Jul 2006

You can't expect a good outcome if you marry your sister.

Mr. President,
You can't expect a normal outcome if you marry your sister.

"Of the 246 fundraisers identified by The
Post as Pioneers in the 2000 campaign, 104 -- or slightly more than 40 percent -- ended up in a job or an appointment.
23 Pioneers were named as ambassadors and three were named to the Cabinet:
Donald L. Evans at the Commerce Department, Elaine L. Chao at Labor and Tom Ridge at Homeland Security. At least 37 Pioneers were named to postelection transition teams, which helped place political appointees into key regulatory positions affecting industry."


Cabinet positions have always been geared to some degree by politics. But, your assignment of so many critical positions within the government was driven by fund raising ability and loyalty; competence was a distant third.

Inbreeding brought us some obvious failures like Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Palestine, Lebanon, Abu Gharib, Guantanimo, Katrina and the Intelligence reorganization.

Your incestuous relationship with pioneers and rangers who contributed heavily towards your reelection campaign became the select pool for critical positions within the government including ambassadorships. Whereas your father and Clinton understood the skills required to handle the "dance" involved in negotiations you chose to give your ill-equipped appointees full reign.
FEMA, NASA, the UN and the CIA are all recent examples of incompetent management by Bush inbreeding.

You have successfully diminished the status and soft power of the United States in every continent. And the world is shutting you out. The reason for the cold shoulder is the way America is perceived, thanks to your administration.

The United States is generally treated like a rich, rude, and loud arrogant Uncle who talks over everyone else and chews with his mouth open at family gatherings.

Most of Europe, Japan and Australian look at us as someone you put up with because he is rich and powerful but they don't want to let him drive because he doesn't believe in laws or good manners. They keep him at arms reach and know not to trust him, but give him cocktail-smiles when they are at the same party.

China looks at us like a horny drunken sailor on leave who is always in search of cheap whores, that China keeps in line with an iron fist.

Russia looks at us like a fellow country club braggart full of himself who feels he is owed every advantage because of his wealth.

South America look at us as a rich landowner who allows them to live in their countries as long as they do as they are told.

India look at us as a technically challenged end user that believes everyone else is dumber than they are.

Much of the Mid-East looks at us as the world's tterrorist who doesn't hesitate to kill them up and take their resources whenever they want to. Their blood is of less value than anyone elses.

The people within Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt, and Jordan look at us as the devil's own offspring brought to the earth to test their faith in Allah.

Saudi Arabia Jordan and Egyptian leaders look at the U.S. as a forgetful bodyguard who expects access to their resources.

Israel looks at us as the oversized little brother who inherited a huge trust fund but needs to be told what to think and do and whom to beat up.

Korea look at us like a bully itching to kill them who doesn't mind if their poor relatives do without, as long as they have enough rocks to throw at us to keep us at bay.

Africa looks at us as the street drug pusher with the big car and fancy clothes who uses his influence and money to take anything of value not nailed down but content to sit and watch African factions kill rape each other as though it is a spectator sport.

Canada look at us like a big brother who knows better and wants them to cut their hair, quit wearing sandals, stop living in the commune and find Jesus.

Those are a lot but not all of the perceptions we have. None of them are positive. Most responses ranges from "tolerate" to "kill" Americans because of these perceptions.

Like Rummy said you can't go to war with the army you want so you go to war with the army you got.

You refused to retain and find the best and the brightest people to deal with other nations; instead you decided to interface with the world's nations through loyal but mostly incompetent ambassadors.

This is just one more indication which solidifies the notion that your ignorance and, or the lack of appreciation for the complexity of foreign policy is almost as vast as your arrogance and self righteousness.

Your disdain for foreign affairs, the UN, and all international agreements, Cheney's neo-con version of how the world should be plus the incompetents you appointed to the State department and as ambassadors, answers the question why there are foreign policy disasters as far as the eye can see.

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