Jul 2006
Founding fathers

Not even you can wreck my holiday.

Mr. President,
I refused to allow the shadow of your presidency cast its malevolent cloud upon the remembrance of our nation's birth.

The weather behaved long enough to enjoy a barbecue with loved ones, and afterwards we sat under a cloudless night to view the annual display of pyrotechnics.


It wasn't until the firework display started that I realized that although our relative locations on the earth does not allow us to share the same night sky simultaneously. Thanks to your occupation, our soldiers and innocent Iraqis are under the same sky, the same moon, and the same sun, but the explosions they see are used to mangle and deny as much human life as possible.

On this birthday of our country, I look back at your five years as our president and marvel how quickly you have made our nation a mockery of our founding father's sacrifices.

Your reign has been a constant campaign of concentrating and extending your power, at the behest of your jaded vice-president and neo-con cabal of ideologues, Our nation's top enforcer of this county's laws has abdicated his duty and heralded all your unconstitutional activities.

You stretched your executive powers to their zenith. They crossed the bright lines set down by our forefathers long before the Supreme Court wisely chose to chastise your efforts so publically.

As a law onto yourself it is doubtful, these nine judge's final judgement will shake your resolve to remain outside the laws you choose as necessary. The ruling will be twisted and tempered until it is sufficiently hard enough to blunt the words of anyone who would dare use the ruling as an example of executive hubris.

Your acolytes have constantly created disgraceful and obscenely divisive issues. Issues they sharpen, and hone to a fine edge to cut this republic repeatedly. The focus of each blow was designed to separate a specific portion of the country and engage them like a benevolent uncle, a kindly neighbor with unsophisticated tastes and manners.

Skillful use of Rovian word-play brings out the poisonous hate which resides just below the surface of many of these Americans within the group you have separated from the chaff.

You unashamedly provide America's limited resources to wealthy supporters and supply targets for those smile-in-your-face bigots discontented with their lives, who are willing to blame others for their lot.

Greed and hatred make an interesting platform for you to work from. Catering to the reprehensible nature of humanity is a life skill you failed to mention in any of your campaign speeches.

Your skills are not without merit; your knack of selecting loyal animals most willing to sit comfortably on your lap who can viciously keep the terrible truth of your actions and their consequences at bay is nothing short of remarkable for someone with such a drug-and-alcohol-addled brain as yours.

Do you really know who you are, and what you have done?

One wonders how you can keep such a distorted illusion of yourself for so long without perceiving at least a glimpse of the depravity of your actions.

What manner of medication can keep your mind so numb, delusional and entombed in self aggrandizing?

Is it the mantle of the office which you believe elevates you above far the reach of arrows sent your way by the quiver from disconcerted citizen reporters and questioning media professionals? Or is it hubris which has grown around you like a metastasized cancer which renders all manner of criticism received irrelevant?

I was able to enjoy my holiday but my day was really complete after I converted some of the toxins you try to infused in my life into simple truths back to their originator.