Sep 2006

New slogans always makes it sound better, but actions still speak louder.

Mr. President,
I love the new title for what you are doing in the Mid East; "The Freedom Agenda," it is not as snazzy as Bill O'Reilley's "The Final Solution, but it has that kind of a ring to it.

If you keep spreading your "freedom agenda", we'll have to build more munitions factories.

Despite your rhetoric for democracy and peace; your use of depleted uranium, cluster bombs, your torture of suspects, your lying to the world about reasons for invading a sovereign nation that did nothing to harm us, have shown the world which side of the "morality fence" you really sit on.

You can't change that impression with one speech at the UN, it’s too late.

You say you want to build a bridge to the Muslim world. While
Cheney tells a group of auto dealers that the world depends on us.

To build a bridge across the chasm you created between the U.S. and the Mid East, one needs a solid foundation to work from.

Regardless of America's potential for a high tech design for the planned superstructure may be, if the supporting base is atop of lies, death, and destruction that you have brought to the region, I wouldn't start drawing up the design quite yet. In fact, it will have to wait for the next President of the United States to undertake. You will be doing good just to keep the chasm from getting any wider.

This is ironic because while you have a major credibility problem, every time you address the U.N. you always say the credibility of UN is at stake if they don't do what you want them to do.

The badly maligned U.N. seems to be the only one who can pull the fat out of the fire for you but it seems to be the only go-to organization that can do anything positive.

The UN is
weary of the need for more and more peace keeping troops around the world. It can't keep up with all the demands.

Although your neo-cons despise the UN and use their emissary and your interim ambassador John Bolton to sabotage U.N. efforts around the world, James Dobbin, a senior foreign policy emissary for both your father and Clinton's administration, has positive views of the world body.

Dobbins, credits the United Nations with providing some of the most inexpensive peacekeeping services in the world, saying it costs $45,000 a year to fund a U.N. peacekeeper, compared with $200,000 to deploy one NATO soldier. The U.N. force is second only to the United States, and it is bigger than NATO and the European Union put together, he said.

But, the force is under pressure and very weary. The UN now fields about 100,000 peace-keeping troops and police around the world. This is the largest peace-keeping enterprise it has ever had deployed in its 61 year history.

If Sudan finally accepts a new peace-keeping operation in Darfur, the number could climb to 115,000. The cost for supporting these ventures could top $7 billion a year.

"When you look around the world today, we are stretched," U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan told reporters last week .
The neo-cons they would love to see the U.N fail, and no doubt will do what they can to make it so, but you have to figure out how to get
Bolton back in there without Senate confirmation to do the job.
In the meantime, you better threaten, blackmail and withhold fundraising opportunities for a lot of Republicans to get them to allow you to torture people as you see fit before they break up.
Remember, the Supreme Court ruled that you could not torture suspects; they didn't say anything about not being able to torture Congressmen.

Date: September 19, 2006 4:58:27 PM CDT

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