Jul 2006
McCarthy hearings

Republicans racism Reagan and the Mideast.

Mr. President,
What are the odds that the same Americans who couldn't get enough of watching riots involving black-on-black crime such as the Watts, and the Roodney King riots are probably the same people who are drawn to the Iraqi on Iraqi violence playing out before them? And what is the probability that these people who watch with detachment and lack of empathy for lives of Iraqis caught up in the violence of civil war, are republicans?
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In each of the above mentioned American race riots which occurred, blacks were killed and businesses that served the black community were destroyed. The Iraqi civil war is claiming thousands of Iraq lives and destroying what America has not already decimated in Iraq.

National organizations such as the NAACP have first hand knowledge of how the republican party uses racist wedge issues to win elections especially in southern states. Don't mislead yourself junior, that after you finally decided to speak at their conference recently, more blacks are going to suddenly become republicans. The extremely low level of blacks in the GOP is indicative of the republican historical racist agenda. Although some GOP members says the party is a large tent which incorporates a diversity of opinions; they don't mention that blacks and Hispanics are the waiters and dish washers in that big tent.

Strong biases and racism is not a new wrinkle in republican attitudes. It seems to be a requirement for party affiliation. When AIDS became big news during the Reagan administration, the president had an opportunity to stem the flow of the disease by simply informing the public about the dangers of unprotected sex and the deadly consequence of the disease. But since it was advertised by religious right-minded republicans as a Gay disease, he chose to sit on the
sidelines and let 41,027 americans died and 71,176 were diagnosed with AIDS in the U.S. in 1987. Not only did he withhold critical information from the people he supported his Education Secretary William Bennet who said the Government should NOT provide sex education even when he knew it would save American lives.
The Gipper was a racist, a homophobe and a pliable stooge for right wing elements of his party. When the pressure was on during the McCarthy witch hunt in the 50's, Reagan and his first wife Jane Wyman turned in fellow actors to McCarthy as communist sypathizers . No one was ever convicted or even brought to trial, but it showed the kind of man Reagan was. Oddly enough his nickname was "The Great Communicator."

The obvious racist history of your Republican-led government provides some insight about how your party really views the Iraqis. And it probably set the tone for handling Iraqi's mission-adjusted goals which are modified as your justifications for war are knocked down one by one.

The mission statement has changed significantly from the original premise of removing Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, to removing the capability of developing weapons of mass druction to removing the systems which may give them the capability to develop weapons of mass destruction. As neither weapons nor capability nor systems to develop any weapons were found to exist, the mission was then radically changed to freeing the Iraqi people and instilling democracy. Recently the mission statement has morphed because of the civil war.

The Lebanon crisis overshadowed an
announcement from General Abizaid about deploying more troops to Bagdad. What are they going to do there is anyone's guess. Japan just withdrew their troops from Iraq. The other countries which have withdrawn their troops are Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Basically it's just you and the British that are left there to handle the two waring factions in Iraq.

Back in the United States one of the most dangerous calls a policeman or policewoman can get is a family disturbance call. The cop has to quickly assess the situation and figure out what to do, who is wrong who is right and what to do about it. It takes experience good listening skills and some luck sometimes to avoid getting caught in the middle. It is a high risk situation for personal injury to the policeman, because of the high emotional state of the parties; they can easily turn on the intervener.

Back to Iraq. Who do our troops support in Iraq's civil war? Do you tell our troops to sit on the sidelines? Tell them to treat Iraq's civil war like you are treating Lebanon?

I enjoyed Condi's photo op in Beirut touting your fantasy of a "durable solution". She promised $ 30 million dollars in humanitarian aid to Leabon while you are rushing jet fuel and missiles to Israel to bomb Lebanon out of existence. I think the cost for Condi's personal protection on this trip probably cost more than what she has promised to Lebanon. I'm sure the Lebonese people are grateful you only gave the Israelis jet fuel and missiles and didn't give Israel chemical weapons to use on Lebanon.

No doubt, your racist GOP base is best reflected by Ann Coulter who is most likely to say what they are actually thinking. She may be a bitch who likes to make outrageous statements to sell her books, but she is also the alter ego for the neo-conservatives and right wing nuts who make up your base.

And she will tell you to stay consistent with decades of republican philospohy, "Let the sand niggers kill each other off and let Allah sort them out just make sure our oil supply is well protected."

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