Jul 2006
Kim Sung

You and Kim are just like peas and carrots.

Mr. President,
It's a real shame you and Kim Jong-il don't get along better; you both have a lot in common.
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His father fought the Japanese just like your father did.

He believes a strong military will secure his role in history just like you do.

He favors his supporters with wealth; you favor your supporters with tax breaks and government contracts.

He has prison camps; you have prison camps.

He tortures people; you torture people.

He believes in nepotism you believe in nepotism.

He was once called Kim the Teflon Dictator you were once called the Teflon president.

You called him a dictator he calls you a dictator.
He will do anything to stay in power you will do anything to keep GOP in power.
His father's Kim Il Sung ran the country; Your father once ran our country.

He ignores his populace just like you ignore the American people. You call the large demonstrations against your policies as merely focus groups.

He spies on dissidents; you spy on dissidents.

He pretends to be crazy you pretend to be crazy.

He is considered unstable; you are considered unstable.

He is known for human rights abuses; you are known for human rights abuser.

He withdrew from the International Non-Proliferation Treaty; you are disregarding the International Non-Proliferation Treaty; you are disregarding th NPT by developing new Nuclear weapons and providing India with Nuclear manufacturing equipment.

He is a very right-wing nationalist; you are a very right-wing nationalist.
Kim has a basic "Fu__k you" foreign Policy; you have a "Fu__k you" foreign policy.

He has a father image he is trying to live up to; you have a father image you are trying to live up to.
He is mostly hated by the outside world; you are hated by the outside world.
His economic policies have significantly hurt the people of his country; your economic policy has significantly hurt the people of this country.

So for the life of me I don't understand why two don't you get along? As I read this list, he is a shorter-slightly-tan-bespeckled-Geroge-Bush-junior Clone with bad hair and elevator shoes. You may be physically as different as Arnold and Liberman but mentally you are like two peas in a pod.
I guess your worse fears of dealing with someone like you have come true.

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