 30, 2006 4:13:59 PM CDT

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Let's play CYA with your base while the world burns.

Mr. President,
Your Republican-led-congress is debating serious national issues such as whether we can burn an American flag in protest, eliminate potential gay marriages, santify our God-given right to own guns.

There is nothing more important than preventing flag burning according to Orin Hatch. while the Mideast is ready to raise the bar on violence and death. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said there was nothing the Senate could be doing that was more important than banning flag burning.

Condi is off to Afghanistan to hold Karzai's hand as he deals with increasing violence, corruption, drug trafficking and an inability to make any headway since the Taliban were removed from power. He is hanging on by his fingernails and he is feeling the pressure because he recently got into a shouting match when he charged the Pakistan envoy with allowing Taliban insurgents to gather within its borders as they seem to be ready to mount their biggest offensive in Afghanistan.
may03 may02
She might as well extend her trip to Turkey to assure ambassador Nabi Sensoy and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. They are pretty pissed off because about 3,000 armed fighters from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), had moved from northern Iraq to the Turkish border where they carry out operations inside Turkey. You were warned about the potential for oil-emboldened Kurds would cause military conflicts with Turkey. That was one of the reasons Turkey did not allow you to use their country as a point of entry into Iraq when you invaded.

She might want to save her tense meeting with Israel for last. The Israeli airplanes buzzed one of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's palaces on Wednesday. The Syrian military said they fired on the departing jets. Israel said none of their jets were fired on. This incursion into Syrian airspace was a shot a cross the bow for their support of Hamas and perhaps telling them they hold Syria responsible for the recent abduction of an Israeli soldier by the Palestinians.

So far the Israelis have bombed Gaza's power grid and turned off the water to most of the 1.3 million people and three bridges were destroyed to keep everyone in and everyone else out, they say.

The Hamas-led government has requested a prisoner swap asking for women and children to be released from Israeli prisons. Israel said hell no, so the residents of northern Gaza, are digging themselves in and bracing themselves for a long seige as they stocked up on food, candles and batteries for radios. There is no telling how long it will take before it becomes a humanitarian crisis. But don't look for the U.S. to offer any sympathy for the people from Palestine; Israel manages Washington's response like a violinist plays a fiddle.

The Mid-East fire in Iraq and Afghanistan may escalate at any moment. Israeli tanks in Gaza will accomplish one thing; it will bring the opposing parties in Palestine together to fight a common enemy Israel and perhaps the U.S. as well.

But Hatch believes the most important activity for the Senate to address is flag-burning.

"Just like Mike" is so 80's, you want to be "Just like Hu" (Jintao)!

Mr. President,
The main stream medium is just pushing nationalistic pride so much today its ready to bust its buttons. Its just overflowing red white and blue everywhere today and its not even July.

Did Murdoch buy MSNBC? Today, their web site had several articles such as "Being an American" "Take a sample U.S. citizenship test" "America tops patriotism poll." If you couple these articles with the flag-burning bill before the Senate, it makes one wonder if wearing arm bands and brown shirts will be the in-thing this summer and autumn.

Meanwhile the Senate's timely proposal to make it unlawful to burn the flag and the unmerciful right-wingnut attacks on the New York Times for disclosing information most people already knew about, is indicative of the continuing assault on the Constitution.

If we pass this flag-burning bill we will join other bastions of democracies in the world such as Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China. None of the other western nations have laws which forbid flag-burning.
may07 may04 may09 may06
If you use these countries as models for our new government you should choose China, because they recently passed a law which also supports your view of the mass media and how to handle national alerts.

Just yesterday you reserected a dead program by the Partnership for Public Warning. They had disbanded in 2004 because of lack of funding until $25 million in funding suddenly showed up only 4 months 11 days away from the November elections.

Call me cynical, but the system you just proposed will replace the comical yet effective color terror alert system. It was comical because of its simplistic basis yet extremely effective at keeping Americans fearful, especially around election time.

new system is supposed to integrate many forms of communications such as: television, radio, PDA's, Blackberries, and cellphones. So in the near future I may have to pay to receive your bullshit on my cell phone?

What are you going to do, preceed each text terrorist alert message with MOTD TM. (Message Of The Day, Trust Me)?

Like I said earlier I think China is a good model for you. You like King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud's title and power but Saudi Arabia is not a large country. China is definitley the right size country you can relate to. Not only is China one of the few countries in the world to ban flag burning, they have censured the Internet and have a pretty good lid on their news medium. You want to be just like Chairman Hu Jintao. Taiwan-Strait-China12apr05
Yestreday they took it one step
further. They imposed some stiff fines on any news media that reports any natural disaster, oil spills, health crisis or social unrest, aka riots, without prior government approval.

Only pre-approved news about bad news stories can be communicated.

Talk about dying and going to heaven. How green are you with envy?

Jiao Guobiao, a former journalism professor at Beijing University who was barred from teaching last year after writing an essay criticizing China's censorship rules said, "We have never had such a law before."

The censors regularly alert senior editors which subjects are out of bounds and suggest which ones need to be handled with particular "care."

Under the new law it would be easy to cover up their past disasters like the SARS epidemic in 2003 that allowed the disease to spread. And, more recently, there would be no news about the disasterous chemical spill which contaminated river water which flowed toward the major city of Harbin. They can also black out the news about the numerous mining disasters.

If bird flu does break out in China someday, the government, not the news media, will decide when and what the world will hear.

Your constant criticism about the "negative press" coverage from Iraq, Fox TV and drug-addict Limbaugh's assault on the imaginary liberal media makes a pretty strong statement about your hate for American media that dares to criticize your administration. And it show's your desire for China's prefered means of dealing with those pesky news reporters.

You were serious when you told Prime Minister Tony Blair you wanted to bomb the Aljazeera television network weren't you?
Is it just a coincidence that the three of the major powers in the world, the United States, China and Russia want to shut out all the light which may leak through the iron curtains you all built around yourselves. Reporters from all three countries have a lot in common these days.

We might as well get used to that mushroom-feeling as we sit in the dark under piles of government-approved manure; at least we are not in there alone, there are millions of Russians and Chinese there with the rest of us.

Date: June 27, 2006 10:48:59 PM CDT

On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.