I say hang Mel Gibson and then give them a fair trial.

Mr. President,
I am always amazed at the logic extreme right wing nuts use to justify their views and their effect on the news/propaganda we hear.

This week Mel Gibson's name filled the air waves and the internet with rants about his ant-semitic comments after he was pulled over after driving while drunk.

With everything, that is going so horribly wrong in the world today. This is "The story?" This is the story that gets everyone's shorts in a bunch?
I know it's hard, but think for a minute junior. Gibson was drunk; he said some anti-semitic remarks. He didn't kill anyone, he didn't burn a cross on a lawn; he didn't deface a tomb. He made some stupid comments and even if he believes what he said ... so what! He is not in a position to affect national policy on Jewish affairs. He is an entertainer ...period.

This same week the Army general who ran the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison and supervised the military team at Abu Gharib using torture techniques on detained suspects, was praised at a retirement ceremony this Monday as an "innovator and an exceptional leader."

Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller was
awarded the Distinguished Service Medal distinguishing himself for "exceptional meritorious service" in a "duty of great responsibility."

But, this bit of news was not emphasized. Here is a man who probably caused the death of several soldiers at the very least and outright murder and assault of hundreds of innocent civilians at the most.

It is sad, how we allow ourselves to be jerked to and fro by people who desperately want to keep our attention on what they want us to think, like the Israelis.

The influence of Israeli lobby groups not only affect our foreign policy they also significantly influence our news media.

Anyone with an internet connection can see the stark difference between the world's press coverage and the U.S. coverage of the Lebanon war.

Much of the American press uses assumption-loaded opinions taken as facts, to support Israel and vilify anyone who speaks or acts against Israel, hence, we get Mel Gibson stories.

You better hope the American people don't get smart. If they read stories involving Israel in the foreign press before they make up their minds they may begin turning off American news and spend more time watching phony news like Jon Stewart.

I have jerked the other way because so much of the American press has a definite pro-Israel bias. I hate it when people try to manipulate what I should think, and I don't demand my doctor prescribe TV advertised drugs either.

Every story has two sides. And I have to force myself to remember that even if the U.S. media pushes the Israeli viewpoint heavily doesn't necessarily make the day's story to be untrue, but it surely makes me very suspicious.

Especially when my own research has shown Israel to be more of a villain than I was led to believe. They have murdered American soldiers in the past as well as torture kill and imprison many innocent Palestinians.

I had high expectations for a country of people who began with many survivors of Hitler's death camps. I expected them to value human life and abhor the evil that militarism brings. But sadly, I have seen the Jewish state take on more and more aspects of a military-dominated state.

I have read reports from neutral groups like the U.N. and human rights groups and so far Israel looks pretty guilty. They have targeted civilians, used cluster bombs in heavily populated areas, shot at ambulances, and fleeing civilians.
According to international law these are war crimes along the lines of what Hitler did to their grandparents. But, thanks to the overriding influence of the Jewish organizations, these reports may never see the light of day in the American media, but we will see talking heads frothing at the mouth over Mel Gibson's drunken comments.

Date: August 3, 2006 10:35:54 PM CDT

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