Give it up junior, there is no pony in this pile of shit.

Mr. President,
Is it your misguided optimism, alcoholic psychosis or your drug addled mind, that brings us such mind-numbing comments like, "the problems in Lebanon is terrible but it also provides us with another opportunity to remake the Middle East into a region of democracy?"

Are you still looking for that pony in that room full of shit junior?
At least you are consistent. You present a worst case scenario before you act out your schemes. Afterwards, you paint the best case outcome.
My daughter would describe you as Eeyore from "Winnie the Poo" as you low ball expectations before you implement your disastrous policies and schizophrenically change to "Pollyanna" when you describe how wonderful everything is afterwards.

I hate to be the one to tell you, but there is no good outcome for the "proxy war" you are having with Iran.

It feels a little like the cold war years when the United States funded and propped up puppet regimes while the Soviet Union funded and propped their puppet regimes to fight our puppet regimes. The puppet regimes sustained the death and destruction while America and the Soviet Union sat back and cheered their teams on.

Israel has had it easy so far since they had their puppet regime (America) pre-emptively invade their Arab nemesis, Iraq despite their lack of WMD's or danger to the United States.

At least the Lebanon war has not claimed any American soldier's lives or bombed any American cities. This time your puppet master has to get his own hands bloody.

So keep sending Israel, jet fuel satellite reconnaissance and bombs they want. Let the Israeli people live in bunkers. Iran can continue to send Lebanon, more guns and missiles while the Lebanese bodies litter the streets. It's no skin off your nose.

You and Iran can sit back and cheer your teams on from afar and if Israel soldiers die so what, if Hizballah soldiers die so what.

It brings back the good old days when we lived from day to day wondering if the soviets would be crazy enough to pre-emptively start Armageddon.

Now the shoe is on the other foot; the rest of the world is wondering day-to-day which international disaster will trigger a fantasy episode in your mind that justifies a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Nixon considered
dropping an atomic weapon on North Vietnam during the Vietnam war, so it wouldn't be the first time a paranoid and criminal Republican president thought about using nuclear weapons when all else fails.
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