Jul 2006

Is everything really going as neo-conservatives planned?

Mr. President,
People from throughout the world are puzzled why you haven't taken a role in some of the many fires around the world. Is there really significant profit in war? Is there so much opportunity in unrest that your neo-cons are wetting themselves over the prospect of boosting their military-industrial complex?
  • Somalia has been overtaken by Islamist fundamentalists.
  • India and Pakistan are rattling their swords at each other over a huge terrorist attack in India.
  • Afghanistan is crumbling under new bold attacks by the Taliban.
  • North Korea is building and testing their missile technology in direct defiance of all their neighbors.
  • Iran is ignoring damn near everyone and doing what they want with whomever they want.
  • Israel added Lebanon to their "apparent "state-sponsored terrorism program after Hezbolaah hijacked the Lebanese government after Israel decided to punish ordinary Palestinians for Hamas,
  • Iraq is merrily spinning into hell.

Although you call on the UN to do something about these issues, you know the UN can't do very much. The world organization has been pockmarked by repeated attacks from your administration. John Bolton's assignment as our ambassador was the final blow to bring the world organization down to its knees.

Neo-cons like John Bolton always hated the UN. Tactics like withholding U.S. funding to the UN, obstructing any significant reform of the world body, and using our position on the Security Counsel to consistently veto any motion which even smells like a compromise, helps make the ineffectiveness of the UN to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You have treated the presidency like a five-year-long political campaign. The deep partisan divide in this country was no accident. It was planned. It was never about doing what is right for America. It was keeping American under extreme right-wing republican control using the fear-card whenever possible.

You never cared about how many soldiers are killed or wounded, and you made sure Americans wouldn't care either as long as you kept their bodies and the misery of their wounds away from the public. So if you turn a blind eye to dead and wounded Americans why would you care about the plight of Somalians, Palestinians, Afghanistans, Lebanese, Indians, Pakistanis, and Iraq's?
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Is this all supporting your plan to destroy international institutions? Does this world unrest help establish the neo-con dream of an imperial America with military bases strategically posted around the world to bring destruction on those countries that interfere with American interests?
Neoconservatives2 copy

Increased fighting among these countries makes them weaker, so relatively speaking, you become more powerful. But doesn't this just weaken our markets? We know how much your economic policies suck already so none of this can be helpful.

All these significant international events can be used to reinforce the idea that only Republicans can keep America safe. I can see commercials in October showing cities on fire; bodies of women and children with the message "Don't let this happen here. Vote Republican this November! This is no time to change horses, especially with Democrats who want to 'Cut and Run.'

I actually hope some one like McCain wins the 2008 presidency just to have a Republican inherit this god-awful world you helped make.

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