Sep 2006

The Bush virus flourishes

Mr President
Congratulations junior, you have almost brought that liberty tree completely down but you had a lot of help.

Your army of "Bush Bureaucratic Bunglers" who have been heedless of good judgement, and executors of your "policy over performance" have stifled almost every government organization to the point of exhaustion.

History tells us that the assignment of political officers to every key department as they did in the old Soviet Union didn't work for them very well, why do you believe it would work for you?

Stalin began the practice of placing loyal political officers, or "zampolit," in every company of soldiers and in every organization of the governments to assure loyalty to Stalin's policies.

Likewise, you have injected your own kind of venom into our government. Bush loyalists have infected every aspect of our government. And just like a malignant virus, it eventually sickens and disables the host organism. If sufficient organs within a body are infected, the entire organism can die.

Our democracy is riddled with the "Bush virus, and it is hurting badly. The republic is slowly dying.

You have effectively wrapped your minions around the government just like one of the species of tree-killing vines found in New England which ironically originated in the Ukraine, an ex-Soviet Block country.

It is a called
Swallow-wort, and it wraps itself around a healthy tree and other vegetation, chokes off the nutrients until the tree finally dies. The plant's dense vines can grow to more than 6 feet in the shade, and the leaves are toxic. It likes the dark, indeed it grows very well in the dark.

It has no natural predators and no insects, mammals, or birds will eat it. It's poisonous to deer, goats and other grazing animals. Monarch butterflies will lay eggs on the plant, but the larvae do not survive.

It has a curious but telling name; The "Dog Strangling" vine. Experts have said they have never seen s worse plant invader in 40 years.
This deadly vine is an appropriate metaphor for what you have wrought upon our democracy.

Examples of this malignant virus upon our country occasionally sees the light of day.

The disastrous and well-televised response to Katrina was just one example of how ineffective your acolytes really are.

As they squash any government reports which often run contrary to your public views on a matter, sometimes they fail to destroy all the reports as was the recent case with the FCC. When the issue of increasing the number of stations a conglomerate can own before Congress, the response from the FCC was favorable towards increased ownership by a few corporations. Somehow
Barbara Boxer obtained a report and a memo which ordered that all copies of a contrary FCC finding be destroyed.

When the Department can't be completely managed, a rewrite of the mission statement can do the trick, and subsequent budget cuts, as you recently did with NASA. Not only was the NASA mission statement rewritten to exclude any and all Earth studies, but you ordered that all contact and materials given to the media are coordinated through Bush loyalists.

World renown scientist James E. Hansen, the director of the agency's Goddard Institute for Space Studies says you tried to stop him from speaking out about his call for a prompt reduction in emissions. Hansen said he would ignore the restrictions that you placed on him to have all media contacts pre-cleared with one of your handlers before hand.

The EPA has long been subjugated to Bushites. After touting that the EPA should relinquish all oversight, stating that the states can do a better job of handling pollution and air standards, you also decided to cut the small $2 million budget they had for their libraries which effectively closed the research libraries to their scientists. Someone might not have been using their calculators because studies have shown that working on the libraries has saved them $7.5 million.

Not content with shelving any discussion about global warming scenarios or other man's involvement in the erosion of the planet, somewhere along the line you even silenced the people at NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA is the agency responsible for protecting endangered fish, has been silenced when the discussion turned to salmon as well. According to the Washington Post all questions about salmon must be referred to one of three people at headquarters.

Why? Well, a scientific decision, written by experts from NOAA and the Interior Department, said that hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River should either be removed or be rebuilt in a way that allows passage of salmon. There are too many big business interests involved. And business trumps the welfare of salmon or the Indian tribes that depend on them for their welfare. Politically, It is easier to have your political Apparatchik at the agency to squash the information.

It was one thing to squash all talk about Global Warming, but you even got as detailed as cutting off any talk about salmon when it is in reference to the Klamath river.

The Washington office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — the agency responsible for protecting endangered salmon, has instructed its representatives and scientists in the West to route media questions about salmon back to headquarters.

Only three persons in the entire agency all of them political appointees — are now authorized to speak of salmon, according to an employee who has been silenced.

The Wall Street Journal broke the story about how you and Karl Rove promised long-time Republican business men in the Klamath river basin they would receive all the water they needed even though there was a water shortage in the area.

You made this promise to those big donors despite the fact that the life of the salmon population in the Klamath River depended on the level of water in the river. And the Indian tribes in the area depended on the salmon.

It didn't take long after you and Rove met with the landowners before the river level was dropped to satisfy your friends. Some 33,000 endangered salmon were killed right after the water was diverted to the basin. National Marine Fisheries scientists altered their findings on the amount of water the salmon required, and claiming it was the ocean currents that produced the largest fish-kill in history.

Paul Bremer's Coalition Provisional Authority, (CPA) folly in Iraq was perhaps the most outrageous use of political cronies and perhaps the costliest.
When Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, III was named Presidential Envoy to Iraq on May 6, 2003, and in this capacity is the Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority, he needed a small army of experts in various fields of reconstruction to get Iraq up and running again. So does he select the most experienced or the brightest or people who can speak the language? No, he picks G.O.P. fund-raisers and politically connected young ideologues over much more qualified job applicants who even knew Arabic.
The CPA had the power to enact laws, print currency, collect taxes, deploy police, and spend Iraq's oil revenue. It had more than 1,500 employees in Baghdad at its height, working under America's viceroy in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, but he never released a public roster of his entire staff.
This was a dream job for bush lovers. They lived in the safety of the Green Zone, they were given millions of dollars to try to accomplish their tasks, they didn't need any experience to get the job, and nothing was said when they failed.
All you had to do was pass Jim O'Beirne's interview. O'Beirne is a former Army officer who is married to prominent conservative commentator Kate O'Beirne. His staff posed blunt questions to candidates like: Did you vote for George W. Bush in 2000? Do you support the way the president is fighting the war on terror? Two people who sought jobs with the U.S. occupation authority said they were even asked their views on Roe v. Wade .

One staffer who worked for the CPA in Iraq put it all in perspective and said, "I'm not here for the Iraqis," one staffer noted to a reporter over lunch. "I'm here for George Bush."

One 24-year-old who had never worked in finance was sent to reopen Baghdad's stock exchange.
The daughter of a prominent neoconservative commentator and a recent graduate from an evangelical university for home-schooled children was tapped to manage Iraq's $13 billion budget, even though they didn't have a background in accounting.
James K. Haveman Jr., who was selected to oversee the rehabilitation of Iraq's health care system. The Iraqi hospitals were bombed out drugs were scarce, doctors were in fear for their lives, people were dying in the corridors; so what does Haverman do?
Haveman didn't like the idea that medical care in Iraq was free. He figured Iraqis should pay a small fee every time they saw a doctor. Burke urged the Health Ministry to mount an anti-smoking campaign, and he assigned an American from the CPA team.
When Haveman left Iraq, Baghdad's hospitals were as decrepit as the day the Americans arrived, and many of the doctors and nurses had fled the country because of safety concerns, lack of equipment and medication to perform their jobs.
Before you call me a nattering nabob of negativism; if something looks like shit and smells like shit I don't have to taste it to call it shit.

p.s. Clnton is getting a lot of good press with his initiatives, while your press sucks. It also makes him look good when he is joined by
your own wife and right-wing businessmen like Rupert Murdoch who joins left-wing actress Barbara Streidsand.
He is today's version of Jimmy Carter, a uniter not a divider doing good things for the world while you continue to be perceived as the most evil man on the planet.

Clinton is the man out there
saving America's ass. It is not a pretty comparison. Democrats help people while Republicans torture them.

Date: September 24, 2006 4:56:59 PM CDT

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