Jul 2006
Drunk Cheney

Bombing of Lebanon should continue until democracy breaks out.

Mr. President,
Although Cheney and Rice do not like each other, they both seem to agree that the decimation of Lebanon is good for different reasons.

In Rome, Condi sees
opportunity in the Lebanon battle and says Lebanon will be stronger for it in the end with a stronger democracy than what they had before. Does she really believe this crap, is she parroting your misguided and foolish ideals or just stalling for time to allow Israel more time to bomb the crap out of Lebanon?

Mr. "locked and loaded" Cheney, on the other hand uses a different set of rose-colored glasses when he views Lebanon.

Cheney spoke at a fundraising appearance last Friday, for GOP congressional candidate, Gus Bilirakis, a state legislator who is running for the Tampa Bay area congressional seat.
ABC news covered the event and reported that "Vice-president Dick Cheney pointed to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah as fresh evidence of the ongoing battle against terrorism that underscores the need to keep President Bush's Republican allies in control of Congress."
You had no compunction to politicize the events of 9/11 as part of your reelection campaign so it makes sense that Cheney would politicize the death and destruction in Lebanon to help reelect Republican Congressmen in a desperate attempt to keep Republican in control of both houses and keep himself and you from being impeached.
If Democrats take the House they will hold investigations of every controversial and probably illegal action since you took the office.

I can appreciate the desperate situation you and Cheney find yourself in.

How can Cheney " be so whacked out to think that the resulting and significantly higher level of danger to Americans brought about by all your monumental screw ups can become a plus in a re-election campaign for Republicans?

Speaking about Mr. "Locked-and-Seriously-loaded", he should know about a duck hunter who was recently
diagnosed with a strain of Avian Flu. He might have to wear that chemical suit he carries around with him before he goes shooting for
may04 may05
An American duck hunter and two state wildlife employees had contracted an uncommon type of bird flu virus in their blood. So Cheney better cut back on the number of hunting trips he has to shoot fellow hunters. He may want to hunt in his chemical suit.

The virus found in their blood stream was H11N9 bird virus, which is not known to be dangerous to humans.

The deadly Avian virus circulating in wild and domestic birds is H5N1.

"To our knowledge, this study is the first to show direct transmission of influenza A virus from wild birds to humans," Dr. James Gill of the University of Iowa and colleagues wrote in their report. But the medical implication is that bird virus can and will evolve into a form which will infect humans, so haw far away is the deadly for of bird flu? No one knows, nature will decide that for us. Mother nature is a bitch sometimes.

Speaking about bitches, Neo-conservatives have no apparent love for Condi, but if she can stage for an invasion of Syria and Iran they will be the first to make Condi their pin up girl. Cheney is doing his part by consistently attacking Russia's management of their oil, China's military buildup, North pursuit of beginning Armageddon, and finally Iran and Syria's obvious need to be bend to his will.

The worse the world becomes the more Cheny seems to revel in the ashes of your presidency, like a dog who joyfully rolls around in its own shit.


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