Imitation is flattery and denial is not a river in Egypt.

Mr. President,
The nation-splitting wedge issues you brought upon our country is paying dividends for your friends like Scooter Libby, Claude Allen, Bob Ney, David Safavian, Scott Jensen, Charles McGee, Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Bob Ney, and Joe Lieberman have all paid for it. And the list is growing while American politics has become a full-body contact sport and fellow Republicans have become the popular punching bag for most Americans.
The Rove machine has argued that the war and chaos that you began in the world are a good thing for Republicans to run on this November.

As unbelievable as it sounds to most of us outside of your inner circle, a GOP strategy
memo sent by Republican party Chairman Ken Melman lists Presidents Bush’s handling of “foreign threats” as the No. one motivator of the GOP base.

It must be nice to be in Bush world where there is no bad news. Your policy outcomes are either colored brightly by Karl-Rove propaganda, or they magically become "opportunities." As Condi says, "Disasters in Lebanon and in Iraq are merely 'birth pangs' of bold initiatives.

My God junior, you have so many "disasters/opportunities," these days you are swimming in them.

But, regardless of your failed presidency you have many imitators.

The sincerest form flattery is imitation, so you must be blushing as world leaders take up many of your initiatives.

Syria's foreign minister was asked if he feared the conflict in Lebanon could spill over into a regional war, Syria's foreign minister, Walid said: "
Most welcome." (That's Syrian for "Bring it on " in case you missed it.)

When Israel began their incursion into Lebanon, the IDF used illegal weapons like cluster bombs on heavily populated areas just like you did in Iraq. HRW Emergencies Director Peter Bouckaert has accused Israel for committing
War Crimes such as systematically attacking, and killing civilians and Lebanese infrastructure during their "pursuit" of Hezbollah guerrillas as well as using banned weapons such as cluster bombs in heavily populated areas.
Israel also ignored the Geneva Convention, trashed all UN arbitration rejected international cooperation, and humiliated their allies just like you did. The IDF and the Israeli government have the same attitude you do. "We're at war all the niceties will have to wait."

The both of you believed that air power and tanks would rule the day. You used "Shock and Awe." Israeli generals called their initial incursion a "Blitzkrieg." You were both wrong.

Since the both of you used similar strategies it isn't much of a surprise that both of you are having the same results. Hezbollah has gained world wide Arab support just like your Iraq invasion has been a recruitment bonanza for terrorists who hate America.

The news gets better; because your unfettered support for Israel's destruction of Lebanon and their ongoing oppression of Palestinians has reinforced and maybe even gained you additional "friends" in the world.
Date: August 10, 2006 2:28:36 AM CDT

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