Sep 2006

You are obviously more macho than John Wayne.

Mr. President,
How do you square your premise for invading Iraq when a new report from the Senate states Saddam had NOTHING to do with Al Queda and in fact was very wary of them. It also stated that you knew it was false information, but you decided to use it to justify the war?

Most Americans already suspected you, Cheney and Rice lied; the Senate report just made it official.

The Senate report, an official bipartisan-generated document by the Congress of the United States proclaims that you falsified information that directly caused the death of thousands of people. One could call you a mass murderer and a war criminal.

Now that is something to put in your resume. It makes a hell-of-a title too; George Bush, war criminal.

You can't get more macho than "Bush, War Criminal." Not even John Wayne or Bruce Willis was ever called a "war criminal." Your recent admission to keeping prisoners in overseas secret prisons just "fits" your persona.

You need some bling to match though. How about a spiked collar and an armful of tattoos? Leather wrist guards, and a few facial scars wouldn't hurt either.

Date: September 9, 2006 8:16:52 AM CDT

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