Jul 2006

Kim 1, Bush 0

Mr. President,
It has to gall you to hear yourself say, we are pursuing negotiations with Korea and negotiations take time.

Did the Tough Texan meet his match? Is little Kim too much for you? This whole thing just makes you look like nothing but a bully. You invade Iraq because their army was decimated, and they had no major weapon systems to oppose the invasion, but you slink into the corner when little North Korea resists your bluster. Is it because they have a million-man army and nuclear weapons?
northkorea bush
The axis of hatred surely stirred them up. They kicked out the international inspectors President Clinton talked him into having right after you called him out with your Axis of evil " crap.

It might have won you elections, but it was a huge bust in foreign affairs. The world is not as malleable as the citizens of "Christian" America who you deluge with daily dosage of nationalistic propaganda.

The GOP's choice of Christian conservatives as a base was pretty smart. Christians are predisposed for wanting to believe in something even if it is hard to see. They are big on faith.

Convincing them that Saddam was a danger, Saddam has WMD's and other bullshit was a piece of cake.

It's as easy as convincing an addicted gambler into making a bet.

But, even addicted gamblers aren't stupid, they learn after a while what is and what is not a good bet.

Even hard-core Christians face a "crisis of faith" regarding the existence of God. Your Christian conservative base is beginning to buckle. You have to redirect the bad news, move the spotlight off your failures, find a scapegoat if possible.

Bush speechwriter David Frum, was originally credited with coming up with the "axis of evil" which was changed to "axis of evil" for your state of the union speech. Although many believe recently departed, head speech writer Mike Gerson actually originated the phrase.

It would have been wrong to call them the "axis of hatred," everyone knows that would define many people who support your divisive administration; people like, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly.

You defined your presidency and began the downfall of our country in that speech.

Your state of the union speech defining the axis of evil set a lot of gears in motion both here and abroad, while you thought you were setting a bold agenda you actually set yourself up for failure. Iraq is a disaster; Iran and Korea have become more dangerous since your declaration. Your speech has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Both countries decided that the best way to deal with your renegade approach to foreign policy is to actually have WMD's to keep you at bay.

During your administration North Korea has built more nuclear weapons, Iran has elected a radical Islamic leader who has defied the U.S. at every turn as they continue with their nuclear energy program. Somalia has an Islamic leadership, Israel is fighting a two front war; Afghanistan is boiling over. Poppy fields are abundant. You've done a hell-of-a good job junior.

There are more hot spots around the world than there ever were since the end of WWII. It's not your fault you're only the president of the most powerful nation in the world. You couldn't have done anything about it. I anticipate your jackals will say its all Clinton's fault.

You like it hot anyway. The more dangerous situations you and Cheney create the more weak-kneed Christian conservatives will cling to you for protection.

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