Jul 2006

I see an honorary Degree from Northwestern in your future.

Mr. President,
There is one particular honor that you will receive but it is dependent on minimizing the amount of time you open your mouth without  assistance from your handlers.

The strategy for your public appearances must have all been planned back in 2001. Somehow they also needed to keep you away from Washington as much as possible; hence the month long vacations here and there.
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It's no wonder you are not getting involved in Lebanon you need a gang of handlers to tell you what to think and say and that takes time.

Watching your public performance on the world stage over the last five years. I understand why the CIA calls Cheney "
Edgar" the ventriloquist for a reason.
Your presidency makes complete sense if people just understand you are a facade, a show. Is it any wonder that any foreign statesmen and women who personally meet you, make so much fun of you? My God why wouldn't they!
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The plan must have been to minimize contact with average people and reporters so your handlers scheduled the fewest press conferences of any president. Every public appearance had to be stage-managed. Only pre-cleared bush-loyalists were allowed to attend public gatherings and all questions were pre-clear. Everything possible was done to keep you from speaking directly and openly about what you really thought, to keep you from embarrassing yourself.
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It has been so easy for neo-cons like Cheney to take over our government. All they had to do was promise you a part-time job. They would take care of everything else. They told you they would tell you what you needed to know. Just smile swagger and talk folksy. Just don't try to talk substance, as you know it and everything will be fine.

You had to be sealed off from the world so the only news you got was what your handlers want you to know. It's no wonder you sat and read My Pet Goat when we were attacked on 9/11. You had no idea what to do or say by yourself. Andrew Card had to come in and pull you away. Cheney and others made the decisions to ground the airplanes and put our Air Force on alert.

Your delayed reaction on disasters like 9/11, the Indonesian tsunami and Katrina were examples of either your inability to make decisions or that your handlers didn't tell you because they did not feel you could manage it.

Others in your administration, especially Cheney were left to make the real decisions based on their faulty ideology. A rubber-stamp Congress and an inept government laden with nepotism complete the picture of what America inherited.

Conferences where your attendance is required must make everyone in your administration nervous. They never know what stupid thing you will say or do. They have to come up with various schemes to spin the news to explain or blame someone else. I especially like the spin calling your tongue-tied butchering of the English language, as endearing.

Cheney got the best job of all. People who voted for a Bush-Cheney ticket did not realize they actually got a Cheney-Bush presidency.

Cheney gets to run the country from the shadows while Rove and his minions minimize your exposure to the public fearing the exposure of your ignorance and ineptness.
Unfortunate you are getting all the black eyes for all of Cheney and Rove’s destructive and failed policies. Although, their marketing of purposefully pessimistic low expectations for your policies, make the higher actual numbers look good in comparison. For example we recently got to cheer about a less than expected deficit this last month hurrah! The bad news isn't as bad as it could be right junior.

Since Tom Delay finally succumbed to his excessive greed and was forced to leave Congress, Cheney has increased time on the Hill to twist arms and threaten congressional leaders to get his agenda passed. Pre-emptive war and 1 per cent solutions are indicative of a neo con war hawk like "Locked and Seriously Loaded Cheney.

You have had the task of glad-handing and back-slapping at Republican fund raisers, smile during carefully choreographed photo opportunities with the public, amble, stutter, and guffaw with loyal Republican crowds, knowing your staff has carefully screened the people and any questions which are asked.

It's harder to avoid embarrassing questions overseas where the press has not been cowed. Your trip to Germany was one long photo shoot but a previously planned town hall meeting was
scrubbed when your staff was not allowed to pre-approve the questions you were going to be asked. No one on your staff wanted you to speak off the cuff like you did during the first debate with Kerry. You looked and sounded like an impatient frat boy who wanted to get those questions over with and get to a keger afterwards.

The reason fellow Republicans say you are someone they could have a drink with is that you ARE that kind of guy. A guy with lots of money, a trust-fund baby, they may find in a neighborhood bar or fishing hole. You have no worries and just want to have a good time, unencumbered by the weight of a real job since your handlers are doing all your thinking and planning for you.

One of the reasons the neo-cons favored you for the presidency was that you have no real desire to actually run the country; you just want to have the accouterments of the office and the status. You have no empathy so they didn't worry about you carrying about anyone else but yourself.

I believe that one of the reasons flag-draped caskets are not shown to the public was as much for you as well as the American people. Your handlers did not want you to be exposed to soldier's deaths and risk any kind of "feelings" for the soldier or their families. They want you to keep thinking about our troops as nothing more than pieces on a chessboard. It is also why you have not attended any military funerals.

The recent candid video of you and Tony Blair added with other glimpses of your off camera performances are indicative of what has really happening in Washington since you took office. Additional
shenanigans like grabbing German Chancellor Merkel by the neck, shows your inability to bring any dignity to the office.

Giving a woman an unwanted neck rub like In any business setting in the United States could bring you a harassment suit. Are you so clueless about these things because you never worked for a living?
The bottom line is that since the start Cheney was to run the government in the shadows as he implements every trick in the book to implement the neo-con agenda, and sideline congressional overview as he expanded the executive power of the office he runs for you.

Have you seen Dave the 1993 comedy movie with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver? I saw the movie several times.
Kline plays Dave Kovic, who has a side job impersonating the real President of the United States. The President has a sever stroke and the Chief of Staff decides to keep the president's illness a secret by having Kline's character impersonate the President while the Chief of Staff secretly runs the government. Kline plays the patsy and performs as the President of the United States, under the direction of his Chief of Staff, until Kline's character begins to feel he can make a difference and grows the balls to challenge the Chief of Staff.

I wish life would imitate art but in real life you have no plans to buck Cheney or his neo-cons. Even if you suddenly grew balls the neo cons have flourished like maggots in a dead body
Although history will record your presidency as one of the worst in our history, Northwestern University may very well grant you an honorary degree for your performance as President much like Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's dummy, Charlie McCarthy
received in 1938.

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