Jul 2006

Israel and your neo-cons have set up Condi as the world's pinata.

Mr. President,
Although every time you let Israeli loving neo-cons tell you what to do you wind up with shit on your face, it's Condi who has become the world's pinata this week.

Israel must have been planning this offensive into Lebanon for a while. Hezbollah was caught off guard. They didn't think Israel would over react to the degree they did. The practice of
kidnapping then exchanging soldiers has dated back to 1948. It is nothing new.

In July, 1996 Hizballah released the bodies of two Israeli soldiers Joeseph Fink and Rahamin Alsheich for 123 Lebanese soldiers.

In June, 1998 Hizballah returned the body of Sergeant First-class Itamar for the bodies of 40 Hizballah soldiers.

In January, 2004 Israel released 436 prisoners including 400 Palestinians 23 Lebanese two Syrians three Moroccans three Sudanese a Libyan and a German Muslim plus the bodies of 59 Lebanese soldiers in exchange for three Israel soldiers and an Israeli spy Sheikh Abdel Kareem Obaid.

There have many other Israeli prisoner exchanges with Palestinians the PLO Hamas over the years.

"According to the Ramallah-based Mandela Institute for Human Rights, there is 9,600 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails and detention centers, among them 130 Palestinian women. Defense for Children International puts the number of Palestinian children in Israeli custody at 388."

So why did Israel react violently this time?

The early press dispatches from Israel indicated they considered their incursion into Lebanon a "Blitzkrieg" fashioned attack. Israel's plan fell apart pretty quickly after thousands of bombs and artillery shells failed to quell the number of rocket attacks from Hizbollah.

It is important to note, Hizbollah did not fie rockets until Israel began their bombing attack on Lebanon.

Although Hizbollah was surprised by the ferocity of Israel's response, they obviously dispensed their weapons and soldiers well throughout the southern area. They had dug and fortified tunnel systems. They also established back up communications methods which the Israelis underestimated.

The nonstop video of dead women and children pulled from the rubble has incensed the world. Although Israel makes, a point of stating they dropped leaflets prior to bombing the south of Lebanon to tell civilians to leave the area they refuse to guarantee safe passage out. Ambulances and caravans of people who had the means or the money to leave were routinely bombed; some would say intentionally. And indeed Israel has bombed all areas of Lebanon including the Christian north and the middle of the country not just the Hizbollah southern region.

The UN
observers who have been stationed in the neutral zone posts for years had been in direct contact with Israeli military, and it didn't help them. The UN observers called ten times in six hours telling Israel their shells were approaching their observation post. Each time the Israeli commander said they would stop, but they didn't, and four UN personnel were killed. Even the rescuers were fired on by Israel gunners. The UN was extremely upset by the apparent intentional targeting of the UN personnel but once again the United States stood against the rest of the world as they blocked a resolution condemn and initiating an investigate of the UN post bombing.
Condi thought she could eke out a cease fire when Hezbollah took the first step and offered to cooperate in a cease fire but Israel quickly dismissed it.

Although Israel rejected the offer, I bet Condi
thought she had something to work with. She must have been furious when Israel cut the legs out from under her efforts when they bombed the village of Qana and killed scores of women and children.

Lebanon's Prime Minister Seniora angrily told Condi to stay away from Lebanon until Israel stops their merciless bombing of Lebanon and its infrastructure.
She should have realized that U.S. neo-cons and Israel have always been joined at the hip. There is no way people like Cheney and his cabal of neo-conservatives or Israel will let her get anything accomplished. They love this war and see it as a major goal of their efforts to make Israel the ultimate power in the region regardless of just cause or Arab blood shed in the process.

Poor Condi is caught between parroting your message to support Israel and world pressure. She has become everyone's pinata.
The ramifications of your actions will affect mutual cooperation, trade agreements and social attitudes towards the U.S. for years to come. But you have never concerned yourself with what the world thought so why start now?

You have made America, so easy to hate as the world's pariah.

The phrase "George Bush and Israel, butchers of children," has a nice ring to it in Oslo.

As of now Israel said it is temporarily suspending the aerial attack to investigate their latest atrocity but they didn't say anything about a full cease fire. It's a nice feint, but that's all. Their repeated attacks on the West Bank and Gaza have given them lots of practice with pretending to care.

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