Jul 2006

When the going gets tough, the tough go to a pig roast of course.

Mr. President,
It really sucks being you.

Your famous "hands off" policy has done wonders. Early in your presidency you allowed Israel to have unfetter reign over the palestinians, allowing Israel to kill who ever they wanted whenever they wanted. After 9/11 they stepped up their efforts of state-sponsored terrorism over their Arab neighbors. The world was suitably distracted watching the death, and destruction you were causing in Iraq, so no one noticed the atrocities Israel was committing.

Now you have a good party happening. Israel is fighting a two front war. And they told Condi to stuff it when she asked Israel to restrain their response.

It's not that you will do anything about it. You don't have the guts to stand up to Israel, and everyone knows it.

Italy is still looking to indict CIA agents for kidnapping a Muslim cleric off the streets in Milan. What kind of bungling Bush-supporters did you get in there?

Rove was booed when he met with Hispanics from the National Council of La Raza's annual conference in Los Angeles, but somehow they couldn't relate to a rich white man who only wants them pick grapes, join the army, and vote Republican. It was odd to hear him speak about family values.

Valerie Plame just sued your buddy Cheney, Rove, and others for outing her as a CIA spy. I can imagine the morale in the CIA must be crappy ever since you falsely blamed them for bad intelligence on Iraq.

Now you are in Russia with your new nemesis Pooty Poot.

While in Germany instead of addressing the major escalation of violence in the Mid-East with Israel, you chose to tout a pig roast with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is not a book about a pet goat, but it's good enough to show the world how disconnected you still are
pic_060713_cvr_lebanon_8p.tsm368x178 .Pig-Roast
While in Germany you were such a chicken-shit about what people may ask, you dropped a planned "Town Hall meeting" after you were not allowed to pre-approve questions although you were granted the restrictions you asked for on the kinds of people that could attend.

Where has our macho president in his flight suit? Suddenly, you are spouting about negotiating with North Korea, apologizing for declaring "Bring them on," Have you lost your manhood? Will you need your pants refitted to incorporate your reduced testicles?

Well, have a good time with pooty poot. I am sure he is ready to have you lecture him about democracy. You have a real model of democracy going for you here at home. It is the best damn democracy you can buy.

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