Sep 2006

What, no get well card?

Mr. President,
I waited for your get-well card but I never got it. What kind of NSA do you really have? Didn't they tell you I was sick and out of sorts?

I feel like I am repeating myself until I realize that there is no end to how stupid you can be. Your incompetence and brash behavior has no apparent limits; indeed you have no shame.

You seem to be on TV almost every day now spouting and pounding your fist about fighting terror, while your allies are either getting decimated for supporting your war or selling you out.

You and your fellow republicans have nothing to claim as accomplishments for the mid-term elections so you have to resort to portraying a "tough-on-terror" illusion. and defame all your critics. The Republicans have even supported the use of cluster bombs in populated areas to show how tough they are.

Tony Blair is being forced out of office for supporting your war. President of Pakistan Musharraf has forgiven Bin Laden and has chosen to leave him alone as long as he promises to live in peace. And South Korea announced they are pulling their troops out.

The second part of your plan to keep from being impeached depends on destroying your critics.

According to you and your minions, anyone who disagrees with you is either, deluded, an appeaser, a Nazi, a communist, a terrorist or just a garden-variety traitor. What's the matter can't you settle on just one derogatory description?

You amaze me jumior.

You accept so little responsibility for someone who has done so much irreversible harm to the country and the world .

You have such a polarizing and ham-handed unilateral approach to world affairs, the nations around the world are gathering together against us.

You claim to have improved american lives so much while actually destroying the middle class and cutting their benefits at the same time.

I noticed your face is more gaunt, your hair more white and your skin is thinner to criticism. How can this be? You said you didn't care what the polls say about you? You are going to have to pace yourself, it's not going to get any easier for you.

Date: September 8, 2006 2:52:42 AM CDT

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