Jul 2006

Is betting against America treasonous or just good business?

Mr. President,
Aren't you due for a month of vacation in Crawford? Cindy Sheehan is on a hunger strike so she might not have the energy to make the trek down there this year.

race for oil is in earnest now. Every country is scouring the earth for any oil they can suck up anywhere. They are looking at previously cost-prohibitive ventures including porous rocks with low oil content, and shale. It wouldn't surprise me if I saw an oil derrick in my back yard in the next five years. There may be so many oil derricks sucking out every last drop of oil the earth will probably soon take on a prickly pear texture.


Money is no object for the oil companies these days. At $75 per barrel, they can afford to go where man has not gone before. Countries that have never been known for large oil reserves like Angola Libya and Cuba are suddenly the darlings of China, Korea, France, Italy, India. There is a reason you took Libya off the list of terrorist nations, and it wasn't because they turned in the battered remnants of their nuclear program.

Your soul brother Putin is consolidating the oil and natural gas supplies in Eurasia. They now supply about 25 per cent of europe's natural gas supply.

South America is forming its own arrangements with Venezuela and Bolivia. Korea is working closely with Nigeria, Saudi Arabia is installing more oil rigs in the Gulf; China is almost everywhere.

It would be nice if those American oil companies you gave fist-fulls of our tax money to, would keep our interests at heart, but they might not. Some other countries may out bid us and after all it's as they said in the Godfather movie; "Its nothing personal it’s just business."

Condi's boyfriend Hugo Chavez is using his oil wealth to make lots of friends all over the world. Unfortunately for you he is playing the anti-american card along with his oil cards and it seems to be working for him. He seems to understand that any country the U.S. has raped of their raw materials over the years always has a huge population of poor people ready to try something else besides business as usual with American companies.

Sinopec of China just payed $1bn for the right to explore for oil in deep water off Angola and that was just the beginning. Nigeria just sold 16 exploration licenses for $500 million.

Even your buddy Cheney has no confidence in America, he just
dumped $ 10 -25 million in a European bond fund which increases in value as the dollar weakens. Cheney makes money under the same conditions that cause ordinary Americans to struggle with inflation and higher energy prices, Bad news for America means good news for Cheney.

I have to wonder when did Cheney begin to bet against the American econmy? Was sit before or after you and Cheney ran the U.S. deficit to a record $8.4 trillion dollars?

I''m sure if we were able to pin Mr."locked and seriously loaded Cheney, he would say its "Nothing personal it's just business."
But it creates an interesting scenario; are you two responsible for causing a weak economy which just happens to improve your personal portfolios?