Jul 2006

Qana, where Jesus turned water into wine and Israel turns children into dust.

Mr. President,
Qana, the city where the Bible states Jesus turned water into wine, is where Israel has been is now well known for turning children into dust. This recent bombing is not the first time Israel has targeted and killed innocent civilians in this village.
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The first time Israel
attacked Qana was on April 18, 1996 during a massive military offensive on Lebanon code named "Operation Grapes of Wrath," where about 800 civilians who were gathered in a UN Interim Forces base (UNIFL) in the village of Qana. Around 2 PM, many proximity-fused shells crashed into the UN civilian refugee encampment. After the smoke cleared 106, people were killed. The UN was able to investigate that situation. "The Van Knappen report indicated that IDF officials of "some seniority " were involved in orders to fire upon the base, which they knew was sheltering hundreds of civilians. International human rights organizations also conducted investigations and concluded that the shelling of the UNIFIL compound was most likely deliberate, not mistaken."

It marked the beginning of the end of the Israeli incursion. On April 26, 1996, U.S. Secretary of State Christopher was able to produce an understanding between Israel, Lebanon, the Hizballah and Syria that effectively ended Operation "Grapes of Wrath."

Today's American-supplied smart missiles provided a significantly better means of targeting and destruction of specific targets. So the objective of killing scores of civilians was achieved with a smarter weapon. The difference this time is your desired fantasy outcome for this battle and steadfast support for more death and destruction until democracy breaks out, will not allow the UN to bring a halt to this senseless killing or allow a UN investigation.

Is it another coincidence or has it just become a Jewish habit to purposefully target and kill Lebanese civilians?

The more I read about your Mideast ally's action both past and present, the clearer the picture becomes.

There are always survivors from every massacres, and they remember. It’s ironic that a people who suffered through the holocaust would forget that.

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