Cedar Revolution

Democracy R not U.S.

Mr. President,
When it comes to implementing democracy across the globe, you certainly have a deadly touch.

Remember those days when you had every Iraqi voting booth protected with our troops to assure the population it was safe to vote in Iraq as the first stage of Iraqi democracy?

The first Iraqi voting effort was such a proud moment for you; I remember members of your cabinet posing for cameras with their purple thumbs when Iraqi people voted.

Are you just as enthused when tens of thousands of those same citizens marched in the streets burning Israeli and American flags in protest of the Israeli continued destruction of Lebanese country and your material and political support of the Israeli military? Now that war-torn nation is in civil war and required even more U.S. troops.

You also bragged about your support for the Lebanese democracy, I believe your administration named it the Cedar Revolution similar to the Orange Revolution which you also supported in the Ukraine.

Unfortunately, both of your highly praised and U.S. supported democratic efforts have fallen on hard times.

The Orange Revolution sputtered out only to be lead now by Russia's candidate Viktor Yanukovych as prime minister, and Lebanon is another bad story.

Your Cedar Revolution in Lebanon is as dead as those children in Qana; both killed off by your Israeli buddies and neo-cons in your cabinet. Those poor bastards thought that your support was a good thing until they started to duck U.S. -supplied jets, burning U.S. -supplied jet fuel, dropping U.S-supplied missiles on their country. They didn't realize that your unconditional support for Israel trumps any earlier blather about your support for their fledgling government.

I won't even get into your disastrous CIA-led effort to overthrow Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. It was sad and stupid.

You were also quite contemptuous of Palestinian people who democratically elected parliament consisted of several Hamas members. The citizens murdered at the hands of Israel don't even get hardly any ink.

Anyone who follows your hypocritical foreign policy initiatives knows your happy talk about pushing democracy is merely lip service and only pr for your base.

The world fully understands you truly have a black thumb when it comes to growing democracy in the world. If I lived in one of those countries you wished to have a democratic society, I would immediately start digging a bomb shelter or just kiss my ass good bye.

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