Please help me, I am surrounded by Nazis, traitors and faschist Islamists!

M. President,
Sorry I haven't written, but I had to get away from all your silliness for a while. Even a pen pal like myself can only take so much without taking a break once in a while and watch you from the sidelines of you being ... well just you.

I heard you decided to stick with Israel no matter what. That is not very surprising. We both know how much Cheney Rumsfield and the other neo-conservatives are so entwined with Israel, and you seem to think of yourself as the man who can make Hebrew prophecies come true.

You really need to talk to someone other than Cheney and his neo-crew about this kind of stuff before you act on these impulses junior. They're bad for business. There is no global economy after Armageddon, So cut it out!

I just heard Rummy and Cheney spit and sputter about Americans who just got Iraq all wrong.

I am surprised that you could hit so low. Just when I think I don't think you can't get any lower, you find someway to surprise even the most cynical of all Americans.

The latest salvo against all the people who disagree with you and your administration is scraping the bottom. Suddenly the majority of the people in this country have became Islamist faschists, Nazi enablers, and traitors overnight.

Although it follows your earlier bravado of exclaiming to the nations around the world telling them they are either with us or against us on Iraq.

Now as a campaign stunt of the lowest form you have turned on the American people themselves.

Rumsfield and Cheney are succeeding where the terrorists have failed; to destroy our government as we once knew it.

Instead of promoting democracy in your own back yard you have blasted one of the legs supporting our constitution, our right to descent; just like an insurgent uses an IED to blow the legs off our soldiers in Iraq.

I don't have to look at polls to know how desperate your republican party is; it is directly proportional to the severity of attack on the media and your critics.

All I can say is that Republicans must be in the worst shape they have ever been.

Date: August 31, 2006 5:02:03 PM CDT

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